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  1. City to sit in 5 at back frustrate hell out of Queens and home support. And grab our first win [emoji3]
  2. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Ooooo Mmmiiiiiaaaaooowwww[emoji192] ha ha
  3. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    I think it only fair that clubs donate money back to Celtic and they can purchase a centre half ..
  4. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Your quite right a bit more confidence in the final 3rd and we ll start picking up points here and there .Willie Dyers been overlapping all season but nvr many options in box . We ll miss Big Mac at the back but we ve plenty cover . Maybe our front 2 are needing freshened up Connor was looking pretty heavy footed on Sat and Calvin was going down at every opportunity. Think maybe Watty deserves a wee run because Dale must be due a suspension soon ..
  5. A bit of a stramash enough to put regulars off going back . Seemingly needing security. . Probably just another wee learning curve for the club who are doing these things with best intentions . Personally I'm enjoying the larger supports makes a better atmosphere just a shame Brechiners are nt coming and supporting us as they re are fans out there but just fallen out of routine .. Saying that 85 mins defensive play does nt entice anyone ..
  6. I m maybe exaggerating but you know what I mean .. Something happening in The City Club as well I heard
  7. I think we re the last team to slag off other teams supporters , some of our supporters bus are inbred retards. It's embarrassing sitting on it sometime s. You only have to look at what went on with a previous convener . The Morton lads were just blazing .Every club has they re quota apart from Dunfermline FC who s fans are impeccably behaved [emoji3].Its part and parcel of playing bigger teams I guess .
  8. The Hedge is affa quiet ? I was expecting a stern telling off for moaning!!
  9. No action needed at all players are all OK it's just tactics needing looked at and maybe some players rested .As I said in earlier post if Big Macgeever have nt gone off we were taking a point yesterday. . My gripe is being so negative after fine attacking displays at away grounds . Seriously were we in they re box 1st half yesterday ? And it's not as though they were pummelling us ! If this is how it's gonna be we d be as well turning up at half time [emoji38][emoji38]. We knew it was gonna be tough but let's have a wee bit more attacking. .
  10. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Buckie away on Cup [emoji22][emoji22]
  11. Well I was happy with our efforts that day .But today we re at home against a poorer team and did nt look like attacking that's all I meant .No slight at St Mirren
  12. We ve been to Tannadice and St Mirren and had a right go and matched them .Played Pars off the park first 15 mins at home yet today 5 at the back with midfield sitting in too it was just hard too watch .
  13. Yes I know our limits and efforts amazing.Maybe get Watty in next week and tweak things . Today's first time I d say Dods got it wrong ( maybe not helped by Mcgeever s injury of course).Our defence are fine but will never manage to defend backs to wall 90 mins every week ..
  14. I'll get pelters for this from City fans but I thought we got outta game what we deserved. We were playing a team who were nothing startling at home . Ok I get the stay in the game till half time scenario but not to register a shot on target in a home match is pitiful. The effort s there and i think if Mcgeever was still on Park we d ve got a draw . But c mon let's have a go and at least go down fighting . A lot of grumbles today amongst City fans . Rant over .
  15. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Nay much happening these days