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  1. Game on though? Probably not.
  2. A thunderb*****d of a hit.
  3. Soft but a pen I think.
  4. Fair pishing down. Probably tells you all you need to that the weather is getting comments
  5. Bayern looked a big shaky at the back but going to happen when they're 2-0 without getting out 2nd gear. If they step up then aye, you're right could be a hiding.
  6. Ribery is what, 30? 31? He has a number 7 shaved in to his head. I hate that ugly f**k.
  7. Will go Crawford ko. Think TCK is probably right with points but f**k it, get him stopped Terence.
  8. Chips
  9. f**k sake. I've got them on my coupon and picked in the predictor I think.
  10. Still seeing enough of that dug about the forum though. We're here to see the smudger anyway.
  11. Seen this on the other thread first - liked on both. I expect at least one back in due course. Anyway, I hope the loma rigo goes ahead! Could end up being a really good year for boxing 2017.
  12. Can always just do another one though, Miguel [emoji106]
  13. Week 1: Queen of the South Week 2: Ayr Week 3: Stirling Albion
  14. Fatties in search of cheap chips will soon stop going to the shop if there's never any chips.
  15. A colleague has penned on the communal sugar tub thing "please don't leave coffee bits in the sugar - thanks". Firstly, how much of an issue is this? Just lean the tub? Secondly, "bits"?! Granules m7, granules.