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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    Very impressed with TNS - especially 1st half. They played football the way we used to under Johnston, McIntyre and Fowler. They pinged it about 1st time and almost always found their own man. Contrast that to us who looked laboured and always needing an extra touch - with the exception of McFadden who needs/takes 2 or 3 extra - and are obviously instructed to play it long. Great tactic with Dobbie up front on his own ! When will we actually go out, take the game by the scruff of the neck and look to win it from the off - Montrose next week I hope ! Naysmith needs to get Lyle and Dobbie up front from the off instead of always waiting until the latter stages of games. Lyle always has an impact but I thought Stirling made a real difference when he came on too - much livelier and forward thinking than Murray. Time he got a run of games. After a shaky start, the defence coped well. Not always Brownlies biggest fan but I thought he did really well today - MOM for me.
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    I think even Stewart Kean would have tucked that one away !
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    How was it we ended up playing in Europe anyway - ah yes , we reached the Scottish Cup Final ! Gordon Chisholm - along with everyone else involved in that glorious period - absolute legends. Must have been a decent Manager too. You lot really should be over it by now.
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    I don't rate Naysmith as a Manager. I haven't seen anything so far to make me change my mind. Obviously, pleased to win and take all 3 points yesterday but, the last 20 mins apart, the football was unattractive. The usual ' boot it up ' to Dykes and scrap for second balls was the order of the day - our players are better than that. Falkirk played by far the better football and were good to watch - reminded me of how we used to play prior to last season. Patient, intelligent build-up, pacy out wide and fizzing crosses into the box. I think everyone, including our own Manager admits we were lucky to be ahead at HT.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Not aware that we have reached a Scottish Cup Final or played in Europe since Gordon Chisholm took us there although we have had some memorable, memorable moments since then. Totally unjustified animosity towards a gentleman and fine football manager whose achievements are unlikely to be repeated. Just because he chose to leave Dobbie out on occasion and the psychophants can't handle it ! Before anyone starts, I am not comparing directly Dobbie and Kean. In fact, I remember when we signed Kean there was an over the top reaction from some just because he had Premier League experience. I had to point out that he was not a natural finisher but a hard worker. I guess Chisholm based his decisions on the team as a whole and what system he would be using. A bit like Naysmith does with sacrificing Lyle - natural and regular scorer ref. yesterday - for a carthorse like McFadden ! Or was it because he left for Dundee, a much bigger Club than us and one that had special meaning to him - anyone in his position would have done the same. I really get concerned about the nasty, petty, small-minded attitude of some of our supporters. The John O'Neill episode is probably the worst example of it. A guy who came back to us and did very well. This is their job/career and they have to do what they think is best for THEM not QOS. I wish everyone who has been with us every success when they move on whoever and where-ever that might be.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    Absolutely. Would have brought much more to the team than McFadden. Funnily enough stumbled upon a Sheffield Utd v Swindon play-off match from 2015 the other night which included 2 wonderful crosses from Bob that resulted in 2 goals, Glad to be reminded what a wonderful delivery he has.
  7. Battle of the Brechin and Border Bumpkins

    Why is it I have to break everything down so as people get the point. To repeat, there is no justification to leave Lyle out on performance related issues. Therefore, there must be another reason. I am not saying the Manager has any issue with Lyle but simply asking the question why he leaves him out. It must be injury or something more mysterious, wouldn't you say ?
  8. Battle of the Brechin and Border Bumpkins

    As well as that other goal machine McFadden ! Does Del have some sort of injury we don't know about or is it the Manager sidelining yet another player with a long-standing connection to the Club ? Not even in the squad for Montrose, bit-part last week and, as far as I could see, not part of the open training session nor 1st teamers used in the U-20's. It must be one or the other because there is absolutely no justification to leave him out based on his performance. You want your strikers to score goals and he has delivered on that and not let us down in any way. He also brings so much more to the team. No-one links better with Dobbie nor can hold the ball up as well to bring others into play. I would fully expect us to score and win today - serious issue if we don't - and no doubt some people will use that to say the right team was selected. I would say whatever happens Lyle's selection would only have enhanced it.
  9. Queens vs Pars

