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  1. Graeme Souness is sent off on his Rangers debut at Easter Road in 1986 for trying to amputate George McCluskey's right leg, a 21 man brawl ensued, only Alan Rough in the Hibs goal didnt take part in the ensuing melee, Alan Sneddon and Mickey Weir are the other Hibees in the picture on a day when the home side won 2-1.
  2. Belgian keeper Jean Marie Pfaff is beaten by an Ian Ferguson free kick as Bayern Munich lose 1-0 to Hearts at Tynecastle in 1989, the Germans won the return 2-0 in the UEFA cup quarter finals....
  3. Im no fan of wee Jim or Walter Smith but would have loved one of them to have swung round and landed a right hand square on his fucking puss.
  4. In hindsight, like Celtic scoring in the first minute away to PSG, we only annoyed Brazil here and paid the price in the end..
  5. A few Queens Park fans at a game in 1980 at a less than jam packed Hampden. Note the old style terracing steps, common in that era which were basically compacted earth/gravel with wooden sleepers forming the step, on a warm, dry day you would often see clouds of dusty ash created by large crowds celebrating when a goal went in on cup final day.
  6. Best TV theme song

    Not only the greatest sports show theme tune but the greatest TV one full stop... Aztec Gold, the music for ITV's coverage of Mexico 1986 World Cup
  7. Poor old Rover had to get put down after contracting something from biting that ***. You'll never bark alone.....RIP Rover
  8. First ever case of a dog itself having to get a rabies injection.
  9. They spent some money back in the days......how did it all work out that for them? I've often wondered
  10. The man who gave the greatest put down in Scottish football history when he told Alex 'staunch' McDonald a.k.a Wee Doddie.. "I could keep a beach ball off you in a phone box"
  11. Kilmarnock wearing hoops.....against the hoops who are actually wearing an all green change kit v Killie at Celtic Park in 1980 in a picture off the excellent Celtic Wiki. Presumably the ayrshire side's away kit was too similar hence Celtic wearing a change kit at home. Dom Sullivan is the Celtic player challenging for the ball, the curly mop behind him may be Roy Aitken me-thinks.
  12. The Storm that saved a City

    Was a brilliant, fascinating watch.
  13. Think if you look at the shape of the banking/hill that its sited on you can see how the roof only stretches to halfway as there is no solid ground for fixing a base or foundations to.