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  1. Games this weekend

    The park could well be playable after they say they have brushed it. There was 5 inches of snow on it yesterday and that's a load of snow to clear.My thing is where do they put the snow as the playing surface is surrounded by a 3 foot brick wall.Not much room there. Also Townhead street is not a main road and is not main priority to council gritters.Its not my shout but I would be surprised if it's on, not due to the playing surface but the surrounding streets are still under a lot of snow
  2. Games this weekend

    At least 5 inches of snow in deepest Cumnock and Townhead street is still snowbound
  3. Whitletts Manager

  4. Games off!!!! who's for summer football?

    Is nobody watching Chelsea
  5. Today's scores ?

    Precisely and there are plenty on here with large orifices [emoji2]
  6. Todays Scores 06/01/18

    Lugar 5 Annbank 2
  7. Games on

    Lugar v Annbank 1:45 ko
  8. Keeper looking for a club

    Aye let's have an amnesty on this forum. My New Year's resolution will be to say who I am .Anybody else up for it.I only want 10 revelations and I will say[emoji2]
  9. Talbot v Buffs Game on

    This guy Kenny is best pish talker on this forum and he doesn't even leave the house
  10. Friendly 23rd December

    Daft rule but rules are rules [emoji63]
  11. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Chance for you then bawbag
  12. ADL Season 17/18

    Will his dad follow him.Maybe?

    Knocking shop

    Complete Wipe out IMO