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  1. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    Don't see the big deal here, troon wanted promotion and used trialists to help them achieve that, end of day girvan could have done the same but obviously had confidence/Faith in their squad to win match . If it was my team in play-off I would want them to explore any avenue within the rules to help win tie(as would most fans if in similar situations)
  2. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    Won 2/0
  3. Tonight's scores 11/6

    Any updates? Sent from my SM-A320FL using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  4. Fixtures conundrum

    Great idea let's all flock to the astro NOT, it's a horrid surface , hate watching games on it and I'm not alone , yet to see a decent match on one .
  5. West of Scotland Cup

    This just sums up junior football!!! Free weeks should cease to exist from next season, no September weekends ect, ffs majority of players getting reasonable wages so should be available till end of season and club's should make that clear to them when signing them, want free weeks sign for a pub team
  6. Now now A.M you don't want to upset these senior football folk now.
  7. Scores on the doors

    Ffs I though cumnock fans didn't have internet access as No one had heard from them all season, yet their all appearing out to play tonight after drawing a match[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] must have been a long long boring season down cumnock way.
  8. West Super Saturday

  9. Tonight's scores

    Good job beith won , if Talbot indeed field trialist then would they not have been in breach of the rules? Cup tie signed players only eligible to play ?
  10. todays scores

  11. Fixture man strikes again

    Time to bin the E.T cup , why keep it yet scrap Ayrshire/ central cups? If the evening times want to sponsor a cup then I'm sure the sjfa would do them a deal on our major cup competition.
  12. Fixture man strikes again

    That's a few times in last couple of days you have popped up with criticism regarding fixtures , yet we all still await your solution (if you actually have one)
  13. West Region Secretary Position

    Be interesting to hear what changes you have made from last year's proposals,
  14. Goals, & gossip.Sat 28th April.

    No probs Robert [emoji16][emoji16]
  15. Goals, & gossip.Sat 28th April.

    C'mon tell us what you heard , you know you want to[emoji16][emoji16]