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  1. I cried when Mufasa died in the lion king. I would have been about 4 at the time, still mind it to this day. The b*****d scar will be issued a telt if I cross pass with him.
  2. Had never even heard of this pish until now. Still not sure I understand what it's about but f**k it, grown man wants to cut about in a cat costume then let him smash on.
  3. Those mindless fuckwits tend to stop all of a sudden with a gormless grin right in front of me. All the fuckin time.
  4. A shite left back and an up himself arsehole in to the bargain.
  5. Just started watching this, 4 episodes of the first series over the weekend. Enjoying it so far!
  6. Fuckin hell, that's a scary thought!
  7. "No..?" "No?! Okay, not to worry. Looking great pal"
  8. f**k all wrong with your eyesight at least!
  9. Christ, he must have got a pasting then! Sad state that bad decisions are almost expected.
  10. But he was at home..?
  11. Only got a draw? c***s can't even cheat right, where's the points decision for Stieglitz and my points in the predictor?!
  12. Think Andy Lee was 1/25 or something on sky bet. Jobber probably overestimating the boy based on that.
  13. Maybe reveal the guest curry early!
  14. Aye, spot on. Our British core that got us promoted is away...Ozturk, Pallardo, Gomis, Sow, Zeefuik. Who gives a f**k where folk are from and how is it relevant?
  15. Set an alarm for quarter past 2 as was planning a bit kip but as well staying up now...