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  1. It is arrogant. Although to be fair he has over 7000 posts so P &B is defo a huge part of his life and where he gets things off his chest.
  2. Not you mate. You are not. 10 points shows you are better but your mate is arrogant. He shows no dignity.
  3. Griffiths might start and he is way out of his depth at International level.
  4. Fair point. We need to focus on playoffs now.
  5. That's Ambrose and Commons both scored against us. Hibs have utilised the emergency loan system and their relationship with Celtic well. Fair play. 10 points clear. You can't argue with that.
  6. I will be there. Will be in Royal Nip at 12ish then Artisan for 1ish if you fancy a beer.
  7. Aye right then ya fud. You are not normally like this. Clearly still pished from last night.
  8. Did not expect that from you chief. Disgusting ?? Hardly.