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  1. Who are your backroom team cotter. Is it just you Hugh and the broom house lad?
  2. A lot of unknown players coming into a good hard league. What's your target this year cotter?
  3. Big loss for the candy.Ability wise their best player has been lost in my eyes any replacement lined up for a new play maker??
  4. Ta bud thought it was the gow away that now following week?
  5. Looking at the Roch fixtures do they have no game on Saturday?
  6. Probably was mate but when managers turn up on a Saturday with a few call offs and guys not trapping at this level sometimes desperation creeps in. Not condoning it but definetly understand it being around the junior game long enough to know it went on and maybe still does ??
  7. Sure is mate but I was trying to see the lengths they would go to. Pure desperation or greed. Went on maybe 10 yrs ago unnoticed in the jnrs still going on in the ammies the now with false names and suspended players.
  8. Not excusing the fact but did they play the boy as they were struggling for a team or just to field a better player?
  9. Definitely mate, I'd be raging. But I wouldn't come on and have a gripe at the wishaw fans in here. For me the Roch have been given a lifeline to try and gain another3 points but as I said in another post the junior fa could move it to a later game and hopefully not have any influence on either teams season??
  10. Spud,why are you still complaining to the Roch fans? None of them are on the sjfa committee.Your grievance should be with them not the Roch.
  11. I think everyone is missing the point the junior chargehands have made the decision for the game to be replayed, not st rochs or wishaw.No point arguing with each other about the actual ins and outs on the day.
  12. If the junior heads that do the fixtures have a possible out they should put this game to the end of the season when it might not affect the outcome of either teams finishing positions.??
  13. Totally agree with you jimmy thought the Roch could have took off any midfielder for a forward as the big fella up top got no support. J Sweeney is a good player when he's on his game always gave my team hassle when he was at Pollock but no consistent enough. Good luck to the Roch for the season though as they are doing some good stuff up there.
  14. Give me peace the boys were world beaters after beating the cambuslang rangers now they are shocking and running round shouting at everyone!! It was a bad day at the office against a decent rossvale team. The 3 young boys up top for rossvale will give any defence problems.
  15. Sorry mate I'm confused do you mean big money moves for the players or money for the club? Why would you want your best players to move to other clubs bigger or smaller?I have seen st Rochs few times this year and the lad maguire was a standout and would want him at my team and we are in the super prem.