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  1. Hearts next week All that matters now is turn up and play like we can and beat them 15-0.
  2. We're good enough to beat any team in this championship. If you don't think that's the case then you aren't a real fan. If you don't know what a real fan is then you've never read DAFC.net. That makes you a melt. Happy pre-season.
  3. In the cold light of day, I'm still estatically enthused about the fact you tinky degenerates will be there to take 4 beatings off next year's league winners next year Dunfermline 'Kings of Fife' Athletic. The only decent performance in that half finished tin shack ()assembled in a blast-zone this year will be Madness in August.
  4. Best game of the division this season. Did you see them greeting and mauling over their failure ...I almost had a w**k lol
  5. Cheating b*****ds stay down shocker!!! Well done United. Pars turn to tan your arse next season. Know your place.
  6. See you next season ya manky b*****ds haha.
  7. Well I'm a huge huge Pars fan. They're the huge team in Fife for all you lot who doubted that very fact. Early season the Rovers fans on here had far too much to say. There is an ancient Dunfermline proverb that goes like this 'I was talking when I should have been listening' See yeez some other time ladz HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Mikey is a good guy. Young ambitious, dedicated and full of great initiative. Ross McArthur has done wonders. He did more than anyone to save this club. I dont think that's ever been truely recognised by most of the support. He will not let anyone hurt the club. That all said I think it's been poorly handled regarding the decision to clise section L. I'm now having to find a new home, as have a shitload of my mates.
  9. Pars 2-2 draw at Easter Road and the fans reaction to the goal. https://www.facebook.com/officialdafc/videos/1740924289463378/