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  1. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Mark inherited a bag of spanner’s when he took over and a huge rebuilding job was required. We are getting there but have been hampered by injuries. Never believe when people say “According to” as that makes it sound made up but arrogance is not something I would accuse Mark of - very down to earth with a lot of time for the fans. He is the right man for the job without question. We are miles ahead of last season. A season where our flirtation with relegation was masked by our luck of the draw in the Scottish. Ring any bells?
  2. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Lies. Abusing match officials is disgusting - no matter how bad the decision in the last minute or if you are on the committee or not. In deference to the fact this is a Bo’ness thread you should maybe try raising this on the right thread. But without the made up lies.
  3. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    So you are not bitter. That's good as at least you are not denying the rest of it!! Lol
  4. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Nonsense. Are you forgetting the great save he forced Darren to make in the first half. He had a decent game today - move on from last season.
  5. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Your more bitter that your boss isn't still at the Rose pulling the strings and pulling us down and feeding you the inside line. At least Auldheid talking rubbish is based on what he sees rather than being somebody's mouth piece.
  6. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Explain this one. That suggests last season he was playing above his level too. You should wait until you are sober to post.
  7. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    It's no wonder we huffed and puffed as we were playing on a glue pot for 60 minutes with ten men! Bring back the plastic!! Lol Darrens mistake seemed to come from a horrific bounce - no surprise on that pitch. But despite that we won. And the run without a loss continues!
  8. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Maybe you could explain better! We dominated on an alien surface with a gale blowing across it and you think 5 goals wasn't enough??
  9. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Did all 400 walk at once?
  10. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    I believe the limit on games as a trialist is 3.
  11. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    The atmosphere was more akin to being at a funeral rather than a local derby. Bonnyrigg never got out of second gear and when Nitten scored the Rose went right up the park and scored again.
  12. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    He is having you off. Members will always decide on what the committee present to them. As of tonight the members have not been consulted on any change.
  13. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    At our level good grass pitches are becoming harder to find. Can't argue that for a whole community this is a brilliant thing. I look forward to seeing if it lives up to expectations next week.
  14. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Apologies if it came across as a meltdown - I get a bit upset if people less informed on club things come out with the "I was told..." line. If the committee want to follow that route us plebs need consulted - and that hasn't happened. Not to say it won't obviously!! You may want to return to whoever told you and question them.
  15. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Good stuff Kenny - I am sure like many other halfwits that post on here the minute you are shown up you will just come back with the witty "I was only fishing" reply. For the halfwits amongst you I will explain in simple terms - Linlithgow Rose are a members club, and as such any major issues, such as changing leagues as you suggest, would be voted on by all members. This hasn't happened and as of tonight I know of no plans for such a meeting. Why don't you head off somewhere else, sit under your bridge, and wait for another chance to come out.