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  1. Found this VERY old picture of a barely recognisable Tannadice on Facebook earlier, no main stand or big terrace opposite it so guessing it could be 1950's or older...????
  2. How do I appeal a Warning?

    Give me greenies type post.
  3. Paul McStay and Gary Mackay in action during a Hearts v Celtic match from November 1987.
  4. How do I appeal a Warning?

    @Im_Rodger is undoubtedly the most detestable w****r on this site. Some feat considering im on it too, fair play to the mekon headed tory boy twat.
  5. tv coverage of Scottish Cup

    Hopefully BT Sport pick up the rights to this, SKY and their half hearted coverage and patronising attitude to Scottish football can get tae f**k.
  6. Alan Mackin, ex player and manager/local businessman, absolutely screwed them over. Thankfully his anticipated windfall for selling the land didnt materialise.
  7. Deleting the match thread because your team got fisted. What a fucking shitebag, quite possibly the biggest minter/heads gone in the history of this forum.
  8. The Gilligan story ? I've read that from a few different sources online, not sure exactly what he was shouting/singing but he always did come across as 'staunch' so perfectly feasible and likely.
  9. Hibs vs Celtc

    Damn Chelsea fans... !
  10. They were proper seats, Fergus being Fergus being as fly as the day is long when it came to pennies, took them out and put them in the existing main stand as they were relatively new, replacing the, amusing and bizarrely coloured orange seats that were in place there at that point, I believe most/all are still there to this day.
  11. McInnes leaving

    Her name is India. I believe the term 'till it fell off' applies.
  12. McInnes leaving

    Will he take Ash Taylor's wife with him?