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  1. Anyone able to point a guy in the direction of these pie reviews, or provide an example?
  2. Jesus, Dindy's bird is "one of those" c***s on Facebook. Braw cat though [emoji106]
  3. Not sure how legit this is but it's what I've seen going about
  4. Flying down to London tomorrow. Extra time to learn the rest of the words to sweet Caroline, and stormzy's latest banger. Seen Hearn saying the ringwalks are expected 10pm...
  5. First viewing I thought dive. Second viewing, contact but probably not enough.
  6. Lovely goal!!
  7. Didn't see an equaliser coming at all!
  8. Hummels makes it 2-1 with a great first time finish.
  9. 1-1 Martinez making up for his slack pass with a decent header.
  10. Munich v Dortmund on bt sport 3 if anyone who cares was unaware. Should be 1-0 Dortmund (unless Munich had a sitter in the very first couple of minutes)
  11. Wood working workshop shed rolls of the tongue beautifully.
  12. The time before last was my first time at the dentist for a year, wasn't as bad as expected. I went recently 6 months after for the check up...again expecting the worst but apparently all was well and the dentist was happy.
  13. Hopefully! Keep your shit off my desk, unless you want it to be punch in the puss time! I'm currently drinking the free shit work provides as I've run out of anything half decent. I wouldn't even be spilling nice coffee, winner! I haven't used a pencil in years, kept stabbing folk with them.
  14. Update; cunto just moved all his shit off my desk. It's a matter of time until there's stuff back on but for the meantime I can relax.