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  1. It's more total apathy for me. Players don't want to play for the management but our hands are tied because we have no cash.
  2. Nessies 2/1 on 365, printing money
  3. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Definitely should have taken more off them. Ntcham MotM easily
  4. That's wild from Utd's point of view. Some season for you
  5. Get this c**t to f**k. Done
  6. Yeah suspect that's it. Might be good enough to scrape 4th
  7. Is this boy playing next week? Higgy or Aird would tear him apart, says it all.
  8. Dunfermline vs Greenock Morton - Sat 20th Jan

    Never confident against Morton. USH works yes, was under about 1.5inch of snow on Instagram yesterday. Sunny here in Edin now though reckon it'll be fine. I'm sure the justification was you can get more money from sponsors or something
  9. Tangerine shilling the day anyway. Consigned myself to never seeing pars beat these tangerine c***s. Can't imagine they'll get any worse.
  10. Funny that, seem to recall shagging them 5-1 this season
  11. 20th of August 2011 last time we beat Utd in any competition, 11 matches since then. Atrocious, a win is clearly long overdue and they are actually not that good... fingers crossed.