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  1. I hear that Meadow and Troon were the only teams to ask for a fixture on Dec 23rd and guess what..they are scheduled to play their second league fixture on Dec 16th! So no game on 23rd. Doesnt make sense when there are other teams that both havent played at all and could have played on 16th.
  2. Today's scores folks 11th Nov

    FT Buffs 2 v 3 Medda Well deserved win for Medda, terrific battling performance, tactics spot on. Good crowd too 500 - 600.
  3. Girvan job

    Peter did a fantastic job at Maybole and again at Girvan. Will be very difficult for whoever gets the Girvan job. Good appointment for Cumnock, must be compensation involved surely?
  4. irvine meadow sack ross wilson

    There is always someone to blame. There will always be keyboard warriors who when pressed to actually work for their Club find a reason why they can't. The manager didnt help himself with his behaviour and comments at times but he is young and inexperienced and was not unexpected. He will learn from the experience and come back better prepared for the thankless task of manager at every level where expectations are usually immediate and unrealistic. The much maligned Meadow Committee work hard for their Club but the manner of the dismissal and subsequent Press Statement could have been handled so much better.
  5. Ardagh Cup Final Meadow Park this Sunday.

    Playing surface is superb just now, home game on Saturday switched to Cambuslang to keep it that way for the final.
  6. Irvine Meadow 17/18

    I can't believe some of the stuff posted on here. This is the Vics and the Medda for heaven's sake. Both supporters follow their local team and don't get involved in sectarian stuff and shouldn't be brought into a junior thread.
  7. Ardagh cup final venue

    I doubt that an Ayrshire final would be held in Glasgow and vice versa.
  8. Irvine Meadow 17/18

    Referee should have done more than speak to no 6 who clearly led with his elbow. He also missed stonewall penalty when Black was volleyed in the box. He was also clearly hacked down for second yellow. Sure highlights will confirm this. No excuse for making an unnecessary mess with hospitality food it's just scummy behaviour.
  9. Irvine Meadow 17/18

    I think Meadow are stronger this season with more of a goal threat with McTernan, McKay and Connelly and have a good chance of top 4. Main challenge coming from Largs, Petershill, Cambuslang, Glencairn and Kilsyth.
  10. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    What were pre season results?
  11. Junior Ante Post Prices

    What are max/min bets to win League?
  12. Cotter shettleston

    Seriously? Not sure you want to publicise that on a public forum.
  13. Fixtures

    Ardagh fixtures, Darvel and Meadow no Saturday home game, Hurlford and Vics have 2 Saturday home games. Huge difference in Income Saturday vs midweek. Kilbirnie the same.
  14. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    I thought this was a transfer thread?