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  1. Yes yes you don't like Meggatt, we know.
  2. Morton fans seem pretty sure at the moment Harkins will be with them next season.
  3. Other way about. The board wanted to go FT this season but McCall was the one that vetoed it to stay part time.
  4. You're right, I haven't heard McCall mention Harkins once since the end of the season, and he's been pretty active in terms of doing press. Surely that must mean he's a goner.
  5. No mention of Gilmour and Harkins either since they're in the same boat
  6. After the Raith game McCall said there was a few players under contract that he'd probably try to move on. Considering that's only Fleming, Hart, McGuffie, Gilmour, Harkins, Boyle, I'm not sure who he could be talking about if he does do it, Gilmour probably, Harkins maybe?
  7. He's certainly putting himself on the line for next season, going all in with these signings so far. Lot of pressure on him now. He needs the team to come out firing from the start. I'm amazed there's enough in the budget to go full time on top of the players signed,
  8. McCall has new kit on too with the new badge, first time any has been shown publicly I think.
  9. All the photos from the signings recently, McCall has gone from a dour faced b*****d to a hint of a smile to a (now) full one. Have to make a photo timeline up to show the progression.
  10. Graeme Miller‏ @gmaufc 43m43 minutes ago Very busy day at Somerset. Keep an eye on all the official channels from 2pm and @tweetAUmedia tonight for interviews galore #imminent Sounds like today is gonna be a corker!
  11. Graeme Miller @gmaufc·20m "Stay poolside ALL day! Well from afternoon onwards" Maybe more than one singing today?
  12. Gilmour signed a 2 year deal this time last year, potential full time was at least a thought in the club at this time so it's not inconceivable that there could have been some kind of provision. Contracts can also be terminated if both parties agree, and may involve some kind of pay out which doesn't have to be for the full amount. Harkins may have had a full time wage but he wasn't training full time.