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  1. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    You lot, but someone has already mentioned he has resigned for the buffs.
  2. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    I would say better chance of him going to the Glens Us glens or the glesga glens? I'd love him tbh, a class act
  3. West Super Saturday

    Get some dropkick Murphys in the music part of a video please, I'll deffo be a fan then
  4. West Super Saturday

    Ahhhh, same page now
  5. West Super Saturday

    Are Talbot and pollok local rivals ? with a pollok player playing for his hometown team having received no end of pelters from talbot fans and taking the opportunity to give them Pelter's back? No and no That's the difference. Anybody rightly saying Talbot would do the same clearly mean if it was the same situation but against local rivals
  6. West Super Saturday

    Charge them £100 a copy , see how keen the are
  7. West Super Saturday

    Is that a trick question? Is it none?
  8. West Super Saturday

    Ahhh that old stereotype, everybody in Ayrshire supports rangers
  9. West Super Saturday

    Rangers because ma old man was ,same as most folk, and Supported them both all ma life, n am 30 so if a was gonnae change teams and be a glory hunter like killiepiyo did then a would a stopped being a Liverpool fan pretty quickly
  10. West Super Saturday

    Obsessed with what? PS noticed u not directly replying probably hoping I wouldn't notice
  11. West Super Saturday

    A fan? Nah im a fan of glenafton, liverpool and rangers, never have or will be a fan of glory hunters. Simply replying to something on a public thread... If that makes me bitter, then by that logic you are also bitter If u don't like somebody replying to your post on a public thread, don't post PS if u don't like being a glory hunter , you shouldn't have been one! 3/4 years I never spoke to you once when you were a hurlford fan
  12. West Super Saturday

    If I was bitter like you claim then I would change teams and be a glory hunter like you but I'm not so I won't
  13. West Super Saturday

    Please explain how I'm bitter that somebody is a glory hunter?
  14. West Super Saturday

    If they hadn't equalised , then Talbot would have won the league so it did make the difference to beith winning the league lol
  15. West Super Saturday

    Well done beith