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  1. 1-1 draw. You read it here first folks.
  2. I hate trips to the pasta bowl. Lifeless place imo.
  3. I think our goalie Murdoch was MOM, big Nat was also superb. We have played way better and lost games in this league, so I'm pleased to have won this one. Both teams created many chances, but we managed to put one away. Hopefully this steadies our chances of staying out of a relegation battle.
  4. Masterton is probably rocking back and forward in a corner, babbling about how he thinks Lord Woolman fooked him over in his final attempt to destroy the Pars. As you can see, he failed.
  5. I think a point will be a great result for us but, I fear the worst here.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed that game, I thought we were worth a point at least though. Fair play to Ayr, they earned their three points.
  7. Maybe so, but we'll still avoid the drop. I enjoyed that game, end to end stuff, and Ayr got what they deserved.
  8. ^^Nah nah, nah nah naah, wyheyhey f*ck the .......(enter desired team)
  9. What a fantastic and insightful post neebur, thanks for sharing.
  10. I think Farid will try too hard to show AJ what he has missed out on and make a total arse of it. Many off sides, then he'll get frustrated and start hacking. I only hope our players keep the heed and don't get involved in a hackfest. Home win
  11. I think they simply took a huge dip in form. I could maybe see a player or two fling a game, but I don't think players would fling a whole season for a bet. Stranger things have happened though.
  12. Gozie was so stuffed full of confidence there was no room left for any ability.
  13. Have faith man. The Pars will avoid the drop.
  14. I think Falkirk will win this one. They are a bloody good attacking team with plenty pace. They'd easily be sitting top of this league if it wasn't for the high priced teams. I love us to beat them in our last game for this season, but I fear the worst.
  15. Win lose or draw this weekend, I'm more than sure we will stay out of a relegation battle.