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  1. Trainers

    Not a trainer .but the timberland mocassin is a cracker .been worn on the terraces for 30 odd year and still doesn't go out of fashion .
  2. Alloa vs Ayr

    It's shit sir Lawrence is out .but we still have our best player fit to play .Michael moffat
  3. Would much rather be going into the last game needing a draw
  4. We should be going up for the 3 points .and nothing less
  5. Could have been the best ayr utd goal ever [emoji23]
  6. So true .I used to be his biggest critic but by god that boy has improved last couple season's .particularly this season .his mazy run against killie was a thing of beauty .if only he had stuck the ball in the net .if someone has the footage that they could put up would be much appreciated .also his goal against raith [emoji106] [emoji12]
  7. He is a nutter .a extremely rich nutter.was 700 richest person in the world I read somewhere .
  8. Always wondered why he hasn't tryed ,wanted to buy the club .
  9. 8 at the moment .reckon another 2
  10. Bring back the ayrshire leader .
  11. Hope she is at the player of year night when shirts are revealed
  12. We will win league at alloa .on the tv . The singing of "are you watching rovers scum " tae drown out the gaelic commentry .Then back in ayr for a party [emoji106]
  13. Might be the same guy that said craig conway is a shout for next season .ftom blackburn rovers too ayr united [emoji23]