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  1. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Went to see Haddington play Vale of Clyde today, with the home team winning 3-1 to progress to the 4th round of Junior Cup. Although overall Haddington deserved their victory, I thought it was a tough first half. Vale of Clyde probably the better of the two sides, in the early stages and were unlucky to go in at half time 1-0 down. Second half, Haddington started to play better, helped out a lot by scoring the 2nd at around 50 mins., with the 3rd goal coming with about 20 mins to go. Vale of Clyde got their consolation goal with 15 minutes of the match remaining. Although scoring 3, I thought the two best players for Haddington were the goalkeeper, whose name I forget, and the no. 4 Hamill. I know it was a cup tie, but if Haddington get promoted, the goalkeeper will be amongst the best in the Super League. He had four great saves and a number of other good saves throughout the match. Hamill strolled through the match, nearly winning all tussles with different Vale of Clyde players. His only blemish was a dreadful pass back to the keeper, which allowed V of Clyde to get there goal. Coldest day so far this season for watching football! Well do Haddington, and all best in the 4th round.
  2. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Three East Lothian teams playing in Junior cup today. All best to Haddington, Dunbar and Tranent and hope all three are in the 4th round draw in a couple of week’s time.
  3. Games Off

    You laugh because Broxburn game is off as hardly the worst frost ever, yet say nothing on your comment re Tayport game being off? There are 13 miles between Bo’ness and Broxburn. Darvel game is on whilst Hurlford/Musselburgh game is off - only 7 miles difference between two clubs. So, why laugh at Broxburn. Remember that although Broxburn is not grass, it must now be the worst artificial in junior football, so not surprising the ground will be slippy on a day like this.
  4. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Plan B - you’ve sold your vision of managing Fauldhouse so much, that the committee are erecting a huge marquee over Park View, so the pitch is the only grass pitch playable in junior football this weekend? Plan C - Luncarty want the match to go ahead just as much as Fauldhouse, so have agreed, on a one off basis, that if Park View is unplayable, the match will be decided by a full squad participation of subbuteo?
  5. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Unless your town has up sticks and perhaps moved to Fakenham, me thinks that Mr Weatherman is totally playing you FU! You may have to settle for a pint and watch Australia being beat by Scotland at Murrayfield, in the comfort of the Howff!
  6. Scottish Cup Weekend

    It doesn't. Three kettles of water poured down and the drainage struggles!
  7. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    And that’s how a report should be written!
  8. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Too much detail in what I write JC. I just get carried away with the enjoyment of watching my team!
  9. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    So, to the match. Musselburgh seem to have picked on its best 11 or 12 players, according to the management team, with Jed Davie being the absent 12th man! I wouldn’t argue with the majority of these players, though I would always have Skip in my team! Anyway, when the match kicked off, for the first 10 minutes, it all seemed to be Musselburgh as the dominant team. Then, the lights seemed to go out, with the rest of the half going to Fauldhouse. Although Musselburgh had most of the initial play, the first real chance fell to Fauldhouse, in around 10 mins, with their number 11, Bennett, having a great chance to put The Hoose 1-0 up, but Ally Adams, dived to his left for a great save. A couple of minutes later, another shot but this time, the ball went soaring over the Burgh bar. Musselburgh’s first real chance came in 16mins when from a corner kick, the ball came to Jonno, but with the ball hitting either his head or chest, the shot went just past the post. By this time, Fauldhouse were on the ascendancy, and in 18minutes, from the Fauldhouse keeper, ball went up left wing, and the no. 9 had a shot which went across the penalty box; and a minute later, the no.6 got the ball passed the Burgh defence, but hit his shot straight to Ally. In 25 minutes, a throw in from Michael, the ball came to Matti, who hit a shot, but keeper was close by, and put it out for a corner. From there, ball played to Brad D whose shot went way over bar. In 30 mins, a breakaway up the field by the Hoose, ball to Bennett, for shot which Ally dived for an easy save. A couple of of shots by opposing sides, saw shots again go over the bar. Game was fast flowing now, and in 41minutes, the no. 5 met the ball from a cross, when just about on the couch line, but his header went just by the wrong side of post for the Hoose. A couple of minutes later, and another attack by Fauldhouse, but from within the penalty box, the ball again went over the bar. So, half time, and perhaps one of the Burgh’s poorest 45mins of season, And Fauldhouse must have wondered how the match was still 0-0. Had they had their scoring boots on....? Second half was much better for Musselburgh. However, first chance again went to the Hoose, who should have went 1-0 up but the no.7 hit a poor shot straight to Ally. Musselburgh had a couple of shots, again both going over the bar, and then came the first goal of the game. Ball came to the Hoose, no.9, in the box, who turned the defender, shot past Ally’s right had side and inside the post to go 1-0 up. However, this was shortly follwwed by an equaliser by the dependable Matti, who rounded the keeper and shot to make it 1-1. Matti was as animated as I have ever seen him, as were a number of players, which showed just how much the equaliser meant to the team. In 60minutes Gary C went off for Skip, and soon after Bradley W had a shot which brought out a great save by the Hoose keeper. In 62mins, their no.7 was needlessly booked for staying to close to the ball when a free kick was awarded. 5 mins later and sub for the Hoose- no. 12 on for no. 10. 71mins saw Matti with another chance, but blocked by defender; then soon after Stephen made good move up left hand side, and ball into Matti, whose shot made a great save from their keeper. Matti then went off injured with Ralton replacing him. In 78 mins, in quick succession the Hoose’s no. 7 & 11 had chances but nothing came of either. Then in 82 mins, Musselburgh hit the bar, from a shot by Michael, following good play on the right hand side. A couple of minutes later Skip on left hand side had shot saved by keeper. In 83minutes, The Hoose had a good move down the left hand side, but in the penalty box, Brad made a great saving tackle. Then up the other end, Ralton ran into the box, with keeper coming out to make a sliding save. With 3mims left, same player had another shot which went just wide. in 88 minutes, the number 3, for the Hoose, Brown, who for me was their best player, was subbed, with the no. 14 coming on. This was soon followed with Michael being booked for a late tackle. Final whistle went with score 1-1. Not sure what was said at half time, but what an improvement in the 2nd half for Musselburgh. At half time, you would easily have said if there was going to be a winner, that the boys in Red would be victorious. Overall, I would say that a draw was the right result, and with 3rd place Haddington also drawing, no change in the top 3 of the premier league. Some supporters were saying that the pitch was probably too heavy for the match to have gone ahead. I say, that whilst not vintage football; given the amount of shots by both sides, albeit that most didn’t hit the target, and the fact that the ball went from end to end so many times, that the right decision was made. Well done to the committee, and well done to both teams for putting on a good match.
