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  1. Hard to say is it ? Looks like he tuck his arms in but can t say .. More of a penalty than Morton one though
  2. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Yes and in The League Cup they humped us . That's what I mean 3 times 3 doings . You beat us we had a very weakened team out through suspensions , injuries and holidays . And you guys had Derek BLOODY Lyle [emoji23][emoji23] loves a goal against us .. Saturday was the closest I ve seen us come to winning a game .We missed 6 or 7 good chances
  3. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Ach we re not that bad . The efforts there so we re happy. Caley s the only team who walloped us . Enjoying the different stadia and different fans . Saintees were good lads
  4. I forgot about the Messiah .He actually scored a screamer on Saturday but ref had already blown [emoji16]. I d find a space for him someplace. 2 thumping s were when he was out of team
  5. In amongst that there's stuff I agree with . Dods certainly does nt know how to play against Caley . Then the 3 home games against QOS , Dumbarton and Morton with a bit more attacking belief we could ve got some points on the board . As for defence it's individual errors more than horrendous play every week a different player makes 1 mistake and we re punished . My back 4/5 would be centre halves Crighton n Mcgeever , right back Lynas or Pabs and Dyer left back ..
  6. Bloody hell when we fell over the line into the play off s with half an injured team I felt ah well Raith will bring a crowd boost clubs coffers .Then we deservedly beat them, onto Alloa much the same we were better over 2 legs just . At the time I thought ah well we ll go up accept the humping s and enjoy it .And that's way it's been . Injuries and suspension s have hampered our season again. But instead of blaming referees and defenders I d point finger at shot shy strikers. We ve had chances in games and really must take them . Competition for places up front now with Jacko back , Isaac playing well and Orsi had a good 2nd half .Love and Connor sitting on sideline . I fully understand Dod s tactics but ye we could attack more I feel . But the full timers still have that wee bit extra quality ..
  7. Seriously have you ever seen a worse decision. Hey its no the penalty that ll put us down but WTF eh
  8. Oh ye it's for both teams no arguments there .I certainly was nt in position to argue about yesterday's but Morton s penalty beggars belief seriously have a look at it . The hierarchy in Scottish footy are a closed shop .
  9. Ha ha your right .Next today's equivalent of Jim Farry will be getting the sack for having a vandetta against City . Watch this space [emoji6][emoji6].
  10. My mates told me last night he caught him . Which is annoying as he was going nowhere from where I was standing . But if you want to now why we re raging look at penalty Morton got against us last week . And seriously tell us if you ve ever seen a worse decision . These are match changing decisions that won t help our quest for first win [emoji47]
  11. Well played today I won t comment on penalty as I was other end of pitch . But before we start blaming referees for our defeats our finishing has to improve . We missed a barrow load today . 2 great saves from Samson on half time kept it level . A bad goal to lose from Crighton s point of view .But we kept at them and Isaacs best game to date in a City shirt cool finish . Did nt think there was anything between teams and seen worse games .St Mirren s fans created a good atmosphere and were all decent guys to speak too . Jacko had a decent 10 minutes but he ll need to shift a pund or twa [emoji1]. Well done lads just unlucky at times That wins coming
  12. Morning Buddies fine morning up here .A bit frosty but nothing that should put game in any doubt at all especially we The Lecky Blanket s doon. . Looking forward to the game and hopefully put up a decent showing and get a point or even 3 . There's a bar at the ground open to both sets of fans as well .
  13. What's all the panic about the game the weather's fine a tad windy . We ve got St Mirren s old covers on the pitch . Na game aff [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Ye I know no one s interested in City ( why would you be [emoji23]) My point was regarding standard of refereeing . It actually gets worse down the divisions .I ve seen some horrific desicions for and against my team . But where that penalty comes from God only knows. All the best for rest of the season
  15. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    Get Fusco back in for Euan Smith , Mcgeever can't be far away , then put Euan Smith in midfield for a bit of muscle and height . We know why Darrens playing defensive but there's gonna come a time when fans are gonna say enough s enough and sadly stay away . I won t but that's Brechin mentality