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  1. Thanks pals
  2. You're not really hungover if you can consider drinking again.
  3. Hungover after 3 weeks off of bevy. This is pish. I'm off the drink again for the foreseeable.
  4. Nirvana are okay. Foo fighters are quite pish. Nickleback are fuckin rotten. H2H.
  5. You weren't with "shagger" with the tattoo though, were you?
  6. Yeah, most folk work so need to play at the weekends. Start early to try and get as much as played before it gets dark. You're on about cricket, right?
  7. Doubt it. Nothing's changed in Kirkcaldy in the last 40 year
  8. I thought it was to try and make sure folk have tv licenses (I didn't realise it was for the radio as well)?
  9. SA beat England by 3 runs! Scenes!
  11. Another mince roll, obviously. Nah, playtime was reserved for wagon wheels and the like. Just giving an example of what I consider to be traditional Fife, not the uppity picture you and, more so, Shandon paint.
  12. So hitting a Hibs fan with a chair is a crime now? Broken Britain.
  13. You two are a disgrace to Fife. Probably scoffed caviar and the like while the rest of us got mince on a roll. Pair of shitebags.
  14. Maybe she's from Lancashire and "were just telling our Sid it's raneng out"
  15. Scotrail are obviously trolling fucks. And I think we could be pals Busta. Dugs are not welcome on trains (again, except guide dugs).