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  1. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    I'd be delighted with Michael o Neill, ex Aberdeen players( albeit a month) He
  2. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Proof malky Mackay is a reformed man, He appoints a Black as his assistant
  3. whisky lovers

    The three wood isn't produced anymore.
  4. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    That's big kawser
  5. He used to keep the in Iraq. Now they are where tariq azis
  6. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Big kawser looking great last few days, And stumbling over her script too.
  7. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Well its finally good to see McGhee f**k off, Where do we go there are several young Scottish coaches.who I want to see involved in the international set up. We all know the SFA they will appoint Moyes. But I'd like to see McAllister, Collins, Lambert, Black, Caldwell, Neill, they could all be invited to get togethers
  8. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Now you should know by now. On this thread she is known as big kawser.
  9. Next Manager To Be Sacked

    If the new stadium is not approved McInnes will be off. Which may well coincide with rangers requiring a new manager
  10. Radio

    Heather dewar on the sports bullet in. A sexier voice on radio I've yet to hear
  11. Radio

    Radio 2 for ken Bruce and Jeremy vine. Breakfast time radio Scotland and drive time. If listening in evenings, get it on .Friday nights radio 2 sounds of the 80s. And of late have been listening to original 106. Quite often
  12. Barry Robson with sheerin may be a partnership for you
  13. whisky lovers

    So would certainly be better spending a few more quid for it than buying a blend.
  14. top 5 elvis songs

    Burning love Way on down American trilogy Wonder of you If I can dream
  15. top 5 liked European Football Club Teams

    Metz ( cos Eric black played for them) Liverpool. Juventus Ajax Bayern munich