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  1. Queen's Park 2017/18

    It's not too much to ask at all. Of course, lack of correct information only attracts speculation. It's not on the Airdrie site yet either so maybe it's not a thing. The Spider said no-one would be leaving unless Gus approved. That's probably all we need to know. Spare the rod, spoil the child. An unhappy ending if it turns out to be true. Let's remember the good times. Thanks Wullie.
  2. Queen's Park 2017/18

    Doesn't mince his words. Like it!
  3. Queen's Park 2017/18

    Ryan Docherty.
  4. Queen's Park 2017/18

    Ross Millen? Or was he the second one you refer to. Bailey never gets a mention in the pre-match as on the injury list.
  5. Arbroath v Queen's Park

    I don't think Gus was suggesting Arbroath were 'physical' in the sense of aggressiveness. The word he actualy used was physicality. We do have a very light side and also very young. I could see how you and others would interpret his deflection but in the context of other interviews QP fans see I think you're correct, he was gently avoiding saying we are not as muscular or physically well developed as many of the elder players you have as a team. I'll not say anymore about any other reasons we might not have won. Better team won, whatever the reasons. Personally, I think it went sour after half-time when the lads realised there was no steak & black pudding pies available. Shocking unsportsmanship from AFC.
  6. Arbroath v Queen's Park

    Almost a rerun of the game at the start of the season, except the weather bit. Lichties clearly better than QP and look more rounded than Alloa so a play-off place is yours to lose. Back to the training ground for us. Purple patch has gone to a pale lilac. Congrats to Magee on his first Senior goal.
  7. Queen's Park 2017/18

    The Spider was emphatic that players will only go if Gus lets them go so maybe there's new blood on the way in? Michael Bailey must be close to going too. Burns is suspended for tomorrow and Millen still in the stand. If Bailey doesn't get a start it's beyond doubt he's not part of the plan. Movement so far in L1 (SPFL.co.uk)
  8. Arbroath v Queen's Park

    Who's Clyde?
  9. Mighty QP v Skint Stranraer

    Buy Stranraer and call it Southside Wanderers.
  10. Bouncing back QP v The Dirty Rovers

    Not even going to go there. I'm sure it's a bit dark. We all need some help sometime though.
  11. Queen's Park 2017/18

    It's a tricky one. Spiers was pilloried for having too many youngsters, Gus went the other way but it seems to have settled a bit in the middle. I think if we were comfortably numb in a mid-table position with 6 games to go (the dream is still alive) Gus would probably do as you say but at the moment it's all about survival. As raw as leitch might seem he's more experienced than our development guys. It's also a risk to burn out young guys too early. Magee had a handful of very good games but got stung in the Ayr game against the best attack in the league. Each person handles stress differently. He's had a break and I expect him to start again on Saturday. There's also the angle of other clubs paying the wages and wanting their assets on view, either to develop or make some cash in a transfer. As for stepovers, I remember a young laddie, Portuguese I think, who frustrated Alex Ferguson at Man U for a while when he kept tripping over his feet. The boy stuck with it though and did quite well for himself, and his clubs.
  12. Queen's Park 2017/18

    The chat will move along to what Gus and his scouts can maybe bring to the party over the next few weeks in terms of short-term loans etc. Is there any young ambitious players in our squad likely to go in the other direction though?
  13. Mighty QP v Skint Stranraer

    Good post. Good to see guys on here that care about QP. Is that a wish for McGeever or do you have inside knowledge. He's still with Brechin and getting some coin. I'd have him back in a heartbeat but unless he wants to move, it's a long shot. If Gus does make a call to Brechin I'd really like Kalvin Orsi back too.
  14. Mighty QP v Skint Stranraer

    Since the EF game when the Mortimer/Donnelly act first showed itself we've scored 14 and lost 11 in 7 games. The previous 14 games we scored 9 and lost 33. 8 of those 14 games we didn't score any. I've no doubt Billy will be more frustrated than any fans. Meanwhile, the work he does opening up space, especially for Davie Galt and Luke Donnelly, is having an effect around him. It'll come.