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  1. It was a mercy. Hartley knows how utterly devastating Faiss is against Cowden.
  2. Micheal Coulson was contracted to St Johnstone when he appeared for us. It happens.
  3. Nah, he's on trial at St Mirren now apparently. Dean Ebbe (the Irish striker) was supposedly one of the three.
  4. His interviews are a wee bit o' quality.
  5. No no no, that's not nearly high enough definition to appreciate the herp-derpitude of Kyle Hutton!
  6. Meet our newest signing from Raith!
  7. Match is free live on http://parstv.co.uk for anyone who wants to see how we're getting on. Hint: not well.
  8. A wee haundshake an aw.
  9. Based on the crappiness of the match playlist, it's going to be a crap match.
  10. Pat Clarke? Paul Crossan?
  11. Very smart, though its quite similar to last years. Glad its no orange