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  1. My friend, "obviously an attempt to attract your attention, because I'd never be a friend of someone like you" You really do need to stop being such a sad individual. It's very easy on this forum to hold different views to the "echo chamber" and not be ridiculed for those views, you, however are incapable of doing anything, other than trolling- so f**k off. Strichener, for example, provides arguments & ideas that may be unpopular, but, he's not ridiculed as an arsehole,because, he's not. I'll listen to 20 Stricheners over you.
  2. It was Larson, cured everything.
  3. Gayist! Didn't hear you complaining up to the point when he "came out" last week.
  4. Did you pay full whack for such shit service?
  5. Are you from Montrose?
  6. I actually think I need to withdraw my previous comments about not acting like an arsehole with celebrities in a pub......but, I'll let the P&B masses decide. Mid nineties, I was heading off on holiday to Ibiza with a number of friends & our collective better halves. We met in a rather fantastic pub, right on the quayside in Gourdon, aptly named "The Harbour Bar" At that time, both Andy Gorams spent time their visiting a friend of his, to I'd imagine, remove themselves from the cauldron of West Coast pubs. Unfortunately, he/they seemed to crow about their position in life (a crippled alcoholic) and how it made it impossible for him to drink peaceably in Glasgow. Anyway, I already thought he was a massive w****r, so when he offered to buy all the impending holiday makers, I think 22 of us, a drink before we left, I politely said no thanks. He then called me an ungrateful ******. So, I guess he fell out with me, so he qualifies.
  7. You can fit far more in a pram, that's for sure!
  8. It's fuckin Donny you're dealing with. Ignore him. No chance of a coherent point, just more of the same- racist trolling. Pity the Sub-crawl team didn't allow him to get a pasting in Govan.
  9. The more likely situation
  10. Bus w****r
  11. Actually, they were transiting through Atlanta after a skiing holiday in Wyoming.
  12. Indeed, and when you view the photograph of them, you'll understand my confusion.