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  1. Darvel won a game lets give them the league now
  2. p***ks are us fud face
  3. As much as you like
  4. Your a p***k [emoji348]end even your own fans say you are [emoji348][emoji348][emoji348][emoji348][emoji348][emoji348]ennnnd
  5. Oh I won a game then u come on here fuds r you [emoji348]end your a feckin a disgrace to Darvel. YOU COME ON WHEN YOU WIN [emoji348]end
  6. Your correct but we've got the players who want to play for the jersey we will be fine
  7. Remember I told you down down down you only come on here when you win [emoji348]end
  8. The scarlet pimpernel returns did you win or something [emoji348]end
  9. Good luck today to Meadow in our first league game of the new season away to Troon #monthemedda
  10. Your mate [emoji348]end started the stalking no me just giving him some back
  11. Bad news for Darvel [emoji348]end looks like no changes this season
  12. It awe about the Darvel[emoji348]end no about the vale And the BIG THINGS HAPPENING [emoji348]end keeps telling us about
  13. Wrong thread for arguments guys
  14. Irvine Meadow have just had a temporary loan deal till end of season confirmed for Ross McKinnon from Elgin City. He is a left back/left midfielder. Previous clubs include East Kilbride BSC Clyde Dumbarton and Motherwell. Welcome to Medda Ross.