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  1. Totally agree re, the 12/13 season. That is the most consistently attacking, exciting football I have ever seen us play yet the attendances were very, very poor. I'm guessing the average was around 15/1600 through the League season and even for a double winning team for the trophy presentation we managed around 2,500 which is 4,000 less than the previous occasion. Most Clubs have lost fans in that time though.
  2. Totally agree with SD re. the Rangers play-off. We got right back into the tie by scoring first at Ibrox and had them on the ropes for the latter part of the game. Del's effort was an absolute peach and deserved better. The turning point was the Reilly mishap. Nevertheless, that is one of the matches where I have felt really proud of everyone's efforts and performance. I love watching that goal. The current Management team could learn a lot from it too. A swift, incisive passing move after Clark lost the ball turned defence to attack in a matter of seconds then a lovely ball from Del out to Carmichael who puts in a sublime cross which Del meets beautifully having continued his run. Another one that comes to mind is the equaliser at Ibrox in 2012 which took us to extra time and ultimately victory in the Challenge Cup. With just seconds remaining in normal time. I and probably most other Queens fans, were wanting a punt up to the opposing box but what we actually did was work it on the ground down the right side, produce a quality ball in and the rest is history. Actually, the first goal was a fine one too that came from a quality ball in from the left. Seems to be a common theme in that if you get down the wings and produce good crosses into the box there is a distinct possibility of scoring a goal. That's how I like to see football played. I think also, those crosses came from the same foot of the player as the side of the park he was on i.e. from the outside not the inside. Bit clumsy that but to clarify - at the moment Thomas plays on the right and has to cut in every time and more often than not shoots to no avail. The only occasion I recall him producing a decent cross was Morton (H) when Del scored but we have hardly done it since. The goals I am referring to were from Carmichael right footed from the right side and Gibson left footed from the left side. This seems to me a much more dangerous approach which defenders find more difficult to deal with. Surely a midfield four with Carmichael on the right and Thomas on the left, Dobbie and Lyle up front would be a much more attractive and attacking proposition. I can only suspect Carmichael is not fully fit given the limited opportunities he has been given but it is important he is utilised properly when he does come on. Going back to the original point, under AJ we did not fear anyone and gave some bigger teams a going over. I also think we had belief when taking on Rangers in the play-offs and were very unlucky not to progress. It is winning that breeds confidence.
  3. " The home support was disappointing on Saturday " says SD. I wonder why, surely not just the rugby ? Could it be, in some strange way, linked to the disappointing football that has been produced recently ?
  4. One of the worrying things for me is that the Manager says we have been playing well, apart from the Falkirk game. Of course, playing well from a managerial point of view differs from that of a fans view. Carrying out his instructions will satisfy the Manager but if he thinks that the first half against Morton was worth watching then that is very concerning. I watched on TV so maybe being there was different but I suspect not. The ball being continually booted up to Dykes and Dobbie completely isolated up front did not make for good viewing nor did the fact that we could not string 2 passes together although that's not surprising as it seems the players are not encouraged to do that any more. His team selection and tactics are all wrong and certainly not what I want to watch. It needs to change or we need to make a change. No over-reaction SD just stating the facts as they appear.
  5. Your usual pedantic self SD - I never said that he did. Perhaps I should have inserted the word 'then' or 'when' to aid interpretation for you. Being a factual guru I am sure you will be able to advise if I am correct in thinking that someone at Board level did state at some point about the playing philosophy around the time the pitch was either in the pipeline or after it was put down which, as we all know, was post Magic !
  6. Hopefully very short.
  7. I refer to my earlier post about the Manager taking responsibility when it is his fault. Those comments from the Record are astounding - " there is a problem with this group of players" no mention of selection and formation issues. He is not taking any responsibility whatsoever just blaming it on the players. Rjc you are spot on although - and this is not like me - the way I feel just now I am not sure he even deserves another chance. I thought when AJ was there and we got the plastic surface that the philosophy was to play fast, incisive, passing football as much as possible. This continued with McIntyre and Fowler but now seems consigned to history. I thought the Board would be stressing the importance of this philosophy at interview. Radical alternative, get Magic back from Dunfermline with Fowler as assistant and bring Reilly back to add some legs up front to assist Dobbie and Lyle. Sadly, of course, I don't think Fowler would return due to the way he was treated but the other two could happen if the Club really wanted it to.
