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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    Absolutely shocking. Obviously not a real fan ! Totally agree. Every member of that glorious double winning team deserve recognition and respect for all-time. The abuse and criticism dished out to Robinson last season was scandalous and way over-the-top. All the best to him in whatever he chooses to do next.
  2. Livingston v Queens

    I know you are a big Dobbie fan. Don't you think that is the most potent pairing we have ? They complement each other so well and are on the same wavelength most of the time. Del has set up so many opportunities for Dobbie and vice versa. That is what I mean by being a greater goal threat when Lyle is on the pitch too.
  3. Livingston v Queens

    Call it what you like but when will he realise that we are a far greater threat when Lyle - class and quality - is on the pitch and that he should be a definite starter. Kane is not in the same League !
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Bob Harris is available too. Not sure what level he is looking for these days but still only 28 I think.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    They are of course, as most businesses, accountable to shareholders so not quite as you say.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    I know you are not used to, nor will like, hearing this but........ WRONG. Around the early 70's we had a yellow with black trim shirt and black shorts for a change shirt - a bit like traditional Wolves but a little duller. We also used white with black trim and black shorts around that time. Interesting that after all this time yellow and white still seem to be the most popular choices for change strips.
  7. Falkirk v Queens

    Naysmith hinted in his interview that he wouldn't rule out changing formation if required for this one as Falkirk (A) is different to Brechin and Dumbarton at home. Normally, I would agree with that but given the disarray Falkirk are in at the moment I don't think we should be going there to allow them majority possession but rather take the game to them. Hopefully he was just giving PH something to think about.
  8. #Sonshamers v Sons

    Spot on. It was a difficult day for football - nothing worse than a gusting wind to ruin it - and Dumbarton could be described as a 'stuffy' side that were difficult to break down. Having said that, I was quite impressed by our 1st half performance - we were playing proper, entertaining football. So what happened second half, RJC has given us the answer. Did the players make the decision to play it long or did someone in authority give the instruction to do that given that the wind was more with us 2nd half ? I was really looking forward to seeing more of the same but was very disappointed with the 2nd half approach. Had we carried on where we left off it would have been much more enjoyable to watch and I suspect more fruitful in terms of goals. None of the substitutions made did anything to make a positive impact. No-one upfront had a good day but Dobbie's efforts, in particular, were poor to say the least. Be interesting to hear Naysmith's comments about the 2nd half to see if he blames the players or himself for changing tactics. Hopefully this was a one-off and we can get back to the way we played 1st half as it was very enjoyable.
  9. DOONHAMERS V DIAMONDS Challenge Cup Tue 15/08/2017

    Always want to see us do well but I would not be at all perturbed if we exited this competition. Call me old fashioned, but I think it has lost its roots and been ruined and devalued by ' the suits' and is now merely a pilot scheme for their agendas for the Premier teams. They are setting precedents with the U20 teams in an effort to get them into the League and setting precedents with cross-border competition to gain leverage for, I assume, the OF to have a better chance of cracking the English market.
  10. Dundee United vs Queen of the South

    Certainly looks that way. The implication was there as you were responding directly to that comment. Perhaps if you were a little clearer in your wording there would be no ambiguity.
  11. Dundee United vs Queen of the South

    Not at the game, observations based on excellent video as usual. SD is over-egging it a bit to say Kane was "kicked in the face" but certainly, at least, the defender was guilty of a very high challenge. The second goal was basic stuff for any GK. Is that Martin's normal pace for getting down or was he not fit to play ? Some seem to think we should be taking more from that game against 10. It's a difficult one. Certainly, from those highlights United looked really comfortable on the ball and pacy with it. The obvious comparison to draw is Burnley against Chelsea where the away team certainly made their advantage count. One might think the gap in quality between Burnley and Chelsea is far greater than the one between ourselves and United. Nothing really lost though as I don't think many of us would have been expecting anything from the game. Taking full points from the likes of Dumbarton at home is far more important.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    That's an idea. How did you know ? I did start one around 1968, perhaps it's time to revive it !
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    Just read this quote from Naysmith on last week. "Just like the fans I was thinking about where the goals would come from before the game. That's probably a bit disrespectful to Derek." (Source; Dfs Courier) Too right - for once - on that one Gary !
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    Of course there must be a reason but no-one here will be able to provide you with it. Surely you must realise that is a business arrangement between the Clubs and not for public disclosure.
  15. Dundee United vs Queen of the South

    Firstly, I wouldn't expect Naysmith to start with 2 strikers for this game. I imagine he would employ the formation that brought us ' success' there last season. On that basis I guess Lyle would be 'rested' for this match. Of course Dobbie is no lone striker either so who knows he might surprise us all and play Kane upfront on his own - youth and energy and all that ! Whenever he does go with a partnership then 1st choice has to be Dobbie and Lyle. I can't believe anyone could suggest a young striker struggling to make his mark anywhere else can just stroll into our first eleven. Certainly not anyone who witnessed Del's performance last Saturday. It was superb. He led the line so well, was his usual busy and energetic self - much more so than his strike partner who his not far off half his age - was constantly advising and encouraging those around him and of course scored twice and with a bit of luck could have had at least 2 more. It reminded me of how we used to play before Dobbie was brought back. It is ridiculous that people keep saying he's not up to it anymore and cannot play the full 90 - did pretty well last week - or even should not be in the starting eleven at all. He still has it big-time and keeps on proving it through hard work. He should be rewarded accordingly for that.