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  1. With Hutton in goal we could be looking at a rugby score. I hope we off load this waste of a wage soon.
  2. FFS, I can't believe you lot are still banging on about this. Its done guys, turn the page and give yourselves peace. That's aimed at everyone by the way. This thread is now an embarrassment to both clubs.
  3. Jings I'm getting bites without even trying now. Too easy
  4. Lol Easiest bite I've ever got on here, and I didn't even have a chance to put a hook on my line, you jumped right into my boat. So freaking easy
  5. Is that it? Is that all you've got in response? We have another loser folks
  6. PMSL. Is that you back from seeing your dealer, and ready for another day of sitting on the couch with yer stolen Xbox, waiting until it's dark so you can go and mug a pensioner for the cash needed to buy tomorrow's fix?
  7. Post after post of you lot trying to make out that your not bothered. Looks like you are tying to convince yourselves more than anyone else with yer perpetual "we're no bothered" posts. Justice has been dished out, stop greetin and get over it.
  8. How sh1t are Falkirk, they could only beat a ten man team from Fife by cheating. I'll bet cheating the only reason they are in the play offs. Big Bre would eat him Shandon.
  9. Proven cheats You only win when your cheating, win when your cheeeeating. You only win when your cheating.
  10. He punched his own pus out of sheer frustration at the cheating from your mob and the Falkirk supporting official. He nearly knocked himself out, but is way too hard to drop from a single punch.
  11. At least you are big enough to admit you are wrong, and apologise for it.
  12. No example then? You should have used the time it took to find that post of mine to clean the sh1te aff yer keyboard. Now! As I was saying. Well done to the hibs on winning the championship.
  13. Ok, but when did I ever use the phrase "hibs'd it" as you claim I have?
  14. You are wrong, very wrong. I'll bet you can't find one post where I've said that.
  15. Unlucky in the cup guys, it was a cruel piece of bad luck with that deflection after such a good performance. Anyone who thinks hibs aren't good enough for the top flight needs to see that cap game. Totally sh1te way to get knocked out guys.