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  1. Raith Rovers v East Fife

    Gives us a further few days to get Robertson and Herron fitter. We've missed them to a ridiculous degree.
  2. Raith Rovers v East Fife

    Good post. I've never seen Rovers in the top flight (started going to the occasional game the season after our relegation in the late 90s). Even still, we've had our fair share of highs over the last few years. I'd say we've definitely got the potential to push on. With that said, regardless of how well we've done over the last years our crowds have always stayed about the 1600 mark or so. It's frustrating to see other clubs from similar size towns draw in bigger crowds while we fail to bring people in.
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It's hardly the deathknell of the club. Board members saying they'll get us a plastic pitch for next season out of their own pocket (which, tbf , means f**k all and rings alarm bells for scepticism). We'll likely lose a few players, but it gives us a chance to change things up and get rid of some of the players who've been substandard for us. Next season, it should technically be an easier league. Dumbarton should romp the playoffs depending on who they play. That would mean a league which removes Ayr, and brings in Brechin. With that said Peterhead could be a force. It'll end with our board appointing a new manager, at the end of the season, ideally Ray McKinnon.
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I'm not sick of the disappointment. The last ten years have generally been good to us compared to clubs like Ayr actually. We've had a promotion, Scottish Cup run, beat Rangers in the Ramsdens Cup. We got the promotion playoffs, and then since then we utter imploded. What I am sick of, is the fact that we continually seem to bring in players who are happy to hoof it. Also that our board seem content to pick yes men who are tactically naive and play route one football. Look at any other team in either the Championship or about us and they'll happily stroke the ball about and keep it on the deck. With Rovers, it's a smash it up the park job. The last four results have pretty much convinced me (and probably a good number of others that Smith isn't up to the job. As mentioned before, the East Fife fans said he'll have one plan and if it doesn't work he's fucked. I've been going to the Rovers since 03/04 season. In that time, aside from Calderon (where I only made a few games) , the only managers who has had us playing any form of attacking football which was easy to watch were McGlynn in 08/09 and McKinnon in the latter stages of his single season. Even then McGlynn was largely as we had the biggest budget. I can't help the feeling we were onto something with McKinnon, only for Dundee United to come in and wreck it for every party involved. It's soul destroying at times at this level, but that's the way we are at Rovers. What makes it worse is that last season St Mirren were rancid, before their ridiculous run. They're now heavy favourites for waltzing out of the division at the other end. Keep the faith Andy. Nights like tonight are utterly shite. No disrespect for Forfar, but to take one point from six against them is a farce. As the book released for our 125th anniversary says, "there's always next season". Football for our fans is generally the slightest of peaks before troughs, trenches and complete craters. But it's exactly why we support this club. One day, when we're celebrating a big win think back to nights like tonight and savour them.
  5. Raith Rovers v East Fife

    If you can't beat us here, you might as well give up. We've completely bottled it. Well, it was a fun 30 years of laughter at least...
  6. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    2-0 Forfar. We're fucked. What a joke.
  7. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    Time to get on the phone to get Ray McKinnon back. Smith isn't good enough. Tbf, the East Fife fans said that he had no plan b. We're still playing dross like Bobby Barr and Buchanan despite them being rancid for months. Utterly shambolic that we're bottling this league. To go twice to Forfar and potentially only get one point when they're in a relegation battle is a state. We don't have the mentality or the fighting spirit to win this league.
  8. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    We're utterly imploding. This is embarrasing. Since the subs, it's been all Forfar. This is brutal to listen to. Can't imagine being at this game.
  9. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    This. Our away form is poor and Forfar will be fighting for their lives. I've no faith we'll change things up and drop any of the favourites. We'll probably start positively, before getting frustrated and hoofing it long. Forfar then get far more possession, start to press, before waltzing through a static defence to score. It's been the same for weeks.
  10. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    Go 4-3-3 with: Lennox Thomson Benedictus McKay Murray Herron Robertson* Davidson Vaughan Spence Furtado *if fit If Robbo is out, then fire in Henry. Get Davo to do the dirty work in midfield. Tell them to go all out attack and try to win the game. The likelihood is we'll see a 4-2-3-1 and hoof long balls to Furtado, before losing a shite 90th minute goal due to some utterly horrendous defending with Bobby Barr playing the full 90. Buchanan to come on as a sub at some point. Unless we change it up, this season can get in the sea. It's brutal watching us with our groundhog day tactics.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Completely agree about the attitude. But Smith really needs to take the hit. It looks like pretty much every other team barring maybe East Fife have gone down to Somerset and at least given them problems. We've gone down twice, and given them no problems at all. Of course, we've had injuries, but yesterday we went into the game with one up top. That's utterly depressing stuff. There was no impetus to attack at 1-0 down. At 2-0, we changed it but it was too little, too late. I'd say less so about Bene, but can't disagree with what you've said. McHattie and Barr aren't good enough and it feels like Matthews has regressed as a player this season. We missed Robbo, Herron and Davo. It doesn't feel like there's 8 games to go in a title race. We've been less than convincing for a large chunk of the season and ground it out.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    A lot of fans wanted Easton, but he ruled himself out quickly as he wanted to focus on carrying on his work with the under 20s. I'm sure he'll be a good manager for a club at this level at some point though.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We were dross for the first half of the season. Then things took a strange turn of fortune in that Jon Daly (who we'd lumped long balls up to) left to go to Hearts to coach their u20s. We then signed Louis Longridge, Aiden Connolly, Ryan Hardie as well as Harry Panayiotou (who came up from Leicester) and Joel Thomas. Rory McKeown and James Craigen were far superior to what we had at the moment, Callachan improved substantially, but Longridge, Connolly and Hardie were utterly superb. I get the feeling if McKinnon had stayed, we'd have kept Toshney (who he took with him to United), Connolly (who ended up at York) and Longridge (who actually expressed an interest in staying initially that summer). He'd turned us into a team who worked hard, but could also put play some good football. And then we brought in Locke and our directors started bragging about how he'd be the best decision we'd made at our club to fans. Christ, Drysdale said he's the most understanding to work with in terms of budgets and was more media friendly than McKinnon.
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    No idea but we missed out on Aitken going for Locke instead last season. The frustrating thing, is that we had an excellent manager before in Ray McKinnon. Tactically sound, good man manager, got the best from a lot of our players. Dundee United poached him, and it's not worked out for either us, him or them. That's the way it works for clubs like ourselves though. The same happened with Toshney and (though he's got a lot of time left) Callachan.
  15. Ayr vs Raith

    Yeah, I thought that it was a good shot from Willis, but it didn't seem to take any deflections. Games at this level are riddled with decisions like this.