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  1. Loosing teams always say that [emoji23]
  2. Well done Gartcairn and wee Davie Greg some result 2-3
  3. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Just saying what everyone thinks of you but pleas don't report me to admin like you do everyone else who answers you back
  5. Naw leave that to you
  6. Awe that crap you come away with to the other posters who come on to your thread just makes you look like your name FANNY of the JUNIORS
  7. Anyone ever told you yer a tosser oh aye everyone on pie n bovril nae wonder every supporter on here thinks that
  8. Good luck with your fundraising PJ you should ask Meadow if they can put a collection tin on bar I'm sure me and many other supporters would donate something towards your target
  9. Normal service has resumed
  10. Bye [emoji112] now job completed [emoji736]
  11. Nope [emoji12]easy pleased no won nowt and yer pleased = easy pleased [emoji16]
  12. Easy pleased come back when you win something
  13. Doing well how what you's won if it wiznae for your mate Darvel legend no body would give your thread a second look
  14. ADL medda won't be in it but Darvel will your right my second team Irvine Victoria mite be in it though [emoji12]
  15. Nothing against Darvel just your [emoji348] end of a mate who jumps on every thread with his crap input so am here and no going away [emoji12]