    That is absolute nonsense and completely untrue. Dunfermline broke down that side time after time, 1st half especially, with several crosses coming in whilst McFadden was left trailing up the park. I know because it's right in front of me. I can only think you are a closet Motherwell fan and suggest you remove the 'claret and amber' specs !
  10. Queens vs Pars

    Naysmith has a very negative attitude, indeed his whole demeanour is. Perhaps I have been engulfed by that cloud which he brings. I always want and hope for the best with Queens and am generally supportive of all things QOS. However, if blatant mistakes are occurring then it seems justifiable to highlight them. This Manager has signed not one but 2 right backs he seems now to have little confidence in as well as a GK on whom the jury seems to be out on given the many comments on here. To top it all, he brings in his old mate who is quite clearly done - and should stick to pursuing his media career. He has, at his disposal, on of the most potent strike forces in the Division but seems to keep inventing ways not to play it instead of letting it flourish. In spite of all this, I still love going to Palmerston but , at the present time, it is much less enjoyable than in recent seasons. However, I have witnessed much , much worse over the decades so I will stick with it and hope the Manager gets it right sooner rather than later.
  11. Queens vs Pars

    This has got to be a wind-up, but anyway. "Good shape "- if that's the best he can do after 3 months it's time to quit. "Tracked forward and back" - he could not do it and we were left exposed down the left all the time. All he could do was to try and pull opponents shirts in an effort to stop them - quite embarrassing really. " Some beautifully disguised passes" - well you could be right on that one. Heavily disguised I would say as he more often than not found a Dunfermline player. "looks like he still has goals in him" - someone with his talent should have buried that volley and he completely messed up the header. Some might say it's sad but he looks lost most of the time ands the game just passes him by.
  12. Queens vs Pars

    Shocking Doesn't need to be that way but that is down to the Manager. Absolutely shocking from him to start McFadden and, to a lesser extent, Dykes ahead of Lyle. Lyle is a goal threat and also brings out the best in Dobbie - when will Naysmith get this ? McFadden is a waste of a jersey and wage. Scandalous 'cronieism' from the Manager. He cannot track back and it was absolutely embarrassing to see at one point Higginbotham heading toward our box with McFadden trailing in his wake and woefully and unashamedly trying to grab him by the arm to stop him - he couldn't even manage that. For someone with his talent he could not fulfil the playmaker role and failed to find a blue jersey most of the time. He also missed 2 excellent chances which you would have expected him to score - he just doesn't have it anymore. As well as Lyle I would put Stirling and Murray ahead of him and pretty much anyone else too.
  13. Queens vs Pars

    Really wish Burnsy was still with us but fully understand why he isn't. Was the best player on the pitch at Del's testimonial with McKenna not far behind. Midfield never been the same since their departure.
  14. Queens vs Pars

    I think you will find Lyle has scored a few already this season - when selected.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    Please read my comments carefully before sounding off. I refer you to 6Oct at 10.17 ; " As is his right, the Manager decided he did not want to keep him nor select him under any circumstance. " If the Manager wants to move players on that's up to him but we may not always agree with his decisions. There are two issues here. My main one is some people making wild allegations that Robinson was somehow a "disruptive influence" with absolutely no evidence to back it up. It seems that due to his performances last season and us having to pay him off - quite rightly - Robinson has become some sort of hate figure for a section of our support. I really don't think that someone who has contributed so much to our recent successes should be treated in such a manner. The other issue is , the Manager obviously does not rate Leighfield to cover for Martin. When this first occurred, to have a fit Robinson available and not play him then, in my book, that is poor Management and not putting the best available team on the park. If you think this is getting tiresome, I absolutely agree. I don't particularly want to have to spend the time repeating myself but you left me no choice as you did not grasp correctly the points I was making.