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  1. Up 5-0 Crawford & McGuffie and Hilton hat-trick Edit: 6 Hilton again.
  2. Ayr vs East Fife

    Genuinely civil question...on an Ayr thread...from a Rovers fan Sure sign it didn't go well for you lot today.
  3. Ayr vs East Fife

    How you guys doing on your own threads? Have our fans come and polluted your threads the way you lot do whenever we have a slip?
  4. Ayr vs East Fife

    Thought Kerr was mince at the start, too many wayward passes, too slow, not winning the ball in midfield. He improved a little but hopefully it's just because he's not match fit. McDaid looked tired to me, even with his funny running style, struggled to get back, but his goal was similar to many he's scored this season. After the first the team seemed to up it a bit, until Shanks decided to up it on his own with his goal. Can't really judge Ruddy with how little he had to do today, the only save I can remember he was put under pressure with was a fingertips save from a free kick and a short backpass from Rose that bobbled just as he cleared it. But generally he was much more vocal with the defence and came out to collect high balls more. Sorry Callum & Itzdrk, no cause for the Hart fanboys to come out on the attack today.
  5. Ayr vs East Fife

    EF definitely the worst team I've seen at Somerset this season. We looked very tired from the start, anyone else and we would have been in bother. Brilliant individual goal from Shanks. Kerr has the subtlety of an erratic elephant. Rose, Bell, Geggan looked pretty good too, for all they had to do.
  6. Ayr vs East Fife

    Either be a early season style humping or another loss. No idea what effect the Rangers game will have on them, could go either way. Four consecutive home games and there's a real chance of not winning any of them.
  7. Oh if only the little people were as successful and as accomplished filled as you are, things could be so different.
  8. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Is Ruddy crap or everything around him? The McKenna dilemma.
  9. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Inevitable 70th minute collapse.
  10. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Commentator just for saying there Ayr are very disciplined defensively. Must be his first Ayr game.
  11. Ayr United vs Sevco

    There was a home game last season I'm sure where we played that formation, with a back three that included Murphy. Uncoordinated shambles from what I remember.
  12. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Better dreadful weather than your dreadful plastic pitch.
  13. Geggan injury has already turned into a saga as far as I'm concerned. The fact he's out for Sunday is a joke considering he was supposed to be all set for the QP game.
  14. I can remember hearing a goalkeeper was on £2500 a week. Scandanavian one IIRC, can't remember his name.
  15. And that compilation video someone put together of all our blunders this season, which is less than flattering.