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  1. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    9.30am inspection unfortunately we got hammered with snow on Thursday night then constant rain tonight very frustrating
  2. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Delighted that shettleston juniors cb/captain Callum Nolan has agreed a deal to join us. Callum will be a great addition to the sqaud
  3. http://90minutecynic.com/football-a-mental-health-saviour/ I would urge players/managers/fans anyone involved in football to read this. As most know depression has been a part of my own life but I feel not enough people talk about it. I thank Aaron Connolly for his outstanding and brave blog that will know doubt help lots of people in all aspects of life. Please read and share
  4. East Premierleague 2017/18

    He's a good GK but jc hutch and ally Adams ahead for me imo
  5. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Correct but we will take a game at a time as we have from the start.
  6. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Nope it's put by 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Fauldhouse 2-1 Wishaw Great workout for both teams played at a good tempo. Goals from Jamie 'Messi' McLeod (pen) and John Henderson the second goal was great passing play from the back.
  8. Lanark United 2017/18

    Strange after a WIN. I feel for Burnsy
  9. Lanark United 2017/18

    Cheers mate got names mixed up [emoji106]
  10. Lanark United 2017/18

    Gutted for Burnsy. Did he not bring Slater in to help if so it stinks
  11. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Just watched the highlights both sending offs are SOFT to say the least. First one is embarrassing never ever a red.
  12. Just the juniors radio show

    Really enjoyed that tonight keep up the good work guys
  13. Terry Waters

    Condolences to Terry's family and everyone at petershill. Horrific news junior football has lost a proper gentleman
  14. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 might be right