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  1. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    No worries .dont hate any other teams really
  2. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    Killie,rangers,celtic,airdrie in that order .horrible c***s
  3. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    Is yer name airdrie slang for dobber ? Dobba .
  4. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Two old boys that are sadly no longer with us used to travel the country following ayr in the 3 wheeler car/bike thing . dont think the thing went above 40mph .brilliant
  5. Happy Valentine's Day

    We're super ayr And kris boyd is a fat fighter Take yer killie pies and shove them up yer shiter
  6. Cant beat sham 69 .mind we used too run out tae zombie nation back in the day .lol
  7. Still 20+ goals and counting
  8. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Never saw any rangers in the ayr end .can usually tell no teeth and twenty stone gives it away .
  9. Ayr United vs Sevco

    I am taking a guess he will have a monkeys heed and a fat belly with a skin tight sevco shirt on .typical fat rangers fan that you see on holiday [emoji12]
  10. Just get castilla back that will solve the keeper issue
  11. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Bob Williamson were you in for the new big big mac?
  12. Ayr United vs Sevco

    It is only sevco but we do have half the team out injured so I also fear the worst