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  1. Oh dear!
  2. It was actually Played 5, Won 2, Draw 3, Lost 0.
  3. There's not many of you that come through anyway. The saltiness of your tears compliments the deep bitterness of your post.
  4. You're obviously struggling to come to terms with the reality that is Championship football, next season. Best you go to sleep, perchance to dream of making the playoff final.
  5. I see you're hurting. Get over it!
  6. I didn't think it was 11 playoffs Falkirk have lost.
  7. I was wanting Falkirk to go up due to their shite away support. On the bright side, it's easy points for Morton.
  8. What odds would you get for a photo with so many ugly, inbred, neanderthals?
  9. I don't know why everyone is slagging off sevco? For a club to win the Scottish 2nd division, 1st division, Championship and Challenge cup in their 5 short years is brilliant. I wonder if they can do better than 3rd next season?