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  1. Are you not aware that most goalies have an eccentric streak in them - it's been going on since football began. Martin's dad being one of the most noted in Scottish football. They all do it. I was speaking to an Ayr fan the other day and he was saying that Martin tried to play out against Harkins this season and was dispossessed at the edge of his box. Doesn't mean he is a bad 'keeper or an idiot. They all have a 'rush of blood' from time to time. Employing your criteria, he wouldn't be first choice either !
  2. The level of disrespect being shown to Lee Robinson is absolutely appalling. People have very short memories it seems. There are numerous occasions when he made superb saves in the season just gone to either keep us in games or to avoid a real drubbing. I just don't understand some 'so called' football fans who can't wait to condemn their own players. Moreover, no-one from that glorious double-winning squad should ever be subjected to any stick whatsoever. I was disgusted to hear Nicky Clark being abused when returning with Rangers. Perhaps though that may have been down to the vile Celtic/Rangers divide and/or the troublemaking group that attached themselves at that time - I believe Jamie McDonald also took some stick in the Cup QF with Falkirk though I have heard him and Cammy Bell being well received on the whole by genuine fans. I guess, as usual, it's the moronic minority that let us and the Club down. Our former players should always be shown the respect they deserve.
  3. You may well be right but you know how fans love the return of an ex-player !
  4. Given what seems to be widespread dissatisfaction with Lee Robinson - wholly unjustified in my opinion - I suspect there will be a clamour to sign up Craig Samson. May not be a bad thing to have two experienced keepers vying with each other but would the budget be better spent on outfield players ?
  5. Top three, I would guess, would be Falkirk, St. Mirren and one of Hamilton/Dundee United. Our goal will be to compete for 4th along with Inverness, Morton and Dunfermline although Livi seem to be getting themselves sorted financially and may be a surprise package. I have to say though, with Naysmith in charge, this is the least confident I have been about reaching the play-offs.
  6. Totally agree. I spoke with the Club on Thursday to see if it would be possible for any prominent releases to be made known before Saturdays game. For me personally, and probably a lot of other supporters, emotion and sentiment does play a part at times like this and it would have been good to know in advance. There may have been contractual reasons why this could not have been done of course though the statement on the website appeared pretty quickly. I don't think it would have affected performance as the players would have known before the game. I would have gone a step more and made Higgins captain for the day to show him the respect he deserves for leading us so well in the past few years. Sentiment, though, does not enter into it with most Managers and I am not surprised in the least that Naysmith did not do this. He undermined and made Higgins a scapegoat almost from day one and certainly from when he stripped him of the Captaincy. Our loss will certainly be someone else's gain. Probably Dunfermline, Livingston or Airdrie's. P.S. The last time I recall someone being Captain for the day was the great Jimmy Robertson in his last match for us against Alloa. For anyone that remembers the score that day they may say it's not such a good idea !
  7. Totally agree with Rjc's comments. Especially regarding Higgins and Carmichael. In what has been a challenging season for everyone I think Higgins has been harshly treated. An excellent and exemplary Captain for us. Good to see him produce solid displays in his last few games. I wish him well wherever he goes, whatever he does. I have mentioned the Carmichael/Thomas deployment many times and cannot believe it is still happening. Every time either get in a good attacking position they have to cut back inside and - as Rjc says - " run into traffic" and inevitably the play is slowed down considerably and the threat gone. I noticed today that the only decent chance we created 1st half was when, shock horror, they switched and Carmichael got round the outside on the right leading to a Dobbie effort going very close. Needless to say this switch did not last long ! I heard some people say today that Carmichael has not done much since his return. Now his injury may well have contributed to that but I would say he has not been given the chance to play to his strengths i.e. on the right running at defenders and allowing us to break at pace. Remember those days ? We are also so much more of a threat when Lyle is alongside Dobbie. With Del returning from injury that could only be for a short period today but what a difference. However, the Manager chose not to play that combination when it was available to him on several occasions this season which concerns me greatly along with many other aspects of his approach. We have the potential to be really attacking and create lots of chances with the players we have but they have to be deployed in the right way. I certainly want - and hope - to see a more attacking, exciting brand of football like we became used to post 2012.
