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  1. shite badges

    Fortunately most of the terrible badges from the 70's and 80's have gone away
  2. shite badges

  3. Have I got Local News For You

    From our American friends https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2018/02/16/impd-menards-shoplifter-escapes-feces-attack/344426002/
  4. That was a really terrible game. Celtic were awful, fortunately St. Johnstone can't score so it ended 0-0 but yikes
  5. MK Scum

  6. Show us your pussy..!

    The problem with Dollarama products is that they are crap, so that one stained really easily. No matter how much I wash the thing it always looks like that. I have run out of regular napkins, the paper towel roll is a good substitute.
  7. Show us your pussy..!

    Lol, always quick with the observation about my house! As for the table cloth, it tends to get like that because the cats like to jump on it and it's an old, uneven table. I can't really get rid of the table because it's been in the family for over 100 years
  8. Show us your pussy..!

    What's for supper Dad? (For the record I had made cottage pie, but not for Wally)
  9. Football Manager 2018

    I've decided to start a save outside of Scotland, in Hungary! I've chosen Ujpest and I think I have a decent squad, a couple of good prospects plus some other good players. I've signed two Serbian guys (a Left Mid and a Right Back), forgetting that Serbia isn't in the EU lol so they count towards my 5 non-EU player limit. Here is the squad The goalie Ritzl is well rated as is 16 year old Left Back Horvath. With the squad I have I'm going for a 4-4-1-1 so we shall see how it goes, have won my 3 friendlies so far
  10. Forfar vs Stranraer

    With Celtic playing tomorrow I decided to choose Stranraer as my team of the day based on an enjoyable FM save I once had with them.
  11. Staggies v Jambos

    I don't pay super close attention to Ross County, but I seem to be seeing the phrase "there are question marks about Scott Fox's goalkeeping" popping up a lot this season. Is it just me or has he really been that dire this season? Here is where I saw it for record
  12. Hi @Ludo*1, if you are no longer interested in posting the rest of these I am willing to keep posting them. PM me the rest of the list and I'll continue the thread.
  13. I would expect to see Hendry in at the back for sure. No disrespect intended to St. Johnstone but they have scored the fewest goals in the league this season so Brendan may feel comfortable rotating the back line than rotating other positions.
  14. FA Cup 2017/18

    Even though I know they are playing Chelsea, it has to be said that Hull are pretty terrible at football