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  1. Betting Odds Saturday 14th April

    17/10 ladeside corals have them 13/5 ,
  2. Talbot are the biggest most successful team in the juniors .
  3. Scottish Cup 1/4's and 6yh round tie.

    Congratulations to wishaw fantastic result
  4. I heard they voted mybes aye , mybes no[emoji848][emoji848] Pointless topic that will just turn into the usual mess. As said above the only people that know are Talbot committee and they ain't coming on here anytime soon to give the haters an answer, far to busy running the top junior club in Scotland
  5. Scores

  6. How bad are premier parks

    Fantastic pics A throw back to the old days when many a game was played on heavy pitches. Now a wee bit mud, frost, rain or a soft patch and games are postponed. (Wouldn't want to wash strips though lol)
  7. League debate

    No I think that if fixtures are allocated then they should be played on date given not binned because one of the big teams has league games to play, it's not about taking a big scalp it's about fairness for all , maybe you should suggest that your club doesn't enter these lesser competitions then you will have plenty time for league games.
  8. League debate

    No fixtures are out and should stay the same , you may class these competitions as lesser competitions for your club but I'm pretty sure Whittletts and st Roch's wouldn't class them that way. Just remember junior football isn't all about the "big" club's
  9. scores on the doors

    All the best for rest of season , sending off and pen knocked the heart out of us , we didn't play well (or bo'ness didn't allow us to) no complaints best team on the day won.
  10. Today's Scores

    Well you can thank the club's that voted for him to remain in power.
  11. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Home draw big crowd , one or two coming back from injuries, should be a cracking tie,
  12. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    What size of crowd do you expect to travel through for klbirnie game ?
  13. Scottish Junior Cup

    I've looked at the draw a couple of times and spotted an error"" DARVEL doesn't appear to be in it ? Was going to email sjfa regarding this but then remembered your out [email protected] so medda might be pish in your opinion but while DARVEL are playing a league match that day medda will be playing a high profile Scottish cup tie
  14. Arthurlie v Gartcairn

    Not watched highlights yet Don't pay attention to the snobs , junior football needs new teams and it takes time and money on and off pitch to establish your team I love an underdog so I hope yours win replay
  15. Arthurlie v Gartcairn

    Normally the wee team only gets one chance to pull off a shock favourite normally wins replay 9/10 times , what was the reason for ignoring hospitality?