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  1. Thank you for proving me right in my first quote
  2. Grow up you moronic f**k. Its childish folk like you give Pars fans a red neck on here. It's a pity your shattered spine didn't affect your bitter fingers.
  3. Allow me to be the first to say "look out premier league, rangers are a class act right now" it would have taken a brilliant performance from a bloody good team to get anything from them last night. Made us look like a Sunday league team.
  4. A top signing by AJ and co. Dean is a fantastic player for this level, a player our very bitterest of rivals will be spewing with envy over. This pleases me enormously
  5. You need some bog roll for yer mooth min.
  6. Big Nat must be infuriating for opposing teams, he isn't that quick, not as mobile as many would like but, 9 times out of 10 he turns up in the right place at the right time, and takes the ball off the attacking team with ease. When two or three opposing players try to surround him in the vain hope of winning the ball back, Nat simply eases them out the way, does a wee "triple toe loop" or "double back axle" to skip past them gracefully like a ballet dancer. Folks like that bairn above have only seen him on an off day. When they see half their team surrounding him and fail to get the ball, that's when they'll be silenced.
  7. Ours is still a work in progress, but I think we'll be about the same.
  8. http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/244280-201718-championship-squads/ Fill yer boots min.
  9. I think you are letting your imagination run wild here neebs. Masterton couldn't even hurt us now, let alone potter.
  10. I know we've released a few but I thought we still had a 20's team going, with the numbers being made up from the first team? If not? Then why do we still have John Potter on the books? Waste of a wage otherwise imo. I hope we still have the young team this season, as I enjoy going to watch them in some midweek games, and who knows, we may even find a gem or two in their ranks?
  11. I not so worried about us at the back, I'm more than sure we'll sort that out. It's our lack of scoring that's still a matter for concern, even in these preseason games we are once again failing to hit the target. Weve still got s few players to bring in (4 is the number being banded around on dot net?) so here's hoping there is s goal scorer or two amongst them, as Clark isn't hitting as many as his alleged wages would suggest he should. I don't know what he is being paid, but he is apparently the clubs top earner? It's going to be a hell of a long season if we keep missing chances again this season.
  12. I'll only start worrying if we don't show an improvement next time out.
  13. Telt ye they'd get pumped from a no mark team outside of Finland we shouldn't be too harsh on them though, it's the first time in their history they've played in Europe. I'm sure they'll get better when they start spending cash they don't have like their predecessors did.
  14. MOTORISTS are being advised to avoid an area of Halbeath Road when resurfacing work starts on Thursday, July 6. Fife Council will be digging up the tarmac and replacing the section between the roundabout at the Asda store and Pittsburgh Road. The job will cost around £220,000 and is expected to take three weeks, until Friday July 28.It’s the second phase of carriageway resurfacing on Halbeath Road, with work last summer upgrading the traffic lights at the Whitefield Road junction and laying a smoother surface from the railway bridge up to the Asda roundabout. Temporary traffic lights were used and there were major delays but this summer the council will use a contraflow system to allow the traffic to flow more easily. A spokesman explained: “We’ll shut one side and the other carriageway will have one lane for eastbound traffic and one lane for westbound. When that carriageway is finished, we’ll swap over. This way, there’s always at least one lane open in both directions.”Bus stops within the works will be closed and signs will direct passengers to the nearest stop. He added: “The schools will be out for the summer and the college will be finished so hopefully there will be less traffic. But it is a main route through Dunfermline and, while we’re keen to try and keep the traffic flowing as best we can, there will be delays. “Motorists should try and avoid the area and choose an alternative route if they can.” just to to give you guys who may be coming through to Dunfermline a wee heads up.