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  1. What does it say about me as a person?
  2. That sir, is a fantastic post. It doesn't really provide an answer to my original question, but enlightened nonetheless.
  3. How do you know that Israel doesn't hide these weapons in hospitals? The only acceptable answer will be that you have inspected ALL premises. I'm not getting into a whataboutery session with you, Hamas have their faults & are obviously a determined opposition to the Jewish state and will countenance any method to achieve this, but what separates their ideology to that of Israel regarding the 2 state option? Which Hamas want.
  4. Well, that's not really helpful at all. People in Roman Empirical times completely accepted homosexuality, but more recently it was seen as socially unacceptable. I agree that nowadays most sane people don't want to deal with the homophobes, racists etc. My question was, for the hard of thinking, if those attitudes won't change, why not? Sorry, I've been corrected and it was the Grecian Empire that found homosexual relationships acceptable, apologies for my mistake.
  5. Yes, it's a good service. They now also do a cash passport service, where you register in advance and get given a number, any mishaps and they guarantee to have cash to you within a few hours. Not sure of the charges but I'm pretty certain it's a lot less if you register in advance (for a nominal fee).
  6. Something that's been bothering me for ages, last 10 minutes if I'm honest, but I started thinking about the changes in attitude to certain things, and whether it's likely we regress in attitudes as (in my opinion) we have progressed in my lifetime, is it a natural cycle? Attitudes that I can think of that have progressed in my time. Racism- used to be socially acceptable to be a casual racist - not now. Homophobia- this is the thing that got me thinking on this, it's now socially unacceptable & quite rightly so, to have homophobic attitudes, indeed as recently as the 80's, many saw it as socially ok to not only be homophobic but to also espouse these feelings publicly. Yet, in times past, Roman Empire etc, it was completely normal & acceptable - why did this change? Drink Driving- now completely unacceptable, but fairly recently, ok. Will we ever regress back to the social norms seen in my lifetime, and if not, why?
  7. This. Also many money exchanges now offer a direct to account service from overseas, this depends on how trusting the recipient is, as you need account number, sort code etc for the destination account, I use this method to transfer money to my UK account from UAE but not sure if I'd dish the same details out to someone wishing to transfer money into my account. The latter method saves me a lot, as charges are based on the actual exchange rate & % of the sum involved- I think it was 1.2% the last large transaction I did. It takes 2 days to reach the destination account.
  8. No slur, I'm pretty sure that the Throbmeister lives a more charmed life than I, I can only dream of having romantic lunches in Wetherspoons, with a fat lass who has no desire to be with me & is (at the very least) getting finger banged in the works bogs by a smelly cyclist. After lunch I'd imagine we'd head home, only for us to be spied upon by a creepy bitch across the road. Then proceed to get paralytic on cheap red wine & left over Christmas sherry. No, my life is shite & id welcome a swap, but wouldn't really want his "Spice Carousel" Sorry throbs.
  9. Why would I want a hoe that only needs serviced every 10 years or so? But if I can get one that will last me out, be able to pass on to my children and only costs £1500, let me know.
  10. Thinking of spending around £1500-£2000 on a nice dress watch, any recommendations? For that cash I'm looking for something that is timeless (style wise), f**k buying a watch that is actually timeless. I also want one that will see me out & only needs serviced every 10 years or so.
  11. Why do you have pics of Philpy's toes?
  12. Or Western Union.
  13. Anyone that continues to raise concerns over immigration is neither enlightened or forward thinking, they are racist, xenophobes. Put that in your Shisha pipe & smoke it. All indicators suggest that multicultirism is positive- and before you start, for every example of negativity, there are 10 examples of the opposite.
  14. Very well reasoned and coherent post. Unfortunately, the first response was from TBK.
  15. I'd quite like to finger-bang Anna Whitely.