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  1. Well you're still posting, so I guess the answer is no. You're not very bright Raj.
  2. Yes, Edinburgh!
  3. I don't come from Greenock. You're not doing very well!
  4. So you're going for :- Hibs 1 v 4 Morton Even I'm not that optimistic.
  5. Dundee Utd 2 v 2 Ayr
  6. Hibs 1 v 3 Morton
  7. Watching your team getting beat does sound enjoyable considering the amount of moaning you did about the rest of your day.
  8. I thought it was bad form that you didn't get the chance to defend the cup. It is a trophy you had a chance of winning
  9. I know. Hibs are shite!
  10. Cheer up skunks fan(nie)s. At least Ayr won! P.S. This time next week no one will remember who won the Egg Cup Irn-Bru Cup, let alone who the losers were.
  11. Good news, jimmy boy. As it's such an important game, BBC Alba are showing it live starting at 12:15. All you need to do now is steal a TV.
  12. What it means is "You obviously didn't understand that post. I'm not surprised!" Thanks for the proof.
  13. You obviously didn't understand that post. I'm not surprised!