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  1. Absolute fair play to St Mirren. Fair play.
  2. A great result for Dunfermline yesterday if nothing else. It should have been more than the single goal, but it's 3 points that realistically keeps us in the division next season. The really important question though, is what is Rudi Skacel for? Apart from stealing money off of Raith Rovers of course...
  3. Naturally.
  4. You'd prefer it to be exclusive.
  5. Yeah I got a bit punchy there. I replied before I read the rest of the thread. [emoji85]
  6. That's optimistic. What an utter shitfest of so called 'football' that would be. Mince teams under enormous pressure only ever ends up in a truly awful game of football.
  7. Did you actually think about what you were writing, or did you just engage dot net mode?
  8. Dunfermline in 'missing a good chance' shocker. It feels like we'd be above Morton if we'd have taken even half of those missed chances this season.
  9. The beginning of the end for St Mirren this afternoon, perhaps? That could be a big blow to confidence having put so much in. Good news for the rest of us, right enough.
  10. Its very frustrating to look at the table now and see us 5 points off the foot of the table having only lost 3 times in 18 league games. We've drawn far too many games we really should have won (some we should have lost, granted) and those first 6 games have really come back to haunt us. I dont think theres any chance we'll finish bottom. The 5 point gap is enough to keep at least one team below us, but we really need to be looking to beat the Rovers, Dumbarton and Queens, with a bonus point or two against the rest. That will see us safe. It's exciting at least.
  11. I'm maybe wrong but I've not heard of any injury problems for us. Nothing from the manager on Thursday anyway. With that in mind theres no reason AJ won't start with his favourite 11. Cardle should feature at some stage but so will Rielly unfortunately. If he does, hopefully he's not tasked with making the difference. Because he won't.
  12. On paper, it should be a home win but the last time a team in dreadful form came to play at EEP and the opposition fans were writing their team off, we drew 1-1 with St Mirren. An early goal or two a-la-Dumbarton at home and I think we should be on our way. If it gets to HT at 0-0 or worse, its a toss up. We *should* get the job done though. As for the pitch, the days are getting longer, theres a lot more light around and the pitch has had nearly two weeks to recover. We should see an improvement in it's condition. Unless of course Gavin Reilly finally did the right thing and gave up football to become an apprentice greenkeeper.
  13. As bad as things have been in my years supporting the Pars, it's never been so dark, so horrible, so hopeless, that Berwick Rangers fans were laughing at us. I'll remember that fact the next time we're proper shit.