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  1. Still a long way to go raith fans .we're ayr United remember we like to make a c**t of things. Think this season we will be neck and neck between us .with Arbroath winning the league .lol
  2. Yasss airdrie airdrie airdrie
  3. Nice to see forrest get a goal .wee man played great when he came on .a fucking love this team .
  4. Ayr v QP

    Whit a team
  5. Ayr v QP

    Just saw mccall walking out of sports direct in ayr wae an orange ball game must be on
  6. Ayr vs Albion

    Does a black n white union jack annoy folk .asking for a mate ?
  7. Most frequent away day.....

  8. Sounds gid right enough
  9. Ayr vs Albion

    I hope you die in your sleep alan trouten .shocking .all involved should be banned
  10. Gary harkins,jamie hamill ,nacho novo
  11. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Whit a team