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  1. Weather watch for Saturday

    Irvine Meadow pitch playable at the moment depends on overnight rain. Inspection at 8.30 Saturday morning.
  2. Kello v Troon switched venue

    Well done both Clubs,clearly not from Dyce!
  3. Scottish Junior Cup

    Darvel knocked out by Musselburgh in the same round Meadow beat Broxburn 5 2 and are in the league above Musselburgh. Hand picked right enough.
  4. Cumbernauld United 2017-2018

    Well deserved ur having a laugh. Scored on the break on a rare foray into Meadow half and then sat in. Nothing wrong with that but well deserved eh naw.
  5. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    A player that the manager rates, why else would he sign him?
  6. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    The one given
  7. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Stonewall penalty
  8. Player Available for Transfer

    This was scheduled for Nov 25th, at least schedule tie for early in November
  9. Player Available for Transfer

    Too true, to be given 8 weeks to play a cup tie so that home advantage is retained is a complete nonsense. Seven weeks with no gate money and a £270 guarantee in week 8 which wont cover 50% of bus costs. For me 3 weeks maximum and then tie goes to neutral venue. Just your luck if all games are off. Just as just your luck to be drawn at home.
  10. Today's scores ?

    Ft 2 0 for Medda Home advantage really helped
  11. Today's scores ?

    Dyce 0 vs Medda 2, Marks with both goals, Dyce down to 9 men
  12. Scottish Cup Weekend

    How could they have expected to be playing a tie scheduled 5 weeks previously? Players have lives outside of football.
  13. Scottish Cup Weekend

    A pitch inspection on Saturday morning was too late, bus would be on the way and game called off. Scottish Cup gotta love it, now 5 weeks for both teams with no income. Dyce were offered £900 to switch the tie weeks ago but chose no to as is their right. Will probably lose home advantage now anyway. Clubs in West Region had to request a fixture on 23 and 30 December as far back as September. The only Clubs that requested a fixture were Super Premier. Johnstone Burgh were kicked out competition today as they couldnt raise a team. As far back as September they didnt want a fixture, players unavailable etc. How is this fair? The Scottish Cup, not for the first time, has a significant negative impact on a number of teams, no Income for 6 weeks, exacerbated by midweek fixtures replacing Saturday fixtures. For me, the Scottish Cup should not be played Nov, Dec,Jan. This competition is over riding everything to the detriment of the survival of all Junior Clubs.
  14. I hear that Meadow and Troon were the only teams to ask for a fixture on Dec 23rd and guess what..they are scheduled to play their second league fixture on Dec 16th! So no game on 23rd. Doesnt make sense when there are other teams that both havent played at all and could have played on 16th.
  15. Today's scores folks 11th Nov

    FT Buffs 2 v 3 Medda Well deserved win for Medda, terrific battling performance, tactics spot on. Good crowd too 500 - 600.