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  1. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    love her muff!
  2. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    its been on this forum i read it.
  3. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Unbelievable to think that Chris McLaughlin is riding that
  4. McLeish's coaching team.

    Roy Aitken? The c**t that thought Paul bernard was a million pound player.
  5. McLeish's coaching team.

    im a great advocate in inviting different coaches to each get together. giving us different ideas and maybe even allowing them the chance to see if the national job is something theyd want in the future. billy mckinlay. eric black. alan irvine. jack ross. tony docherty. john collins. gary McAllister. the likes of them
  6. think of a slang terminology for a lesbian that rhymes with bike!
  7. been on a long time only heard about p and b on off the ball. got a two week suspension for a remark i made regarding ruth davidson on a quad bike.
  8. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Gary Caldwell spoke to Regan about the job last November
  9. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    I've always had a strange hankering for sports presenter Jane Lewis.
  10. whisky lovers

    tamnavoulin 10 yr old in lidls £20.
  11. oh yes ive always liked her and her colleague Louise lear.