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  1. Try reading my post properly. I acknowledged there were problems before he came in. My point was, a better Manager than Naysmith would have worked to turn things around rather than take the easy way out and discard experienced professionals. Not sure what kind of scrutiny you mean but Dowie, Higgins and Robinson in particular provide the history and, along with all the others released add up to wholesale changes in my book. Choose any post-match interview you like and that will stop you being puzzled any longer !
  2. Totally agree with that, Hamill was far from perfect but more reliable than anything we have now. The Manager has to take responsibility for that. If it is budget related, and I am not convinced it is, then surely he would have been aware of what was at his disposal and how that would impact on what level of player he would be targeting for the new season. A wise Manager would have been been able to weigh up the potential options against existing squad members and get it right. I have said on numerous previous occasions he made up his mind early to get rid of experienced professionals and especially those with a bit of history at the Club. I think he got it totally wrong. Hamill was binned early on and he would have binned Dowie and Higgins if he had other options available at the time. Of course, we had problems last season with that dreadful run and something had to change. I think a more positive character than Naysmith could have brought that team together and re-instilled the confidence that had been eroded. He looked at it and decided it needed wholesale changes rather than working to motivate and inspire confidence. That says more about him and his attitude than it does about the quality of the players he chose to jettison. Another major failing from this failing Manager. Just to re-iterate, for me, this is not a knee-jerk reaction to EK match. It is what I have felt from soon after he took over.
  3. What Frankie S says is what the Manager wants the fans to believe. Both he and his assistant have made sure they make reference to their budget restraints at any opportunity. As someone commented earlier that is about self preservation for future roles to say failure at QOS wasn't my fault, the Board didn't back me. Who knows, there may well be an element of prudence at work but many would say that is a sensible option and that we don't want the very existence of the Club to be jeopardised. I suspect it is not overly so but acknowledge we will be behind the likes of Falkirk , St. Mirren and probably Dunfermline. The Manager is given a budget and it will be up to him how he utilises it. So far, I don't think he has done too well and I think in terms of recruitment players don't see QOS as a positive option at present which is a real shame as in recent times we have been seen as that. That is more down to the Manager than the Board Someone mentioned this already and I agree totally that this Manager has destroyed the team spirit that we had and,with his negativity, is incapable of restoring it.
  4. He may believe in himself but he has never given the impression that he believes in the players. I am not prepared to cut Naysmith any slack as I saw nothing from his management last season to provide any optimism for this season. We need to get rid as soon as possible. The football on offer has been dire to watch and his excessive negativity and criticism toward his players totally unacceptable. His man management and motivational skills are non-existent and his football philosophy not much better. He will reap what he sows. After the magnificent AJ season and the introduction of the plastic surface I seem to recall the Club saying that the way forward was for fast, attacking, on the ground football. This certainly continued under McIntyre and Fowler but changed slightly with Skelton and is now unrecognisable under Naysmith. It may be because most of those players have moved on but I would have thought the Board - of whom I am very supportive - would make it clear to any prospective Manager what they are looking for in terms of approach. It is then up to the Manager to recruit, coach and organise accordingly to deliver on that. That has certainly not happened since Naysmith came in. His tactics, recruitment and negative approach have seen to that. I still think Fowler was harshly treated and suspect the Board acted because of falling crowds and supporter displeasure. If they are to be consistent then Naysmith should not last much longer as crowds will surely continue their downward trend and displeasure among the faithful will continue to grow. I must say that I am usually very positive regarding all things QOS - even the relegation with Gus - and have never felt like this or as strongly as I do now. Perhaps I have fallen into the web of negativity that surrounds Naysmith.
  5. Not at the game, just my interpretation of the facts and information provided. Poor first half by all accounts and then, interestingly, we score 3 goals after Lyle is on and Dykes is off. It is totally crazy that any decent Manager would start Dykes in front of Lyle. Is Naysmith not aware of how Dobbie and Lyle link-up so well together and how well Lyle can hold the ball up to bring others into play. We are so much more of a threat when he is on the pitch. If he hasn't recognised the 'chemistry' between them first hand then perhaps he should visit QOS TV to watch the highlights of the early season games when they tore defences apart. They are both such experienced, intelligent and instinctive strikers they know the runs each other will make and feed of each other so well. I know Naysmith is already quoted that Lyle won't start every game but Del is fit enough to play at least 60minutes and, in my opinion, full games as well. If he sticks to his plan he may well regret it.
  6. That's some goal Annan scored. Good to see the changes the Manager has made has eradicated the mistakes of last season !
  7. I never said that it was alien to him either ! Merely pointing out that, in my opinion, he was not being utilised in the most effective way given his natural attributes. The same applies to Carmichael as Rjc as has pointed out. Anyone that thinks he is better on the left, go and watch his display in the April 'ripping apart' of Rangers and also his sublime cross for Lyle at Ibrox in the play-off game. Perhaps Mr.Naysmith should do that too.
  8. The number of times he cut in and shot and completely wasted the opportunity far outweighs the few goals he scored. I think you are doing Lyle a dis-service. He is not the tallest but has great awareness and timing and a pretty decent record from scoring from crosses. Ibrox play-off, superb. Double home to Airdrie last season - both from right-footed Anderson crosses and the play-off (H) to Rangers too. Again, this is not a criticism of Thomas but how he was deployed. He has pace and great feet and can go past defenders with ease and would therefore be a much greater threat and asset on the right, as would any other right-footed winger. It's how I like to see the game played anyway. How many times did anyone see the great Jimmy Robertson play on the right ?
  9. Started well then fizzled out and became very frustrating getting into good positions only to stop and turn back. His shooting deteriorated and never seemed to want to cross it. Del was often in a good position for a cross but must have wondered why bother after a while. On the occasion he did cross it, Lyle scored against Morton but the move was never repeated, As I said, not his fault but the Managers.
  10. This would not be Thomas' fault, but I could not stand another season watching him, or any other winger who has the pace to get beyond full-backs, constantly stopping and turning back and losing the advantage of the attacking opportunity because they are playing on their 'wrong side'. The Manager obviously favours this approach though as the players are acting under his direction.
  11. That's quite accurate actually. I think there is/was a major problem with the Manager's motivational - amongst others - approach. I wonder how long it will be before he delivers his first negative interview of the new campaign ?
  12. Very enjoyable game today. Burns was a stand-out and could certainly still do a job for us in midfield and probably McKenna too as he seems able to do what we lack as he is able to drive forward and then pick a pass - I guess this is Rankin's role but he seems not nearly as effective. McKenna still retains his 'steel' too and will do well in the Juniors.
  13. Really looking forward to Del's testimonial tomorrow with some very popular 'old boys' on show. What a squad that would have been in their prime - solid as a rock at the back and lethal upfront. What chance Dowie or Higgins 'accidentally' colliding with Naysmith when he is on the pitch just to prove to him how useless they really are !?
  14. Have to say, in my opinion, the new season training tops look a lot better than the actual team kit.
  15. One of the games was over. He equalised at Ibrox late on to earn a 1-1 draw and the other, which I previously referenced, he helped turn the screw for the last 15/20 and we were unlucky not to take a point from it.