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  1. Has anyone went off the pitch and through one of those ground level windows near the corner flag at Fir Park? Surely Colin Weir could fund a safety barrier there.
  2. Excellent. Like the Roman numerals to give it that legal feel.
  3. Celtic. Although I hope they do.
  4. I’d get that copyrighted if I were you, m9.
  5. How shit is Blair Spittal though?
  6. Bottom half of the Top Deck* is going to be some shitfest right enough. (c) MM 2018
  7. 1 would be a good start tbf.
  8. Because they didn’t cheat this time?
  9. Alan Archibald’s jotters incoming.
  10. Colon Weir will be fucking raging.
  11. SPL/SPFL/Premiership

    Agreed. And it’s Lampard btw.
  12. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    “Exciting morning- our Gousto’s arrived! 4 meals for 4 people delivered to your door! Giving it a go, looks great. Arrives with all the ingredients you need, all fresh, right down to cloves of garlic, spices, fresh herbs etc with recipe cards for the 4 meals you have chosen. Might encourage me to try different things, and the girls are dying to get stuck in! Reduced price of £23 for the first 2 boxes, then goes up to the normal price. X” f**k off.