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  1. Thats better than watching hamster
  2. Well a never saw that coming at 3-1.belford thought he had just won the scottish cup when stranraer scored the 3rd.would have been gutted going up the road with a point .paddy boyle [emoji23]
  3. f**k yer rangers n celtic and there colt team's
  4. Stranraer 2 ayr united 0 .and we all go hame greeting
  5. We could go hawfers if ye want ftk .that would get them talking
  6. We do have a great away support put a few spl teams 2 shame.
  7. Away games atmosphere is top notch ,alcohol makes a big difference and a patsy
  8. If it is pishing doon and no one is on the north terrace then you hear a song .plus its embarrassing doing a solo .
  9. Or getting the latest towie hair doo
  10. Wats kevin nisbet up tae
  11. It wisnae me I ken nothing about the pics just heard from a mate .like [emoji16]
  12. Anthony stokes on fire .just as hot as the scuddy pics of his bird finger blasting herself .
  13. Who cares we got humped by a premiership team .we beat the scum lets focus back on the league .