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  1. Rip ando Lochee United

    Sad news. RIP Ian.
  2. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Marvellous report - and what a day. Its been a pleasure watching Musselburgh this year. Very proud of you all on Saturday.Well done everyone.
  3. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Classy. Thank you JC
  4. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Personally I thought Haddington were pish today. No boasting but they were rank rotten / absolutely no threat.
  5. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Reallly good management and coaches in place. And a brilliant squad. Happy days. It’s all looking good down at The Arena. Great buzz about the place with everyone enjoying it. That’s what it’s all about.
  6. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Boys a comedian
  7. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Still top of league by a country mile.
  8. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    400 [emoji23]. At least you have a sense of humour pat
  9. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Natural Order
  10. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Embarrassing. Show Case signing gone all wrong. Shame for the proper fans. Unfortunately Tranent have made fools of themselves again.
  11. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    What’s it got to do with you? We have signed 3 proper Players. They will be paid. Unlike that joker Black who won’t because he can’t play. I’d rather have a proper Chairman and a well run club instead of some wee team that think above their stations. Good luck my friend but we all know it’s going to implode again. I wish you all the best.
  12. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    And when said sponsor walks away (which he will) it will go completely tits up. Again.
  13. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

  14. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Seemingly The Painter can’t make his debut or even start/sign for the Noisy Neighbours - because he’s played for 2 teams already this season. Shame that, because I’d like to have seen him get his arse kicked up and down the place at The Arena. Another publicity stunt that had blown up in their faces. They’ll learn eventually [emoji23]
  15. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    On a separate note. Tranent have kindly put on a bus to pick Musselburgh fans up to take us to Olivebank next Saturday It will leave from The Ship at 1:40pm.