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  1. Our school was a shithole, can mind there being a couple of gay guys but can't really mind them getting any abuse for it.
  2. Doing a pretty good job man. By the sounds of marks, cut and buff it out. Cost a tenner and take 15 mins. I do understand your annoyance to be fair but I'd just sort it myself providing it is very minimal.
  3. f**k that. Keep the dot system, get folk that are genuinely bothered about their* reputation on an internet forum tae f**k. * it's an anonymous forum, it's not actually your rep points.
  4. Finally happy with a Cathro post match press conference. Long and short of it, not good enough at all...lack of fight, passion, will change. GOOD! Fucking needs to after that shit show.
  5. It's even broken Elixir [emoji17]
  6. Been on the cornerstone razor you get through the door for a few weeks...was better than the disposables I was on before. Pretty smooth shave.
  7. Mom for us - Rab.
  8. There's absolutely no chance we'll get a second...
  9. Jesus this is grim.
  10. Double sub at half time. Currie and Nicholson on for Kitchen and Martin.
  12. Start emails the way you should, a simple "Ahoy there"
  13. No been that good.
  14. 36 minutes, two nil down, haven't had a shot. Not very inspiring thus far.
  15. Hit the three dots down the bottom right if your using the app, can turn it off.