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  1. Yep and training full time will do harkins wonders .less time hittn golf baws more times hitting footballs
  2. Imo harkins will be brilliant next season
  3. We have too play 2 up top this year ....lets destroy teams .cmon ayr give us a trophy ...I was only 7 when I last saw them win it at berwick ...
  4. The video off him wae a ayr strip singing f**k the pars last season was great
  5. Is there any word of any other signings ....that was hardly getting me excited
  6. We need stevie kerrigan and issac english
  7. Tbh wouldn't be sad to see the back of him.trys really hard but still looks like a headless chicken
  8. Heard from A good source crawfords not re signing apparently going to livi
  9. Cant have every pars player .dont want pars fans talking bout us even more
  10. That would be a fantastic signing