  8. Unlike our Manager I do not like criticising players when the season is still alive although technically the season is not finished yet but I guess on the eve of the last match I can give my opinions. Robinson - Can understand peoples frustration with him but his 'antics' don't really bother me. Lots seem to have taken a dislike to him but remember his 'antics' helped us considerably to a fantastic double once upon a time. Moreover, he has saved us on many more an occasion this season than he has cost us. In most games I have seen he has made outstanding saves. Hamill - Finished. Mercer - Not good enough. Poor signing. Brownlie - Still not convinced. Too often seems the weak link. Dowie - Good player for us but has now reached the end of the road for us. Cruelly shown up by Austin in last Falkirk match at Palmerston. Higgins - Has had a poor season by his standards. Poorly treated by both Skelton and Naysmith. Well worth keeping. Marshall - No question. Carmichael - Needs a proper pre-season AND to be played in his natural position where he can run at people. I don't know if his injury prevents him from running at pace with the ball now but I would certainly love to see him encouraged to give it a try. Jacobs - Fine in midfield. NEVER a RB. Poor decision making by Naysmith. Rankin - Not convinced at all but I guess he will be here - Manager's favourite. Tapping - I really have liked the look of this guy when he has played. Very difficult decision. Would probably give him another chance. Lyle - No question. Legend, ultimate professional. Fit enough for one more season although recent injury is a concern. Dobbie - No question. Dykes - Rip up contract. Rigg - Never good enough. Hilson - Like Tapping has had limited opportunities but, for me, not shown enough. Time to move on. Naysmith - Not impressed at all. Negative attitude and approach to playing football. Don't trust him to build a squad that will provide the attacking, entertaining football we have been used to seeing in recent years. In my eyes time to move on but I don't think we can afford the financial hit. If things don't change and improve though could well be gone by autumn. We definitely need a good RB, a strong dominant CH alongside Higgins, left sided winger/midfielder - Russell has been sorely missed - and a decent striker as back-up toDobbie and Lyle.
  9. Not sure how it will become any clearer tomorrow. It will hardly be announced. I am sure the Manager knows exactly who is staying and who is going and it would be nice for the fans to know ahead of the final game so certain players could be shown appreciation. I suspect he will bin Higgins - hope not - and if so I would show him the respect he deserves and make him Captain for the day. This is the guy who captained us to a memorable double and led us twice into the play-offs. Has always given 100% for the team and I think has been harshly treated by both Skelton and Naysmith.
  10. I couldn't care less how many, if any, Directors attend a match or how it looks. Some fans are so fickle and seem to revel in opportunities to feel wronged or take offence it's pathetic. It's much more disappointing when the players don't turn up and some might say that has happened several times this season ! Strangely enough, I thought the Directors Box looked more populated than normal on Saturday. Were these cardboard cut-outs or dopplegangers ?
  11. Good signing. I thought we might have gone for him last year. He and Stanton were the two best players on the pitch on Saturday. With regard to previous comments about lack of effort or ' holiday mode' in the Dumbarton game I must say that did not come across to me. Sometimes you can see that but I would say Saturday was not one of those occasions. More a disjointed, rudderless ship type of performance where players did not seem 100% sure or confident of their roles. I would put that down to poor Management not lay the blame AGAIN at the players feet. The more I think about it the more the Manager's attitude infuriates me. The post from Margaret Thatcher is spot on. If he continues with this then at some point he will lose the dressing room completely and will deserve what surely will come his way - hopefully sooner rather than later. Listening to Gordon Smith last night discussing Rangers tactics against Celtic and how they got it wrong, he recounted from his playing days when a player actually stood up at HT and said to the Manager they were struggling on the pitch because they were not set up or organised properly and it was not their fault but the Managers. Must have been a very brave - or some might say stupid - individual ! He did not say what the consequences were but said there are times as a player when you feel that and know it is happening and it is not your fault. Very insightful from an ex player. I wonder how many of our players have felt that recently and if any have had the bottle to speak up.
