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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    In your mind, maybe.
  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Oh dear.
  3. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    What about that time Big Mags Haney pumped you?
  4. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    We are a coterie of chumps.
  5. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Boyata has a swing and a miss. Champ.
  6. Work colleagues

    Wallace the fucker.
  7. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Fap fap fap.
  8. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    Yes, as it happens. The TRV on the new radiator in the dining room is leaking and I’ll have to get the plumber back in to fix it.
  9. Champions League 2017/18

    ‘Mon the Belgians.
  10. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Who knows?
  11. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    To be fair, we should all be compensated for having to read Grimbos posts.
  12. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    I’m going for 6.
  13. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    Christ, imagine that.
  14. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Are PSG playing like this for a bet?