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  1. St Mirren v Morton

    Sure thing stevie. Being in front twice and fucking it up must be a pisser right enough.
  2. St Mirren v Morton

    Na bother jimmy suck it up son most midden fans before hand giving it 2 n 3 nil we are top and will pump morton patter. Pleasing now girfuy.
  3. St Mirren v Morton

    It wont last that long so enjoy ya manky paisley [email protected][email protected]
  4. St Mirren v Morton

    Some boy. Grfuy
  5. St Mirren v Morton

    Really aye.
  6. St Mirren v Morton

    Thanks for the advice. The boy done well grfuy. Pleasing
  7. St Mirren v Morton

    Is it aye. How did that go for the patter bar mutants.
  8. Fancy us to win this 2-0. Couple of injury's for us so i think we will go Gaston Doyle O'Ware Lamie Russell Forbes Murdoch Harkins Thomson Oliver Quitongo Thomson and Quitongo with the goals.
  9. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Hopefully he fucked off into the clyde with concrete shoes on never to be seen or heard from again
  10. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    First half was shite and the team rightly booed off. But second half we were very good all credit to the players & management. The subs changed it fo us and its a good 3 points.
  11. It should'nt be your team are pish. Girfuy.
  12. Morton v Livingston

    No tinkering with the line up. Same as the last 2 league games please duffy. Get this amber machine lot fucking hounded. 3-1 morton.
  13. Offt seething much good girfuy.
  14. Morton v Livi (Irn Bru Challenge Cup)

    Main stand only for livi fans. Maybe we are not expecting livi to bring many fans through to this one that could well be the reason the shed end is not being used.