  8. Not long after he took over I recall Naysmith saying after one match that he would review it and if players were responsible they would work on that accordingly or if he could see that it was down to selection/formation/tactics then he would take responsibility and apologise to players if necessary - that time has surely come. Seems to me the players - whilst far from perfect - are 'carrying the can' every week while the Manager persists with his preferred formation that denies us a proven strike force of regular scorers and that is awful to watch. Totally agree with palmy_calmy.
  9. Not in attendance today, perhaps just as well, as I couldn't stand another dose of lumping it up to Dykes like last week. Hopefully I'm wrong and we do something different. Unless Del is injured he should be starting. He links up best with Dobbie. We should be more positive at home. People say he has verbally agreed a new contract but not much incentive from the Manager keeping him on the bench and starting Dykes.
  10. I may have taken the bait here, but Dykes at centre forward, yer 'avin a laugh ! He has no touch, no composure and poor decision making. He should not be ahead of Del for first pick. I understand with a midweek game the Manager may have to rotate the squad but Dobbie and Lyle - despite their years - are the most potent strike force we have. That was painful viewing yesterday watching the ball being lumped up to Dykes at every available opportunity and nothing coming of it. That, of course, was not his fault, the Manager needs to take responsibility for dreadful tactics. As others have said elsewhere looked like we set out the last 2 games not to lose. That system worked initially away from home but both Thomson and Thomas have lost form - Thomas was anonymous yesterday and I almost forgot he was on the pitch. Again though that was the Manager's fault as we hardly ever used the right side to attack and Thomas seemed not to want to run at people as he usually does. I would welcome Danny starting but it may be a fitness issue that prevents him at the moment. To cheer myself up I have been watching the fantastic wins against Rangers and the play-off matches against them - what a difference in style. We looked to pass at every opportunity and did so very effectively. We had players who were confident in doing so and had obviously been coached and instructed to play that way. Much, much better to watch. I still think James Fowler was harshly treated after all the hours he put in and the relative success he delivered.
  11. It's not all over yet - todays 90 minutes will determine that. We need to win today, beat St.Mirren next week and look to Falkirk to beat Morton then there's only 1 point in it. Yes, they would have 2 games in hand but one of those is away to Hibs and the other a Renfrewshire derby at Cappielow. To have given up already is ridiculous and I am sure the Manager and players will be right up for this one. Let's remain optimistic - at least for the next 4.75 hours - and hope that dodgy defending will be eradicated and that we get the breaks today.
  12. Having watched the video, the criticism of Robinson is harsh and unwarranted. Thomson should have blocked that before it reached anywhere near the goals. He turned away from it which allowed the ball to pass. I can't imagine the likes of Jim Thomson, Andy Aitken, Nobby Clark, Crawford Boyd, Steve Bowey etc. doing such a thing.
  13. That's what we used to do when James Fowler was in charge - most notably and successfully in the Rangers play-off season - but many a voice was heard "get it up the park". Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  14. Huge disappointment today. We were bullied - not illegally - and dominated by Falkirk all game. As others have said, don't know why we persisted with high balls with them being so solid at the back. The Manager, I think, has to take his share of the blame today. After about 15/20mins there seemed to be a debate raging between the forward players and Dowie in particular about where the play should be going. The substitution of Dykes for Rankin was very strange. Rankin was doing his best to hold the midfield together and we were going to be much weaker there without him and allow Falkirk to dominate that area even more. Dykes adds absolutely nothing whenever he comes on, we are weaker both defensively and offensively with him on the pitch. Thomson, who can be a very influential player, was virtually anonymous today. When Thomas was moved to the left side he hardly saw the ball again - not sure why that was. Dobbie and Lyle had nothing to go on all game although Dobbie after being found by Del should have played him back in as he was completely free after continuing his run but 'God ' decided to go for glory, as usual, and the chance was wasted. Having said all that, it's not over yet but 2 wins are now essential. The Manager needs to change it for upcoming games.
  15. " You won't see anyone sent off that early in the game. That's just football." Unfortunately,that's not true. Stephen McKenna red carded in less than a minute in SC away to Killie - later rescinded. Ref ruined what would have been a cracking Cup-tie.