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  1. Queens Park vs Dunfermline

    How many penalties has Ross Millen scored this season?
  2. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    That man knows how to accessorize!
  3. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Nah nah, if anyone is going to score against us it's bound to be Robert Thomson
  4. We've made another signing! Craig Burt from AM 'Austin McCann' Soccer!
  5. The actual quote is "a big big club", and we all know that two 'bigs' are just as good as a 'massive'
  6. 25 minutes to open his account. Whit a lad
  7. Doesn't look like he'll be needed today though, fingers crossed
  8. Dunfermline v ICTFC

    That number 15 has the ref in his back pocket
  9. He's actually on the bench.
  10. It's the only reason he's signed.
  11. Did you really just asterisk 'bull' but not 'shit'?
  12. But on the plus side, he's an active player in senior international football. Who was the last player we had who was playing for a national team? Must be a good few years now.
  13. Mostly because he's a wee bigot, wasn't it? And, he might have been a little bit shit.