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  1. Well done Livingston, you 100% deserved to win this tie. What a great job Hopkin has done there
  2. That Penalty bu Sammon sums up Partick Thistle
  3. Thistle are starting to go forward, but a desperate lack of quality in their finishing
  4. If this result holds it will be 100% deserved. Partick have been crap all year and this is a relegation-worth performance from them
  5. Livingston starting to play better now, I'm not seeing much to indicate Thistle will win this at the moment
  6. There seems to be a lot more enthusiasm than quality in this game from both teams. Partick seem to have more enthusiasm but very little quality in the final third
  7. I'll add that the teams up and down the leagues are healthier financially than they have been. No administration/liquidation events since 2013 and there aren't any of the 42 SPFL teams that look to be in much danger (from the outside) of going into admin any time soon. The generation of crooks, shysters, and incompetents in the chairman's offices in Scottish football is all but over, only one club is a holdout in that regard...
  8. What Are You Drinking ?

    I'm actually born and raised in Canada but an enthusiast of Scottish Football. Fury are not doing all that great, 2 wins from 8, near the foot of the table.
  9. What Are You Drinking ?

    lol, P & B is not my home. I'm writing from home, it's different
  10. What Are You Drinking ?

    Lost Craft Sirius Pale Ale, it's decent but nothing to write home about.
  11. I've very surprised that Motherwell have given Celtic so much space, was expecting them to try to kick the crap out of us
  12. Another good finish, Ntcham has been a great revelation this season for Celtic.
  13. Motherwell defending like Sevco here, giving us far too much space
  14. Wow, what a goal! McGregor is a big game player.