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  1. For me its not the championship games thats annoying its Stirling Buckie n even Farfar (we shoulda seen thst game out ) ..Championship games will improve .. As for last night the team we replaced in Championship gave them 6 ... But then again Dundee struggled to beat them ..Swings n roundabout s
  2. Yep i agree Isaac has to earn his place now .When he starts we re 2 men down as he does bugger all and Jacko gives up ...Young guys like Orsi n Sinclair deserve a run .. I d rather have a keen as mustard Ally Love running about like a dafty than a primadonna Layne .. Who will during the season rattle in a few screamers i ve no doubt but until he learns to pass id bench him ...
  3. I would nt want him out either I think committees gotta take a wee gamble though .Everyone on terraces can see the problem so i m sure they must.. Put a couple lads out on loan till January and bring in a couple better standard loanees if thats a possibilty..Our defence will settle i m sure. Did we have a good crowd up last night
  4. Can you elaborate more
  5. Was nt there so should nt really comment ..I know what i THINK the problem is and the more games in its becoming obvious ..I ll get slated for this but we re a Championship team trying to compete with a 2nd division squad... Isaacs not a team player gets the ball turns and shoots.His team mates are sick of him .. We re needing a big midfielder and a striker .Unfortunately thats the way it is as clubs skint so gotta live within our means ... We ve had some bad luck with injuries but hopefully getting everyone back now
  6. Big well done to Buckie for their win well deserved ... Maybe it ll give our committee a wee wake up call .We need a striker ..
  7. Oh no whos injured ?
  8. Red cap guys been the same for last 45 years.. Just his way when City are poor hes a Hearts man and vice versa .Quiet lad away from football .. I met my mate in papershop this mornin he was at Buckie he said apart from first 20 mins only 1 team wanted to win the match . Half the players looked lost and uninterested ... Hopefully be a different story on Saturday I m sure it will..Not expecting too much against championship teams but against Forfar , Stirling n Buckie well we should be beatin these guys
  9. We re nvr in it long enough to get injured or suspended... I d ve rested Buzz n Jacko anyway tonight and played Orsi Sinclair and O Neill give them more gametime ..
  10. 2 win s in 15 cup games as manager I think ... I just had a quick tally up... Thats pathetic part time clubs need the odd wee cup run .. Jim Weir had his enemies but done well in cups with us .. Was nt there tonight so can t comment on how we ve played but apart from a weak montrose side and Spartans in friendlies we ve not won a game yet ..I thought Isaac would come good tonight but look like him n Jackos not gonna work.. Dods probably has 1 eye on Saturday hopefully tonights the hoof up the arse a lot o the lads were needing.. He ll know the players he can trust .
  11. Yes i agree but at same time we need everyone ticking over as well ... It was a very strong bench on Saturday probably first time since Dods came to Brechin .. Good position to be in for a change ...
  12. Oh well but we re still the most succesfull outta them and thats all that matters ...
  13. Hmmmph ha ha ...Nay faith
  14. Start with Isaac tonight ??? See if he can get a goal or two ...Long night for most of our squad . Better giving our squad playerz a game and hopefully grab a win against a very handy Buckie team ..