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  1. Danilo is a cracking player. Far better than Walker imo.
  2. I agree with this if it means he gets more first team football.
  3. Aye that's not many. Hutton was a regular at RB for years mind you.
  4. Or in any of the other 10 positions lol. Beardsley should be our RB but him and Strachan don't seem to get on.
  5. I don't think he was comparing it to that. The posts about the 2 guys deaths were disgusting. Bairnado's point was that people slating Sibbalds illness were out of order. Which I think is a fair point.
  6. I think when he goes he will go to a team in the top half of the table down south. Hopefully top 7. I think Robertson will be our left back as Tierney seems more versatile.
  7. He does look a very, very good player. I don't think he will leave Celtic in the immediate future.
  8. Exactly mate. That worries me to.
  9. I don't think anyone should be a guaranteed starter at the moment but my opinion would be as above. Our team has been really poor so far. I'd go as far as to say we are missing Bairds work rate.
  10. I think Tom should start if fit. I'd play him and McKee/Craigen in the middle. Kerr will start on Saturday though. I think we all know that. I'm not sure what is wrong but we look less fit than the other teams and we don't fight as much as they do. Somebody mentioned earlier and maybe Houston has lost the dressing room. If he has this is going to be one long season.
  11. What a lot of pish. League over in August ? It was over well before that.
  12. That was a really good call. Good win for Accies too.
  13. Really good point. Gallacher done ok but for an experienced midfielder to leave a 17 year old full back with our cover was criminal. We need to win our next 2 games or we are fucked.
  14. The way we played yesterday it will take more than me disagreeing with another posters racist views to take the heat off Houston.
  15. I'm not. Am done with it now as Senor Bairn has told me off. Fair play to him. This is a football forum and it's back to football for me. Me and you disagree with your views on racism. We won't ever agree so let's leave it at that.