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  1. In terms of being full time, I was looking at the Q & A Lachlan did back in May on the SRE FB, and the only bit he referred to about it was this " Full Time has been the discussion for most of the last year and beyond. I would love to commit to full time football, and Ian is laying out his case for that, but at this time it is not confirmed one way or the other unfortunately. " Lachlan also got fairly battered into old Khalil at one point, which I hadn't seen before.
  2. Just because you disagree or criticise something McCall has said or done, doesn't automatically mean you want him to get the chop. Some want him gone, some don't. Personally, I'm in the latter as I think it's far too early in the season to be making that kind of decision, and it's something best suited to be discussed at around Xmas time at earliest, if at all, because we all know Lachlan, barring some catastrophic meltdown, is going to stick with him for the duration of the season, so in many ways it's a pointless discussion anyways. That said, Gav's point is a perfectly valid criticism to bring up and discuss, and while I'm not "McCall out", I'm not going to ignore something he says/does that i disagree with, but that doesn't mean I want him gone.
  3. Just Gav since he brought it up. Quick! Get Him!
  4. I noticed that in the interview but avoided mentioning it for the inevitable "why do you hate McCall" rhetoric which would have followed. Why do you hate McCall?
  5. Lawrence Shankland this morning penned a deal until January with the Honest Men. Manager Ian McCall said ” We may have quite a few injuries for tomorrow however this is not a signing that is down to the injuries. I have said for some time I was looking for another attacking player. Lawrence is a boy I’ve tried to sign 3 times previously. He is a goal scorer and just needs to find his way again. There is no doubting he has ability he just needs some game time. This also means there is potential for Moffat Moore and Shankland all to play together.” Chris Higgins has signed a one year extension to his current deal keeping him at Somerset Park to the Summer of 2019. Manager Ian McCall has been delighted with what he has seen so far from the ex Queen of the South captain and wanted the deal done as quickly as possible.
  6. Didn't McCall allude to playing Moore, Shankland, and Moff in the future? Or maybe it was just the first two.
  7. Was only kidding, really can't see McCall moving to three at the back, especially at the moment, although if things had been going better, next Saturday could have been a good opportunity to try something like that.
  8. Play three at the back. Problem sorted.
  9. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Khalil has published his dissertation on the Alloa game on the SRE FB. Check it out.
  10. Moore, Boyle, Forrest have a chance for next Saturday according to the Alloa preview. Higgins is back from suspension. But there's next weeks training to go yet so who knows what's in store.
  11. The guys behind me, next to me, and in front of me, never shouted any abuse at the players.
  12. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Top banter mate.
  13. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Goodwin is an absolute jobber.
  14. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Because I'm sure the last time he was out with a hamstring, when he came back he was taken off after about 60-70 minutes so as not to aggravate it.