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  1. More along those lines, someone posted it on the SRE FB.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/wagnercarrilho/videos/1774644139230684/
  3. 338 Ayr fans away to Dumbarton is actually quite high for us, no doubt boosted from the derby win.
  4. Crawford and most of the other youngsters aren't going to sign beyond more than a season without knowing what league we'll be in. Just seems to be the way that it works in the lower levels.
  5. Still salty from Friday? Understandable.
  6. Gordon Sawers.
  7. *You're
  8. Did you ever find out what numpty set off the smoke bomb on Friday? Killie fans, class act all the way.
  9. At least we've got fans.
  10. Mon the Clyde, intae this manky lot.
  11. McCulloch closet Ayr fan confirmed
  12. Fair play, a wee win brings that out in both parties. But your still failing to answer why no Ayr fans asked for it to be reinstated after Hampden ??? Can't be still failing as I've not commented on the issue previously. But I suspect the reason is simply because we lost at Hampden and won on Friday.