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  1. Can't believe how good we actually are.
  2. Well said. Every club outside Celtic and The Rangers should put pressure on their respective boards to put their own club first.
  3. Thistle were miles on top
  4. Pars vs St Mirren

    The atmosphere will be decent tomorrow. Really up for it now closer it gets. Shite week at work means much Rum will be consumed pre-match. ''black and white shite'' ...''hallo''
  5. Pars vs St Mirren

    I hope to see around 5,500 there. The sun shoukd be shining and the surface will be proper. Both teams have goals in them. I'll go 3-2 Pars. Why has no one mentioned the connection between Mortons sponsors and the fact none of their supporters have a full set of teeth?
  6. I used to header balls like that at school. Became utterly sodden with water. Was like headering a sandbag.
  7. To be honest I can fully understand the fact you are all hurting because your team is basically jobbies. But hey, we're all here for you. Lot's of love from the Kingdom of Fife.
  8. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    I'd like to think we'll spare your blushes tomorrow by keep it down to a 3 clear goals of win for the rampant Pars.
  9. Fais who? ...is he the young guy with a modicum of striking talent that lives North of Glenrothes now? 'em awa tae play wi the Dee, eh' .....'an feck meh medal tally eh'
  10. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Gavin Reilly was a real poor signing and no matter how much Hawk/Gav/Rasper protests it did not work out. You have to naturally question his ability and strength of character in relation to his time at EEP. No doubt he's shone at some point but it wasn't with us. Brutal stuff.
  11. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    The use of the word 'yous' would be better spelt yooz. As for some your other creative b*****disation of written English I believe you have the real ability to create a new language..... sorry I meant languij.
  12. Were pretty milky? Pornhub for this shit.
  13. Slightly different ariel view from the previous one I shoved up.
  14. Like your team? f**k, nah too far back.