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  1. Aye so it is. We're you on the pitch at Hampden Gav ??
  2. Good post mate. Sevco appear to be, if the media are to be believed, building a midfield based around that of a team that finished 2nd and some distance from Celtic. They clearly no that they cannot catch Celtic so will settle for 2nd and are therefore going all out to overtake Aberdeen. I like McLean but think Dorrans is a far better midfielder however they clearly cannot afford his transfer fee or wages.
  3. Gav WTF? Cracking photo for a Hibs fan tbf but a Falkirk fan ? And, football memorabilia in your living room is schemie as Donald.
  4. McGinn is defo more Sloth from The Goonies that Elephant Man imo.
  5. Must be the scars from my childhood.
  6. You pished chief haha.
  7. Still going strong to this day is The Showroom.
  8. Nipper Lawrence got done with stealing mail when he was a postie haha. And the less said about Section B the better. They used to go mental every time they came through to Falkirk.
  9. f**k sake. Imagine having to phone Yogi with that news ?? Nae wonder he was shitting himself haha.
  10. Haha. Did he not get done for driving pished down Leith Walk too ? Just freed by Brechin.
  11. Are you sure it wasn't Jim from Denny he bought it off ??
  12. I think Celtic might just edge it again this year. What's the odds on them taking it one step further and actually winning every game ? Bet the odds are not that ridiculous.
  13. Cos he'll be earning about 10k per week.
  14. What about Stuart Romaines ??
  15. Cheers for clarifying.