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  1. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Hopefully he fucked off into the clyde with concrete shoes on never to be seen or heard from again
  2. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    First half was shite and the team rightly booed off. But second half we were very good all credit to the players & management. The subs changed it fo us and its a good 3 points.
  3. Week 1. Hibernian Week 2. Ayr utd Week 3. Dundee utd Week 4. Morton
  4. It should'nt be your team are pish. Girfuy.
  5. Morton v Livingston

    No tinkering with the line up. Same as the last 2 league games please duffy. Get this amber machine lot fucking hounded. 3-1 morton.
  6. Offt seething much good girfuy.
  7. Morton v Livi (Irn Bru Challenge Cup)

    Main stand only for livi fans. Maybe we are not expecting livi to bring many fans through to this one that could well be the reason the shed end is not being used.
  8. Thanks for bob mccugh the lad loves a goal against the spoon burners. Pleasing
  9. Can provide updates on cops within hours of the game but fails to reply to fans requests regarding anything morton related. Tickets etc. Utter shambles.
  10. Wee bob loves a goal aginst the spoon burners some boy pleasing.
  11. Like you will tonight pleasing. Girfuy.
  12. Pretty even first half for me stone wall pen then a cracker from smith second half another stone waller then we seemed to sit off for 10 to 15 before going 3 - 1 ahead and pretty much game over decent crowd from the mirren pity your team did'nt turn up shame. Anyway 4 - 1 pleasing.
  13. I always thought it held close to 3600.