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  1. Glasgow City Council will host the Scottish Junior Cup 5th Round draw on Tuesday 31 January at 1.00pm in the City Chambers
  2. Correct stuarty I know nothing
  3. It's only a bit of banter he put a smiley [emoji4] after saying I know who you are for gods sake
  4. Now now girls settle down we are all entitled to our opinions and if the were all the same opinion it'll be a boring world
  5. Oh you know who he is must be shaking like a B&Q wardrobe noo [emoji23]
  6. And you lot beat us 1 out of 3 Never said we were great I leave that patter to you but one thing I'm absolutely sure about is we are much better than Darvel and always will be enjoy life in the ADL next season
  7. Aye yer shite Carluke gave a better account of themselves than your mob did
  8. No interested either your pie man giving you money or more pies to sell
  9. Because whittlets n awr are a much better prospect then you lot
  10. Would say if yer mate stopped concentrating on everyone else's team and being a knobend they wouldn't even remember who Darvel are just giving back what's being received
  11. Hope no
  12. Canny see you lot getting promoted so I won't need to worry
  13. Ya knob end [emoji12]
  14. Must say Carluke are a far superior team to Darvel no embarrassment they scored medda didn't I'd be more embarrassed if you lot had put Medda out
  15. I'm a knob ya knob English only . Darvel will never be better than ADL material at the least only because they can't go any lower [emoji12]