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  1. Forfar Athletic vs Arbroath

    Absolute long shot here but does anyone know/remember what the 50/50 draw number was?
  2. Forfar Athletic vs Arbroath

    Or any of the other 3 games against forfar.
  3. Arbroath vs Albion Rovers

    Will be good to see Brian Kerr back at Gayfield on Saturday, he was a great player for us. Same team that won in Ayr and hopefully start a winning home run.
  4. Ayr United vs Arbroath

    Eastbumfuck [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] shut up ya fud. Ayr ayr f**k your ayr
  5. Ayr United vs Arbroath

    Ayr fans, any good pubs you would recommended for Saturday? Few of us on the train.
  6. The Arbroath Thread

    Wait til you see highlights from today's match, especially East Fifes 3rd goal. That will answer your question.
  7. Arbroath v East Fife

    David Hutton, what were you thinking
  8. Arbroath v East Fife

    Hutton Gold Little TOB Hammy DD Yule McCord Kadar Swankie Doris Think linn needs a game out, not been at it recently and kadar playing well. Denholm looks much better out wide so hopefully DC doesn't play him up top.
  9. Airdrie vs Arbroath

    Hope so. Cracking wee boozer
  10. Group D

    f**k the mo
  11. Group D

    Allan cook is still shite
  12. Group D

    16 quid to get into alloa game on Tuesday night, brutal.
  13. C**** on Holiday

    Was in Ibiza 2 years ago in the queue for a drink at the hotel bar, morning after a heavy night and I'm wearing my Arbroath top. Boy walks up to me and goes "You're looking rough you smokie c**t". Turns out he was an Elgin fan. "Small world eh!!!" Aye f**k off
  14. The Arbroath Thread

    Kadar and swankie?
  15. The Arbroath Thread

    Season we won the league under Sheerin, we beat East Stirling 5-2 away from home. Swankie had an absolute shocker, but scored a hattrick. Just one of those boys that can turn it on when he wants. Happy with the signing!