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  1. Reading other threads the Roch could've won by 10.where the candy that good or are shettleston so bad. Will the town bounce back??
  2. Can you play trialist in the cup section?
  3. Let's just say we are not the most popular club in when it comes to Ayrshire. Enough said!!
  4. Think the fans made the right decision not to go down. In my opinion we might not have been welcome and an expense not needed!!
  5. Out of curiosity? Asked him in as what?The way I'm reading it is that you and Keith were co manager was he asked as a no 2 ?
  6. I know mate seems to be an ongoing trend not what you know but who you know. Success on the park can lead to publicity off it and interested sponsors getting involved for publicity reasons. Maybe try and get right guy in to get town winning trophies and kick on a bit from there. Was wee cotter that guy well I guess we ll never know !!
  7. Surely managers are brought in on their ability to manage and win things. If he has contacts in the game and gets more sponsors so be it. In my opinion managers of the juniors should manage the team not be out in the local community trying to drum up business.
  8. Definetly sounds like a poison chalice. Big shug is in charge and that's that. He must take the team himself or let managers get on with it. As for the committee,surely a club of shettlestons stature can attract a few more guys to help out.Heard it's literally non existent and that's a problem for starters. Gd luck to wee cotter gd guy who made wrong choice it appears.
  9. The squad a bit weaker or stronger in your opinion??
  10. Great signing magical feet that young man
  11. After watching the Roch on several occasions last year I don't think you have a like for like player at the club just now in terms of experience and influencing a game.With regard to his silly sending offs I do think he was trying to prove himself and most he played against doing similar in trying to prove they were better than him.I think St Rochs will be weaker in the centre off the park without him and the lad maguire. I seen the boy Dom come on at cambuslang and put in a few tasty tackles but how is he technically and is he still at the club?
  12. What happened with sweeney mate seemed quite happy there. Wouldn't know when he was playing as was always moaning about something but real pain in the backside for other teams with his wind ups to their crucial players. Seen him at cambuslang thought he looked a cut above ?
  13. Who are your backroom team cotter. Is it just you Hugh and the broom house lad?
  14. A lot of unknown players coming into a good hard league. What's your target this year cotter?
  15. Big loss for the candy.Ability wise their best player has been lost in my eyes any replacement lined up for a new play maker??