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  1. I can't argue with that.
  2. If there's anything the club can do to ensure this game goes ahead, I hope they do it. I think a postponement would really put a dent in our momentum right now. Fingers crossed the weather doesn't pan out as poorly as the predictions suggest.
  3. Even easier when you sell the soul of your club to Tesco and get a shiny new stadium thrown in for free...
  4. Depressingly for him, that could well be the only Jamie Mole anecdote in existence. He's not having a good day.
  5. But slightly more important that Jamie Olivers 'Chicken Mole' recipe. Every cloud...
  6. Now 'without a club' after being released by Blyth Spartans. Grab that saw and dust off that spirit level, Jamie!
  7. I'm with the derranged Buddie. I think St Mirren will avoid the drop. They'll consolidate just fine in League 1.
  8. FIFA Officials: "Nah, a 48 team tournament sounds shite. 32 teams is ideal and its been great since we intoduced it." Infantini: "But we'll make loads more cash. And I'll make sure you all get a healthy cut." FIFA Officials: "WHERE DO WE SIGN?!?!"
  9. Rielly looks like a footballer right up until he gets the ball. Jamie Mole though. Holy shit. He must be a joiner or something now, right?
  10. I'm looking forward to Saturday. Theres no reason not to as a Dunfermine supporter. Fans of all clubs are the same. If your team is playing well and in good form, its in the nature of a Scottish football fan to be wary when you're up against the bottom side at home in the next game. But thats all just superstitious pish. I think the Pars will win this well on Saturday. We've got bags of confidence and better players in every area of the pitch. Unless of course, Jack Ross got some excellent and much needed advice from the stands on Saturday. We all know how clued up on tactics and man-management football fans are... Hi, by the way.