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  1. whisky lovers

    So would certainly be better spending a few more quid for it than buying a blend.
  2. top 5 elvis songs

    Burning love Way on down American trilogy Wonder of you If I can dream
  3. top 5 liked European Football Club Teams

    Metz ( cos Eric black played for them) Liverpool. Juventus Ajax Bayern munich
  4. whisky lovers

    Was in aldi yesterday, I have always been curious about thier glen marnoch range, anyone tried it is it a good drop for the price They have Sherry cask stuff was going to give a shot
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Worse than that is that your brain tells your mouth to bloody swallow something that's too hot.
  6. Lets talk about petrol stations!

    Always on the opposite sidevof your exhaust tail pipe
  7. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Gilliam has some front linkage for the size of her. She must be due to be in calf again. My top 5 Kirsteen Big kawser Anne Cat Gillian
  8. Scotland World Cup Quiz

    Got them all with 16 secs to spare
  9. Fraud

    Two people I know have had thier cards cloned at the shell filling station just up from the morrisons in Dundee.
  10. Got some Edinburgh castle ale from aldi. Absolutely love it anyone know if this can be purchased online anywhere?
  11. Newspaper Headlines

    Was it true that whilst manager at man city there was a headline " Keegan axes dickov after string of poor performance s"
  12. New Kits for 17/18

    I recall thee ribero Airdrie shirt that was a lovely thing. And you forgot asics the Dundee utd kit was good
  13. c***s in shops

    I love it when they are queued waiting for pump at the side if thier filler cap and I go to one in opposite side if my one a stretch it across I always make sure I make eye contact as they sit and look stupid.
  14. Jimmy Calderwood

    Yes the same " terrible" attitude he showed Ryan o Leary when he had a mental illness.
  15. Jimmy Calderwood

    So he has an illness that makes him get a north Korean leaders haircut. And will cause him to forget why he was sacked by Aberdeen And forget certain decisions and results that happened in a match fixing scandal . Aye poor c**t.