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  1. There's no money for him at the moment
  2. A post match player interview as well as the manager would be a good addition.
  3. Quite the effort being put in off the field with the work being put into the stadium and things like the live match day streaming. Could either be the beginning of something big or a swift end to it.
  4. Is that Balatoni's fourth club since leaving Ayr. Wonder how he feels about refusing a deal at Ayr now, bump down to earth for him, which he was probably in need of.
  5. Heartened by Shankland's excessive use of "We" and "We're" in that article.
  6. Lochwood could be Willie Hetherington, both of them go on a lot about getting a big centre half in, and both of them are into the "get into him.." "never a footballer.." style pish.
  7. Surely their must be an answer regarding Ferguson today, bit strange in it taking this long, McDaid I can understand as he prob had offers to mull over.
  8. Alloa at home last game of the season, that doesn't sound ominous at all.
  9. Ayr signings imminent then.
  10. What's going on at Dunfermline, are they in trouble or just having a clear out.
  11. Actually think he'll be 1st choice LW next season, then McGuffie and Murphy. That's if Crawford plays CM. Although if McDaid leaves that messes it up a bit, not sure if McCall will bring in a replacement or not.
  12. He spent last season playing LW and should be kept there for the Championship, mucking about with him again at this level doesn't make any sense.
  13. If Forrest isn't a winger at this point then I don't know what he is.
  14. Surely there will be an answer regarding McDaid and Ferguson either tomorrow or Wednesday for the AP, considering pre season starts I think on Friday or Saturday. As for other signings there may be one or two also but I could see it dragging on for another few weeks. The only worry is the longer it drags on the smaller the talent pool to choose from will be, unless we're going to be relying on loans.
  15. Surely that's exactly the reason for it. The fact he's got an agent at this level makes me think he's some kind of Arthur Daley type.