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  1. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    My apologies technical issues we Peter Pointer [emoji121]
  2. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    So of a player try s his best every week and that's not enough What Is ? He s certainly not been our worst performer all season and has played in a different position almost every week . He's a young lad doing away fine .
  3. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Yep Sparky s done well. Trys his best and just gets on with whatever position hes put . I d keep Dyer he put some great balls over on Saturday just no takers .
  4. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Ok with relegation now 99.9% certain who would you keep for next season. ? I think majority of squad would give it a good go next year. Players I'd possibly let go E Smith ( although played well Sat ) O Neill Layne (too many half hearted displays although dangerous sub ) Watty (not been match fit all year good player when he is ) Buzz (seemingly spat the dummy on Saturday at being dropped ! If this is the case he can go .Paddy deserves his chance and Buzz another who's not performed as goods he can )
  5. League Leaders V Brechin City

    We ve no been really pumped this year apart from Celtic .I fear we ll get one yet so would happily get it over and done with this weekend. Saying that we re not a million miles away from winning a game more poor tactics than poor displays. I'll go 4 2 Saints.
  6. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I used to like you [emoji79]
  7. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Certainly looking more likely happening soon with Mackin and Morrison up front but only if we change our style
  8. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Check out Caley s pitch makes the Glebe look like a bowling green
  9. Brechin City v Falkirk

    The Undateables [emoji85]
  10. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Taking defeat well ???? You were raging I saw you give 3 City fans both barrels [emoji34][emoji34]
  11. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I ve no idea as to why pitch which has nt seen a game since early January was in such a mess .Frost n rain obviously play a part . But hey you got a game , a pint , 3 points a day away from yer Mrs ( or Mr[emoji8]) so it ain t all bad
  12. Brechin City v Falkirk

    He had to sub Dale as he was yellow carded first half then quite easily could ve got another yellow for clattering into A Falkirk player so that was right desicion but I agree he could ve put Sparky into midfield and Lynas right back or brought on Finn
  13. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Your spot on Isaacs an enigma never took his chance at start of season then came back into starting 11 in Nov/Dec gave Utd / St Mirren a torrid time but went back into his shell . Came on against Celtic also gave Boyatta and Ajer no end of problems but has been dropped since .Must have an attitude problem I'm guessing . He's got a 35 yarder in his locker but has to back it up with more workrate
  14. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I was commenting on The Brechin City v Falkirk Thread therefore discussing today's game .
  15. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Of course he's let his team mates down .It was a needless horrendous tackle in a match we were very much still involved in . And for the 2nd time this year he's probably cost us guaranteed point or points (Dumbarton ) .