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  1. Back to your empty Jute Mill.
  2. The only thing you assumed is that your patter has any level of creativity or relevance. Sadly it has neither.
  3. boredootmanut.com
  4. You're assuming I have sisters or a sister even. If I had/or do what relevance is there. Fact is none. Absolutely scraping the dry shite off the bottom of the pan you live in.
  5. Yeah you did. Go stick a huge letter L on your expansive ridged brow which is of course short for LOSER.
  6. This is exactly why Murdoch has 2 black eyes. Kneed in the pus then that man cheated by diving. Thanks for sharing that photo. Amazingly perceptive of you to recognise such obvious cheating.
  7. You missed the point ...loser. More of a loser we'd be hard pressed to find for sure.
  8. Ankle stamping. Behaviour of a loser.
  9. Your patter is well below zero. Stuck in the old proverbial desert. Go back to collecting wall hanging flowery plates and leave the 'banter' to the real characters.
  10. I bet it was. There's a reason you poltroons are named the Bairns. Immature to the max, just look at the state of you all on here. No integrity or humility in your collective souls. Cheat and cheat some more. Look at this dirty b*****d below.
  11. Morton, Morton, Morton, what a charming tottie wee club, reeking of ye olde world charm. Their ground is a living Museum. It will blow their mind playing in a hotbed of football such as East End Park. Well, best of luck to them for the future. Hope we stick to putting just 6 past them.
  12. Falkirk were there for the taking. They're not that much further ahead of us now. We'll be better prepared next season to put on a better show over the course.
  13. Pars it is. No legislating for a degree of fuckwittery on the website.
  14. I never made such claims. I'd rather we were beaten by good football as opposed to shite refereeing and an element of cheating. On to next week for both teams now.
  15. Cheating and smugness. No wonder you reeky fuckers are despised.