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  1. Sauchie junior's

    By a mile the best manager sauchie have had. I just hope he has given himself enough time to get players he wants and not just squad fillers
  2. Teams to watch out for next season?

    If he's signed bannockburn better hurry n get a replacement
  3. Sauchie junior's

    2 mins of my life I'll never get back sending my CV in for that job. As many others probably feel. Never a job going by the sounds of it. There's no doubt Duncan's a good manager and will continue to be. But how many times will one man resign but never goes? Toys out the pram to get what you want springs to mind.
  4. Sauchie junior's

    Rumour has it Duncan back in as manager.... the club has lost the plot. Success is a short term thing... embarrassment!!!!!
  5. Sauchie junior's

    A lot of carry on before a big season. Always thought Duncan was never away.
  6. Sauchie junior's

    According to Facebook an EGM has been called as all committee have stepped down. What's going on at sauchie?
  7. Sauchie junior's

    Soap opera
  8. Sauchie junior's

    Looks like my post from a few days ago could be right. Manager bigger than the club if the committee are gone due to this. If all parties have resolved their differences then best thing for the club moving forward.
  9. Sauchie junior's

    No news on the new manager yet???
  10. Sauchie junior's

    In regards to the other points you make, if everything is OK then why resign??? League just won so you should be buzzing imo. And the way you write says you must be part of the club somewhere?
  11. Sauchie junior's

    Well I'm of the opinion that he never wanted to leave the club based on what I read on facebook from himself and players. I also think he has done a fantastic job, however I'm also of the opinion that the full facebook public posting that has been going on is childish and staged. Watch this space. Duncan going no where. Commitee out. Manager reinstated.
  12. Sauchie junior's

    I personally think fraser Duncan will be in charge come the start of the season. The man knows he has the fans backing and I think it's a tantrum for the funds he wants
  13. Teams Top Scorers

    If your scoring that amount of goals, you should really be thinking of moving up a level or two in my opinion
  14. Friendly wednesday night

    opposition for a friendly
  15. Friendly wednesday night

    friendly wednesday night at 8ko. Any takers