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  1. Todays Scores 06/01/18

    Ladeside have had a great first half of the season , and the management must be congratulated on the progress of the team , can they win the league? The next couple of league games will be crucial away to Talbot then home to buffs need to win both to have an outside chance even then it would be a slim one, decent draw in Scottish if we can get through and get a break with injuries (seems to be one a week at the moment) then we could be looking forward to the latter stages of cup .
  2. Scottish Cup Weekend

    These cup fixtures shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, all clubs know that Scottish ties if cancelled will be played following week and the next and carry on till fulfilled,
  3. West Region Cup Committee

    Now I see your explanation kennie it does make sense , frees up dates for extra league fixtures yet retains a cup .
  4. Games 16-12-17

    All clubs are aware (or should be) that if a Scottish tie is postponed it carries on till following Sat and again and again until it's played so if a club is still in cup but doesn't want league fixtures and tells players that they won't be playing then that's the gamble.
  5. West Region Cup Committee

    Playing the Scottish cup in November, December, January is the problem, maybe supporters should be asking clubs committee to raise a proposal at sjfa AGM regarding this , plenty time to come up with workable solution.
  6. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Clubs had the chance for change and shat it , maybe supporters should be asking which way there club voted and if they backed him ask the reason WHY
  7. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    Cheerio shut the door on way out .
  8. Livingston v Glenafton

    Enjoy your day m8 , glens have nothing to lose so I hope the players come off at the end with no regrets, if all give 100% then you never know,
  9. Talbot v Rob Roy 18th Nov.

    Ladeside v pollok
  10. Goalstoday

    I would ban the fekin two of them , another thread full of shit by weans
  11. Betting Odds Sat 4th November

    I always use mcbookie, great customer services,plenty of free bets and they are giving something back to the juniors
  12. Betting Odds Sat 4th November

    The big game of the weekend?lol Ladeside v penicuik Talbot v beith All the big games on Saturday. [emoji56] [emoji56] [emoji56]
  13. West Region fixtures for December ?

    I wonder if anyone will stand against him next AGM or is that us fked for season's to come.

    Park passed ref inspection at 8.30 but unfortunately it's been raining all day, Original forecast was for rain to go off . Played in worse but still raining and doesn't look like clearing up so probably correct decision, unfortunate for both clubs but that's the joys of Scottish weather.