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  1. The Alex Salmond Birthday celebrations thread

    He looks like an overweight Scotsman, sitting on a chair whilst wearing a kilt. A scene repeated up and down the country at this time of year, and also throughout the year at various social gatherings. I'm assuming you think they all look like complete arses ? Should fat c***s be banned from wearing kilts ?
  2. The Alex Salmond Birthday celebrations thread

    ^^^ Jealous of Sir Alex's rather impressive manspread. Interesting that you think a Scotsman wearing a kilt at Hogmanay looks like a twat. Do you have an issue with our countries national dress ?
  3. Darts...

    Got that warm fuzzy feeling inside similar to when Rangers get pumped.
  4. Darts...

    Cross wavering a bit that last set. Understandable given the level he's been performing at tonight.
  5. Darts...

    This lad is fucking ruthless.
  6. Darts...

  7. The Alex Salmond Birthday celebrations thread

    Hope the big man had a great day.
  8. The Hibernian Thread | 2017-18

    Delighted with this signing, as has already been mentioned, there's some personality issue but the boy is an absolute unit. 'Ah, you think the 6 yard box is your ally ? You merely adopted the box. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't concede a goal until I was already a man.'
  9. Good News for VikingTon

  10. Hibernian FC v Kilmarnock FC

    That's 2 draws in the last week that could and should have been 2 wins. That will be the difference between challenging/ finishing 2nd and 4th this season. We're in a rut atm. Need a couple of fresh faces in the window, hopefully the break will do us good. Thought the ref was inconsistent as per usual. Can't believe that McDonald wasn't booked for timewasting. Was disappointed with Mulumbo after hearing good things. We were meh throughout with Boyle probably the pick of the bunch.
  11. 2018 Political Predictions

    Things are so unpredictable these days. The only political predictions I'm confident of making are things will continue to get even shittier and that there will be a Scottish Labour leadership election.
  12. Proof that Scottish football is dreadful..

    OP clearly never saw the thrilling Edinburgh derby last night. Beamed to a worldwide audience, it put anything the Championship has to offer, to shame.
  13. Hearts v Hibs

    Me ( young and naïve ) : 'Well, at least the post match chat on P&B will make up for the horrific shitfest I witnessed last night' *Checks thread
  14. Hearts v Hibs

    Judging by his post match interview, Levein was the happiest man in the stadium. The 'goal' aside, I though we were the better team overall in what was possibly one of the worst games of football I've ever seen. Disgusted with Lennon's behaviour at the end. You would never have seen Gary Locke or John Mcglynn running to the away end and fist pumping after a draw at Easter Road.
  15. Hearts v Hibs

    Some of the Hearts boys totally not bothered about failing to beat us again it seems.