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  1. Mexico v Scotland Sun 3rd June 2018

    Another basic fucking error sunday leauge stuff lets get a grip ffs.
  2. Talk of the rangers, hearts etc then ends up at partick the boys a decent player but f**k me that's a bit of a minter for him.
  3. Ross forbes n mikey doyle leave morton.
  4. Peru v Scotland - Wed 30th May 2018

    Phillips is another midden that shouldnt be anywhere near a scotland match ever again pish anaw.
  5. Peru v Scotland - Wed 30th May 2018

    Get the keeper aff never to be seen again in a scotland tap if weve learnd anything its that archer will never play for us again utter pish.
  6. Peru v Scotland - Wed 30th May 2018

    Archer can get ta f**k the boys fucking pish just f**k right off sold the fucking team out so far.
  7. The fact you even mention alex rae as a replacement for the managers job should see your comments filed in the bin.
  8. Im sure youll have more to worry about next season as your team get pumped silly every week than poping in to remind us of the gap. Fair fucks though wish it was us going up.
  9. With duffy in charge youd be pretty much spot on. With a competent manager willing to get his buisness done early get the balance right and stick to his strongest team and formation from the off im sure we could give it a real go next year. So thats now the boards choice duffy who has a year left or replace him. Imho his times up but fear we will be left rotting for at least another season.
  10. Youll be getting pumped silly every week in the premiership so i wouldnt be so sure it will be several years apart youll be back down next year. As soon as morgan fucks off your teams a busted flush. Having said that congratulations it really has been some turn around as much as it sticks in my throat to say it.
  11. Morton v Dundee United

    A utd fan worried more about a morton fan than how much a basket case his club are cute.
  12. Morton v Dundee United

    Pish deserved nothing stole a point utd should be gutted but tbf they offerd next to f**k all aswell. As for 4.3.3. Duffy get it tae f**k. Every fan can see our best 11 and best formation yet you dont can you just naw see it or are you just an arrogant p***k ? Time to wake up morton that shite today wont be fucking tolorated again. As for that clown moshini if you give if out son expect it back ya dick Girfuy.
  13. Why rightly so ? There are teams that have been stinking the top flight out for years and should'nt have all the protection going make it fair and get them doon.