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  1. Choo and indeed Choo, mutherfuckers.
  2. I get the trepidation in a way, if only because Pars fans are miserable hoors. But come on. The leagues top scorers by a distance, with the second best defence (the 3 shipped at Morton count for half of those) up against the leagues joint worst defence and 9th best attack. Pars minus 3 for this one.
  3. Thats very kind. We did look fucking spectacular on Saturday right enough. Just you guys keep taking points off of Falkirk and we'll promise to keep it to 'just the five'. In all seriousness though, when was the last time we paid actual monies for a player?
  4. Dunfermline v ICTFC

    FFS. Thats me genuinely angry about it all over again. I think I ran down towards the tunnel too. I'd never done it before and no referee has made me even think about it since. Perhaps the worst 10 minutes of refereeing of all time...in any sport. Awful.
  5. Apart from Dundee United (you'd think), every team in this league is still looking for additional playing staff. It's frustrating sometimes and it can be argued that if we had been better prepared, we could have had the jump on a few of our rivals. But it's clearly a very difficult time for all clubs in the player recruitment department. With that in mind, I'd argue that we're not actually falling behind. With the players signed in the summer, we have a very strong spine to the squad and solid base to build around. Apart from the Rangers game and probably the first half v Livi, they've actually done quite well. It's been suggested on here that we only need two or three more. Theres still just under 3 weeks of the window to go so theres still a lot of time. If teams around us havent signed anyone stand-out, they must still be out there. Also, any player signed at the end of August, rather than the beginning of July saves the club two months wages. Just a thought.
  6. Hiya Brechin. Hiya pals. ETA: Trying to make myself feel better.
  7. Or the scenes on here if he misses...
  8. Why has that article even been given the time of day? Utter hate filled uber shite from first word to last.
  9. Saturday

    Dumbarton v Morton Away win ICT v Dundee Utd Away Win Livingston v Dunfermline Away Win Queens v Brechin Draw St Mirren v Falkirk Draw
  10. Looking forward to this one. Livingston fans sound a lot like we did this time last season. Great confidence in a side that won the league by a comfortable distance. The only difference is we were lucky enugh to play Dumbarton on the opening day and won comfortably (two last minute penalties aside). Dunfermline are considerably better than Dumbarton were/are, so Livingston will have their work cut out. Pars to win by 2.
  11. I dont think you can argue that his goal against Hearts was composed. I've explained why I think it wasn't. I'm not looking for a negative, more that it was right in front of my eyes. That said, I think any lack of composure he's showed is perhaps a result of his poor season with the Rovers. They were utterly dire, which was the biggest reason. His goals will bring confidence. With confidence I think he will show us what he can really do.
  12. I'm pleased that McManus is showing some goalscoring form. It's all very positive in that respect. But... His utterly glorious lob aside, the other two goals have been more hit-and-hope-straight-down-the-middle strikes than refined, composed, calculated finishes. Another day and they'd have been blocked or saved, especially the one against Hearts. I thought he got away with a poor initial touch and a wee bit of dithering. However, his all round play has been good and a goal is a goal, so I'm still more than happy with him and the team. He should score a good few more.
  13. Watering Holes - Direction required

    It didn't stop you wanging on about KDY.
  14. In fairness to the Gibster, he had a pretty nasty illness not too long before he left. I remember reading about lumbar punctures and all that nasty stuff. From what I rememeber, it couldn't have come at a worse time either and he wasnt quite the same again.