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  1. Modern Hall of Famers

    He got his testimonial against Manchester United - was that the last time we had a testimonial for a player?
  2. DFC -vs- DAFC

    BMMMH here to cheer on the Pars
  3. DFC -vs- DAFC

    AJ sticking with the same side as Tuesday.
  4. Bought? As in, paid a fee for?
  5. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    Bah humbug surely?
  6. Dunfermline v Queens

    We had one called off for a frozen pitch against Albion Rovers in January 2016, where we opted not to bother turning on the undersoil heating. QoS are likely to bring a few more fans than Rovers so I'd imagine the club will do their utmost to ensure the match is on.
  7. 10 from 15 would be acceptable, but based on our recent form it's probably unlikely. Looking at those fixtures, realistically... L W L W D.
  8. Queens Park vs Dunfermline

    How many penalties has Ross Millen scored this season?
  9. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    That man knows how to accessorize!
  10. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Nah nah, if anyone is going to score against us it's bound to be Robert Thomson
  11. We've made another signing! Craig Burt from AM 'Austin McCann' Soccer!
  12. The actual quote is "a big big club", and we all know that two 'bigs' are just as good as a 'massive'
  13. 25 minutes to open his account. Whit a lad