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  1. I'm happy with our opening day fixture, and I'm delighted to witness you guys unfurling the 1st division champions flag. It's a shame you'll get pumped on such a glorious day in your history tho good luck in the league none the less tho guys, except against us of course.
  2. Remember hibs will always pander to the bogot bros. Their fans appear to love celtic more than hibs, but can't afford both the junk and travel expenses, hence them being hibs fans.
  3. Sorry guys, but I think this is a step backwards for you. Spence is quite a hacky player, and will cost you goals via penalties. Hope the lad proves me wrong though.
  4. I just found out you guys have signed Craig Reid. Yet another fantastic signing for you lads. Thats one hell of a strong team Ayr are building at this level, it's making me rethink the possibility of raith winning your league. Your signings are making the title race very interesting for this season.
  5. Having given this a lot of thought after my last post on this, I have came to the conclusion that I still hated Keddie as a player for us. I still think he is one of the worst, most odious players ever to wear the Pars black and white. I wouldn't have minded his pishness so much if he didn't blame everyone else for his ineptness.
  6. The only player I can honestly say I got enraged over when I seen him, was a Pars player. Keddie. Not only did he make multiple errors in a game, he would "scream" the blame at others for it. I don't know what he was like off the park, but he was an odious bawbag on it.
  7. I'm told big Nat is the longest in the showers, so those sorts won't cope. A loddie hinging aff a cock.
  8. Realistically, now we've signed Tam McManus and Micky Spilane, we'll be able to talk a good game, then write about it. Heres hoping we can play one now.
  9. Oooffft. I thought I was having a hidious flashback to mushies I scranned in the early 80's. Even when I put my shades on this photo hurt my eyes.
  10. You have to ask? Removing Pars fans opinions on a player because they don't like what folks has to say is what's wrong with it. Say what you like as long as it's not a negative opinion is ok with you is it?
  11. Different team, different manager, different attitude from the player. DAFC, and our entire setup could be tha making of Declan.
  12. You're not the first person I've heard saying this. Most people I've spoken to about this say it's all about what the bigot bros want, and our clubs won't really get a say on the matter. What the bigots want, the bigots get, and we'll just have to like it or lump it.
  13. I was about to post somthing similar Jamie. We can only hope
  14. Apparently you guys are signing Stanton and Harris from Hibs? Good signings if true.
  15. Robbo eh? I hope you guys are as delighted as I, and likely the rest of the league are at your newly appointed manager. I'd be gutted if he were to manage the Pars. Best of luck with that one guys. Watch this post coming back and biting a chunk off my ass now