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  1. A lot to pick from so heres a few i hated Barry lavety Marvin wilson Junior mendes Jim dick Mark fitzpatrick
  2. Gordon overall was poor. At 2-1 with a couple of mins to go we should be seeing any game out. Would we have taken a draw at kick off yes but its how we get the draw thats a scunner. Cmon scotland cmon.
  3. Not gonna happen.
  4. Much better than your shitey lego ground though.
  5. A big game for both teams this weekend. A win for us and a play off place is secure. A win for Ayr puts them right back in amongst it for the bottom play off place. Someone posted on twitter that the seperation mesh is in place and the far end of the shed on might be open for visiting fans on saturday. Gaston Doyle kilday O'Ware lamie Forbes tidser murdoch nesbitt Scullion Oliver Morton 2 Ayr 1
  6. Firstly well done st mirren totally fucking hammerd us tonight thats been some turn around from the winter window. Secondly What the f**k was that shambles of a performance from morton tonight. Duffy and the players have recived many pludits this season and rightly so but that was a fucking car crash from start to finish and everyone of them need a good boot in the fucking baws after that.
  7. Stop talking shite.
  8. Did ye aye thats a shame still girfuys
  9. How did that work out for you then dick.
  10. No you didnt but dont let the facts get in the way of a shit story Oh ps girfuys.
  11. Picture this kudus to score in front of the wde on saturday 90th minute winner then take a klinsman in front of wee lennon. His we ginger head explodes in a fit of rage. Pleasing.
  12. Really. Kill one of his players have a word ffs.
  13. Stop talking pish duffy would have knocked the we ginge oot then anybody else would have taken care of big daz.