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  1. Very close, I'll give you it. It's a pile of beermats.
  2. No, no & no
  3. Closest yet.
  4. I'm gonna have to go in around 30 mins, so I'll give a clue- I'm doing what Shandon is doing now, I'm not at home. No, I'm not having a threesome with Mrs Par!
  5. Get off the Stella!
  6. I don't live in an 18th century croft! Oh, I should add, this picture wasn't taken in my house.
  7. And nippy, don't forget nippy!
  8. That reminds me of when I got arrested & banned from B&Q, the assistant approached me & asked if I wanted decking, so I got the first punch in. I'll get my coat - no not decking.
  9. This time tomorrow & I'll be on the plane! [emoji846]
  10. No, and not a plane either.
  11. No & no
  12. A fucking diving board!
  13. Nobody anywhere near yet.