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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Oh dear! I didn't think it was so obvious. its out there now I suppose, no chance of hiding it anymore.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Hoping you guys can win your league. If we fail to go up (I doubt we will make it) I look forward to our encounters again. RRFC, is our real derby game and not that mob from Grangemouth. Best of luck guys, here hoping that at least one of our teams are still in a place to pump those Fife hating, six fingered, rat eating, burn water drinking, soap dodging, incestuous, unwashed, bawbags.
  3. Is this game on tonight? I hope so as I can't change my plans to go to Inverness on Sunday.
  4. The bitterness of languishing near the bottom of the league is STILL oozing out of every falkirk fans pores. They are simply lashing out at everything because of their disastrous season. They should really just move on.
  5. Bitterness pure oozing out of you son.
  6. I'd just like to wish both teams the best of luck. I hope ICT give a fantastic performance tonight and really makes a game of it, but I hope Falkirk give an even better performance and pump the pish oot o them.
  7. I don't think theres been a total stand out player at the Pars this season. As mentioned above, Ashcroft has been about our most consistent player, so I'd vote for him.
  8. Brechin are a hard working team. They showed that our last game up there. They never seemed to let their heads drop even after Nicky's third went in, they kept on having a go. It could be a costly mistake to take this game lightly and change the team.
  9. Best of luck to falkirk. I hope they win all three points.
  10. We have a snowballs chance in hell of wining this one
  11. Ffs man, I was happy to have forgotten about the whole Potts scenario. Thanks for reminding me.
  12. You guys have landed a bloody good player in Smith. The lad is a trier with plenty energy and pace. He know where the goal is too. Just mind and hand him back at the end of the season please.
  13. The alleged quality didn't turn up so, he's trying quantity now. I think the exuberance of youth will have these young lad trying hard, and the addition of Vincent will bring a different dynamic to our midfield. Im maybe being a bit overly optimistic with our new signing but, I feel we needed to get the midfield freshened up as it has went a bit stale over the last couple of months.
  14. Strange how you single out this one poster for your vitriol, the one poster you consider a wimp too. Should we now consider you a bully as well as a racist?