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  1. Now now children this is Darvel forums so give it a rest ffs
  2. You will know about being a dick was you that said Vics would stay up and medda would go down so who's the dick now [emoji23]
  3. Whit you trying to say tombo that we're all black manky bas-//-s here was me thinking you liked me as well ps I can tell you we are back on a sound financial footing but don't tell anyone on P&B [emoji106][emoji12]
  4. Didn't know Mark played for buffs before
  5. No a ban is a ban through all associations
  6. Heard mark Campbell is signing for buffs Pay as you play
  7. Hope he's coming back to the medda
  8. Irvine Meadow Pre Season Friendly Schedule. 2017/18. Sat 15th July Ashfield at home. KO 2pm. Wed 19th July Gartcairn at home. KO 7pm. Sat 22nd July Fauldhouse at home. KO 2pm Wed 26th July Maybole at home KO 7pm. Sat 29th July Haddington away. KO 2pm.
  9. Well ban me then save my eyesight reading your pish
  10. Wouldn't be minor if it cracked you on the coupon
  11. Time you were banned ya bampot
  12. Grow up ffs and talk about transfers
  13. Way before they knew the finalists
  14. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. Didn't you tell us when you were RRG that you'd have a ground in a couple of years and it's still not materialised - nothing against rob roy as a club just like to wind you up [emoji23][emoji12]