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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    According to the papers today Stirling is not in our plans with both Dumbarton and Ayr interested. If this is true why on earth did Naysmith sign him in the first place ? Yet another example of his poor management skills - he would rather ditch people than work with them to get the best out of them. It seems the majority of fans thought he had something to offer but was never given a decent chance. Will this be another contract that has to be paid up which we can ill afford ?
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    An opinion, but based on what ?
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Hugely disappointing . Your wording suggests that is all down to the player himself but if I have got that wrong then surely you would have to agree that it was down to extremely poor judgement by our Manager in not selecting him when fit and available and playing him up front with Dobbie - hugely intelligent, talented partnership.
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Let's hope we sign him up then ! Probably would with a different Manager at the helm. It's just nonsense that ' he's done' . I always thought he would continue as he is still fit and smart enough to pla y regularly. He has been disgracefully under utilised this season by Naysmith, he is the one that should be going - hopefully still time for that to happen. If not staying with us , my money would be joining up with Beany at Dumbarton. Wherever he is all the best to him.
  5. Queens v Inverness

    Absolutely nothing to play for but I hope all supporters will recognise the significance of 21st April game. The opportunity to pay tribute to the legend that is Derek Lyle and what will be his last appearance for us at Palmerston. It's a real shame that his finale is taking place amidst a dreadful home run - and season - but I hope many can put that to the side and come along and create a bit of atmosphere for his farewell. Of course this is dependent on him being selected but as there is no other purpose or meaning to this game whoever is in charge - if they can't work it out for themselves - should be instructed to start Del and take him off with about 5/10 mins to go to receive the applause he so richly deserves for his outstanding contribution to Queen of the South Football Club over many years. I am sure every fan would want this to happen and boy, do we deserve something to stir some positive emotion within us at this difficult time So, 4-4-2 with Dobbie and Lyle up front and hopefully a goal or two for the man himself.
  6. Queens v Inverness

    Wasn't there yesterday but that is spot on for all the games I have been at and indeed for most of the season.
  7. Doonhamers v Bairns

    I don.t think we are either good enough or deserving of a play-off place this season but it's important to keep going. Dunfermlines next 2 games are Livi (H) and Falkirk (A) both of which are loseable. If - and it's a huge if - we were to win our next 2 we would be back above them. Morton have Livi next which is another huge game. If Livi were to continue their great form then we would be right back in it. It has been - and still is - very difficult to be motivated to go this season ( worst since relegation) but I like a midweek match, have time off work and the temperature looks to be rising so I'll give it a go. I have a vision in my mind of what I would like - hope - to see tomorrow but fully realise Naysmith will probably not have the same one and will come up with the usual fayre. With Dobbie and Dykes out , Del has to start alongside Todorov with Todd fulfilling the 'Russell' role on the left. With those two up front, never mind going up the middle, we need to get crosses in the box for them to get on the end of. It has to be 4-4-2 tomorrow. We all know the defensive frailties so I'm not going to go there and concentrate on the offensive threat. I know this all seems like 'pie in the sky' but I have to cling on to this hope to get me along tomorrow. I would llove for this to happen and produce a stirring home victory for a change but more than likely Naysmith will do his usual to frustrate and disappoint the fans.
  8. QoS v Livi

    I would never resort to insulting language like that. I think you will find my comments re. Naysmith are DUE to facts and results - and his approach to football - not "regardless" of them. To disrespect Gordon Chisholm in that way after what he led us to is absolutely disgraceful. Dobbie could not have been benched for Europe had Chisholm not taken us to the Cup Final in the first place !
  9. QoS v Livi

    Disgusting and disgraceful comment.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    If the system is there then I guess we should use it to our potential advantage. However, it seems too easy to resort to this. I thought the point of having a squad was to cover injuries. As I understand it, we have one striker injured - Dobbie- which leaves 4 available if you include Dykes, which our Manager certainly does. That is more than ample numerical cover especially given we only usually play one strker anyway. The game has become ridiculous with the excessive number of subs allowed and various loan systems. I wish the lad well but imagine our Manager will invent some elaborate plan that will detract from any attacking threat he may possess.
  11. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Totally agree and I have everything crossed for 28 April.
  12. QOS V League Leaders

    100% correct, He has to go .
  13. Queens v Dundee United

    Having missed a few games due to various circumstances but probably underpinned by my desire and enthusiasm to attend being continually 'ground down' by this Manager's approach to playing football, I decided to go last night. I thought perhaps he had 'seen the light' given the win at Dumbarton and the return to the starting line-up of Derek Lyle. This led me to muster up a degree of positivity pre-match only for it to be blown away on the journey there as I heard on the radio that Rankin was back in with Lyle dropping to the bench. This team selection quite clearly signalled his intention and usual approach. Of course, he maintains that he does not set up defensively and sets out to win every game but I have to say that not having a striker of Lyle's quality on the pitch and then packing the midfield with journeymen devoid of any creativity greatly diminishes our attacking threat. It just didn't work with Thomson trying to play just behind Dobbie. Thomas was decent and scored a cracker but was completely anonymous 2nd half in particular. Dykes was his usual self - contributes nothing and looks lazy and uninterested - and was hugely to blame for their equalizer. He 'showed' for the throw-in and was promptly challenged and ended up on his backside allowing them to break and get the cross in. It never ceases to amaze me how someone so young, fit looking and athletic is always so easily beaten and out-muscled by any opponent he faces. He seems to have no strength and/or skill to hold on to the ball. Of course he is not totally to blame, our defence is absolutely useless. How can you let a striker play ' keepie uppie' in the middle of the box unchallenged like that ? The likes of Thomson and Aitken or Boyd and Clark would have dealt with that so differently. Brownlie is absolutely useless and needs to go at the end of the season along with several others. Fergusson was decent when he came on - Dykes could learn a lot from him - and Lyle proved again what a good finisher he is. Albeit they were both offside, even the Manager in his post match interview acknowledged Lyle's ability. Just a great pity for everyone that he has not utilised that to its full potential this season. We lack quality on the pitch and in the Management of the team. A major overhaul is required for next season. We are nowhere near good enough for top four and never have been this season. The only thing that will motivate me to attend the remaining games will be the prospect of seeing Derek Lyle in a Queens shirt for the last few times ever. The only positive from last night - and it was great to see - was the sight of Danny on the pitch kicking a ball in the warm-up.
  14. Queens v Pars

    Think you'll find Naysmith has form with this. That's exactly what he did with the far more experienced and Club legend Derek Lyle. He was scoring and contributing to overall team performance but was then axed from the team. Using your logic, Lyle - if fit - should start in front of both Todorov and Ferguson. That's certainly what I would like to see but I guess this will be yet another match that " will come too soon " for Del. I suspect that will apply to the majority of remaining matches this season.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    Thought he was really good for us, Had fantastic pace but, as I think he is trying to point out, knew how to finish too - just ask some Partick fans. What he says rings true i.e. this is football it's how it is just get on with it. Brannigan certainly was of that ilk and I remember him more than once speaking publicly - and negatively - about Weatherston's attitude and lack of commitment. It was quite clear he didn't like Weatherston very much based on his social background as he referred to that too. He and Naysmith are very similar when it comes to being negative in public about players. More importantly though it's high time that some people who attend football finally realise that players are only human and have feelings and emotions and that they should remember this before moronically verbally abusing them. So don't just pay 'lip service' to the tragic story of Chris Mitchell and others but make it a catalyst to change attitudes and behaviours.