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  1. Remember Bonnyrigg don't have 'members' in the same way Linlithgow do.
  2. I don't think anything has changed in the Juniors, and that's probably half the problem. If they were proactive in bringing about change or innovation within the game no-one would be looking to move. The grade doesn't really market itself very well, can't attract sponsors and can't produce a fixture list. Clubs are now looking at what's on offer elsewhere and yes no doubt money plays a major part in that, but so do the basics. As an example a fixture list will probably result in higher season ticket numbers as it allows people to plan, it also allows clubs an opportunity to sell hospitality packages with more than a few days notice. It provides a slightly more professional appearance if you can tell people when you'll play Club X or Y and helps clubs bring in sponsorship. If clubs are bringing in more money then standards should improve in footballing terms as well as the stature of the clubs improving, it provides the opportunity for youth and U20's teams to fall under one umbrella and money to be invested in the next generation of players who just maybe might get the country to a major championship. There are of course risks, it would be folley to think there weren't but if the loss of a local derby is the biggest negative is it really a risk at all?
  3. I'm sure others know more but isn't part of the current issue that the club need to provide hospitality after each match and the social club cannot (or at least could not) guarantee its availability to do so.
  4. I'm sure I saw the lottery being sold at Bonnyrigg Toll last Thursday as usual.
  5. Scores

    Dundonald 0-3 Bonnyrigg
  6. Scores

    Dundonald 0 - 2 Bonnyrigg
  7. Scores

    Dundonald 0 - 1 Bonnyrigg
  8. Surely the issue is that there isn't a process, even if Dalkeith were to get promoted and win the Superleague there would be no prospect of them moving up anywhere.
  9. I'd imagine the teams looking to move would be aiming to obtain their licence prior to the end of the 2018/19 season to ensure their place in the following seasons Scottish Cup and allowing them to take their place in the LL should they win the EOSL.
  10. Bankies nxt season

    I'm sure the EOSL have said they'll set up a second division if the demand is there.
  11. How many people are you expecting to attend? And more importantly what exactly are the proposals of you and your cronies in regard to the club, clearly there's a desire from you to remain in the juniors but how do you propose to take the club forward and ensure their longevity if that happens?
  12. Bankies nxt season

    Doors will only open if the clubs themselves do something to make it happen but the message from the west (publicly at least) seems to be that no one wants to stick their head above the parapet first.
  13. The biggest danger with that is that the league is then at capacity and you end up in EOS 2 with a number of other competitive sides.
  14. I'm a regular home and away supporter and for me the juniors is on its arse. The time is right for the club to move. Go now or be left behind when others move ahead of us. As the pool of junior sides withers do clubs really think that the carrot of entry to the big Scottish will remain for Junior sides? Its not just the prospect of a fixture list (the absence of which means I and no doubt many many other junior fans don't buy season tickets), the money from the SFA, Scottish Cup entry every year, its about putting the club in the best possible position ahead of the inevitable change that will happen. Yes some of the EOS sides are poorly supported and bring little in the way of fans etc but is it really any worse than the travelling support of some of the juniors, been a few sides at Bonnyrigg this season who must have brought less than 10 fans. As the EOS evolves this will change and in the interim the club should be financially stable enough to be able to ride out the downturn in gate receipts, although by all accounts Kelty don't seem to have suffered. There's also the costs of travelling to consider, even the furthest away EOS side is a dam sight closer than Forfar or the Dundee sides. Is the standard of football in the EOS any worse than the Superleague, after all there are teams on the end of 5 or 6 goal drubbings week in week. At the moment there's probably 3 sides head and shoulders above the rest in the EOS, is there really many more than that are serious Superleague challengers. Don't get me wrong, I can see that there are dangers and things could go pear shaped but its a risk worth taking in my opinion. Its a big decision to be made about the clubs future but it can't be clouded by the rose tinted reminiscing of yesteryear.
  15. Today's scores

    Broxburn 2 - 0 Bonnyrigg HT