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  1. I was in main stand too and it looked in. Should their goalkeeper have been wearing a strip the same colour as the ball ? That can't have made that decision an easy one to make.
  2. This is a really tough game for us. It should have been done today.
  3. BBC Radio Ireland haha. They never learn.
  4. You cannae polish a turd.
  5. Pretty close to mine except: Worst home : Dundee Utd were woeful. Worst away : Raith were a team that lacked desire and leadership. Agree with both BPMs player choices. Special shout out to Big Nat who is the worst player I have seen for a long time.
  6. Haha. Alan Lithgow. I forgot about that. A pair of beasts with championship winner's medals now.
  7. It will be apart from Lewis and Hayes I think.
  8. It needs to be four Celtic players. Agree with other comments if there is a token player from another team It will be Hayes. If there is an XI of season then I think Lewis and Hayes will make it plus 9 Celtic players.
  9. That's a fair point. The system is fucked.
  10. Cummings will win it. He has scored a lot of important goals. I expect he will move the the English Championship soon tbh and if he can cope with homesickness I expect he will do ok down there.
  11. The decisions been made and won't change. Every club in Scotland should appeal every red card for the whole of next season just for the banter.
  12. Every club in Scotland should appeal every red card they get for the whole of next season.
  13. Their supporters are defo a throwback to the bad old days. Their board are trying to take action though and fair play for banning the first 5 racists. I am sure many more will follow.
  14. Really good statement by your chairman. Very well articulated. Dunfermline fans though. Worse I have seen since Airdrie in the 90s. Expect more bans to follow.
  15. All looking good for playoffs then.