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  1. Queen's Park 2017/18

    The OS has announced that he's been signed to 4th December. Peculiar to say the least. Talking of absent friends, Assistant Coach Quinn hasn't been around the technical area recently. Surely not?
  2. Airdrie v Queen's Park

    We're definitely turning the tide. All we need to do is score more and let in less and victory is assured. Allez les 'Oops!
  3. Queen's Park 2017/18

    He is on loan Alf, but I don't remember anyone going on loan and coming back. I think it's a euphemism for "you're done here son".
  4. Queen's Park 2017/18

    Hope Bryan doesn't take that personally. [emoji4] really like the big fella and he had some great performances this season. Unfortunately it became the norm that a single mistake in a game became the talking point. I prefer to remember him for some epic tackles and a few tidy goals. Glad the club have given him the space to enjoy his football again.
  5. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    Granted it was in the soft category but Galt just moved the ball a split second before your man tackled and all he got was Davie's boot. That's all it need these days. Look on the bright side; your goalie got the biggest cheer of the day as a consequence.
  6. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    MotM is a sponsored event, often people who aren't fans. For some fans who sponsor, it's just a chance to get a fotie with their favourite player. Anton will get his share I'm sure. [emoji106]
  7. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    Cost. Opening the other side of the centre stand would require double stewards plus the food stands for the same amount of revenue. To the Ayr fans who moaned about the view, I just want you to know you're the first to have mentioned it since we stopped playing Clyde. Nothing more needs said. Search your souls.
  8. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    Positives today were playing football from the back through the midfield and alternating moves both up the wings but also through the centre channel. Resulted in a number of really good opportunities. Defence was solid with possibly only the second goal poor when they backed off the striker (becoming a trend). Even at that, losing two to a professional full-time club isn't a huge problem. If you can compensate at the other end. Frustration is evident but no shock. Gus has set every team he has ever coached to defend and then try to win. He's not going to change now. Like last season he's looking to have midfielders do the bulk of the scoring and yesterday was the best attempt yet. Four at the back with two attacking wing backs allowing Galt, Docherty (his best game in a QP jersey imho) and Brady all getting forward frequently and the reliable Fotheringham the only guard for the central defenders. So in Gus' mind he'll be content with the team's shape and effort and hugely disappointed with the finishing, which collectively was appalling. Here's the thing though. Midfielders see goals as fun and excitement, a bonus to some really fine passing or winning tackles. Only a single-minded striker, like Orr, will see it as his duty and the only measure of success. Gus will have to change mindsets of a quite a few players if midfield is where the goals are to come from. And an experienced coach should know that. As for our 'strikers' I'll go first and say what I'm sure many must think. Ewan MacPherson wouldn't get a game, on his own merit, at any other club in this division. No danger.
  9. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    Scoreline a bit harsh at the moment. Good chances missed plus one moment of slackness in defence. Story of our season so far. Still well in it. Shape and tactics spot on. Ian McColl raging🤣
  10. Queen's Park 2017/18

    Strollers having a better time than the big team
  11. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    I'll go with your first option.
  12. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    All very true Wee Sandy but scrutiny of the goals showed we did ourselves no favour. At the first, an experienced (ex-SPL) player is marking our goalie whilst giving plenty of space to the scorer. The second was down to the goalie. Couldn't understand at the time why he lifted his hands away and after three re-runs I still don't. Perhaps the worst example was the one that cracked off the post - two, experienced centre-backs back-pedaling and allowing the striker to get within shooting distance. Take nothing away from your boys, they did their jobs perfectly but there's plenty of room for improvement at the back for QP. If Ayr are lively up front as the guys here are saying, it might be another dull day.
  13. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    Gus is over-complicating things. Just get shot of the blue shirt and we'll be fine. In Hoops: 2-1 for QP In Blue: 1-6 for Ayr
  14. The Spiders v The mighty Raith

    I'm sure he'll sleep better now that I've endorsed his position[emoji6]
  15. The Spiders v The mighty Raith

    I was sitting near the tunnel. Walked in unaided, no coach attention etc. Went out for a warm-down a few minutes later. Looked fine.