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  1. Yes thank you ser ....all the best in the promotion play off .hope killie go on a terrible run and you meet them again you must be due relegating them ...
  2. Cheers grangemouth bairn
  3. God I wish I could moan about being in a promotion play off place think yoursels lucky morton ....best of luck btw ...enjoyed the coo shed ..don't see it lasting long as that advertising divider thing didnt really do its job when ayr scored
  4. Well done morton getting the cooshed open in time for tomorrows game .come on you honest men
  5. [emoji106] [emoji23]
  6. We dont like your type either ....is nutz the squirrel out the jail yet
  7. Brilliant if wee get the terracing open instead of the daft seated stand .....think on my trips to morton the ayr fans have been housed everywhere in that ground particularly remember a certain glynn hurst scoring 5 and we were stood in behind goal opposite the dublin end .....really like cappielow .traditional football ground ....no like st middens lego effort ....also remember getting put out ground for being a drunk wee dick and watching the scores come in the pub the game finished morton 0-ayr utd 4 ...
  8. Come on you honest men
  9. The price ,4 leagues when we only need 3 ,no drinking at games ,and the fact we have the scum of the old firm are the reasons the games shit ....
  10. Away to yer own forum scum
  11. f**k up killie scum ......
  12. They win we loose were more or less doon