  12. Was going to post last night and suggest that the Manager would no doubt blame the players again. I decided to wait and listen to his comments before posting - no surprises there ! I totally agree with 19QOS19 on this. Week after week he comes out with the same old stuff but I think he is the problem. No doubt, we are low on quality at the moment but that is not the only issue. As it was Cup Semi day yesterday my mind wandered back 9 years. At that time we had an ageing team but the quality and desire were unquestionable. A central defensive partnership with no pace and not greatly skilled on the deck but who knew how to defend and would put their bodies on the line to stop danger and keep the ball out. A solid and skilful midfield with Burns providing the energy and legs to complement the less mobile Tosh and Mcfarlane who provided both skill and bite. No, we don't have that quality anymore but I blame the Manager for not getting the best out of what he has got. He did make reference several times, it is true, regarding his own culpability - " I prepared the players the best I could" , "I may have prepared them wrongly tactically" - and said he would take time to analyse it after his anger had subsided. I am sure most of us could do that for him and could have long before the game was finished yesterday. The shape of the team was all wrong. Marshall was 'bombing on' most of the time which left us exposed defensively on our left and we had no attacking threat on the right at all. several times I saw players look to go that way only to find there was no-one there to take a pass. That's not the players fault that is down to selection and formation by the Manager. Jacobs is a decent player but he is NOT a RB why keep playing him there, he is a liability ? Is Mercer not fully fit or is he considered not up to it - he was Naysmith's signing so some culpability there too. After a bright start his other signings of Rankine, Thomas and Thomson have all been very disappointing. I could not believe we started with no wingers. Is Carmichael not fit ? If he is then he should be starting - ON THE RIGHT. The Manager eventually, in my eyes , got the formation right with 15 to go - far, far too late - with Dan on the right and Thomas on the left but we had pretty much given up by then. We miss Lyle big-time. As I have said many times he has the skill and football brain to link with Dobbie and they bring the best out in each other. For that partnership not to have been selected when fit and available is dreadful management. I do not trust this Management team to take us forward and build a squad to seriously compete for a top 4 place next season. Sadly, for financial reasons I do not think they will be binned at the end of the season but I wish there was a way that could happen. We will probably wait until October/November time if things are not going well. Don't get me wrong, I hope I am completely wrong as I want to see QOS doing well and prospering. I find Naysmith a very negative character in every respect - how he presents, how he delivers verbally, his body language and how he sets up his teams ! He does not come across as either inspirational or motivational.
  13. Was Aidan Smith able to be recalled in January ? If so, then I don't get why he wasn't. Does the current manager know anything about him or is he not interested ? Of course, I'm not saying he is a world-beater but he certainly merits a place on the bench - and pitch - ahead of Dykes and from what I have seen so far of the boy Murray. Has experience of Championship and big game atmospheres. Defenders hate nothing more than the lightning pace he has, especially in the latter stages of games, as he demonstrated against Rangers at least twice to great effect. I hope he is given a fair chance to contribute next season as back-up to Dobbie and Lyle.
  14. Just spoken to Ops Manager Tracy at Somerset, always very informative. Initially, the end terracing WILL NOT be open so it is the stand and enclosure. However, if numbers increase then they will open it and we can transfer there. FOR IT TO OPEN I WOULD SUGGEST GET IN THE GROUND AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE AND MAKE IT LOOK BUSY !
  15. Just spoken to Ops Manager Tracy at Somerset, always very informative. Initially, the end terracing WILL NOT be open so it is the stand and enclosure. However, if numbers increase then they will open it and we can transfer there. FOR IT TO OPEN I WOULD SUGGEST GET IN THE GROUND AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE AND MAKE IT LOOK BUSY !