  10. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    First time I visited Park View was around 1987. At that time, I knew the treasurer of Fauldhouse, who gave me a few history lessons of days gone by; including some great victories, and some massive crowds, when compared to today. Then, fans used to stand right next to the touch line, and the place could be seen as intimidating for opposition teams to come to. However, I’ve been back a few times between then and now and I am struck by what a friendly welcome you receive when entering the ground. So, I was surprised today when approaching the ground, to hear the sound of a gruff voice, which bellowed CASEY JONES, YOUR BARRED! luckily it was my pal, the gateman, so all was well. He told me there was genuine concern this morning that the game may not go ahead, so, all credit to the hard working member should of Fauldhouse for getting the game on today. Another thing I learned today, is that Fauldhouse is 740 feet, above sea leve, and as Park View seems to be sited above the high street, then maybe a few more feet can be added to that figure; hence the reason why on days like this, without committee members (and others?) a few more game days like this,could be void of matches. I salute you all!
  11. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Match day, and probably game of season so far in Premier league as 2nd plays 1st. Benny, hope your squad is ready and waiting at 12.15 for bus, and in full voice to cheer on the Burgh as we travel to take on The Hoose. Can’t wait!
  12. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    BBC weather forecast for Friday doesn’t look great for Fauldhouse. Hope it’s wrong, as want the match to go ahead. Go the Committee!
  13. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Looking forward to Saturday's match already - firstly; receiving a warm welcome by my pal the gateman; and secondly, seeing the progression of JC's new(ish) team. Fauldhouse (2nd) v Musselburgh (1st) Fauldhouse have played 5 league matches at home this season, winning 4 and losing 1. Goals for 16; Goals against 8. Musselburgh have played 5 league matches away this season, winning all 5; Goals for 16; Goals against 2. Just by going with the goals for stats, hopefully a high scoring match in prospect - and a bigger hope that Musselburgh come away from Park View with a victory, or at least keeping our undefeated tag, in the league intact.
  14. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    When I was a wee bit younger, I played team football regularly for about 15 years - I was quality if I say so myself - well no one else is going to say it! Mainly played in defence, or sometimes in midfield, cause of my silky skills. Never played in goals (I) cause I wa [email protected] in that position, and (II) if you are not the no.1 then it is the worst position to have in football, cause you seldom get match time! The last competitive match Asher Tufail played, was on 2nd September, in the 1st round of this cup away to St Andrews. Given that Crossgates, are in the South Division, the management team seemed confident enough to make six changes from last week’s match, with Asher being one of these players. With Mathu King on the subs bench, Michael Moffat was captain for the day. With it being 11 November, as with all other Junior football matches, there was a minute silence before kick-off. Crossgates had an early chance, in 4 minutes, to go one nil up, as Bradley Donaldson, brought down a player in the penalty box. Asher made a great save. Although diving to his right, he saved the ball with his foot, and ball was cleared out for a throw-in. After this was taken, Asher made another save, so two shots on target, produced no goals for Crossgates. Musselburgh’s first real chance for Musselburgh came in 17 minutes, when Jed Davie had a shot from outside the penalty area. However, the ball went over the bar. Then in 20 minutes, a move down the right hand side, saw Michael pass the ball to Stephen MacDonald, whose shot was saved by the goalkeeper. In 26 minutes, a quick move down the centre of the pitch, found the no. 9 for Crossford just outside the box. He tried a wee chip over Asher, but the ball went over the bar. Seven minutes later, Musselburgh went 1-0 up. Close to the penalty area, Gary Cherrie, chipped the ball to Stephen, who hit the ball across the right hand side of the goalkeeper and into the net. Stephen seems to have a bit of a cult following from a number of supporters, ( a bit older than the young team who stood there a couple of years ago) at the right hand side of the shed - who rejoiced in signing USA USA USA! Certainly doing their bit in making him feel at home! In 36 minutes, Jed had a chance to make it 2-0, but his shot was easily saved by the keeper. Then two minutes later, the ball was in the Musselburgh box, but Michael slid in to prevent the ball coming over and out for a corner, which didn’t yield anything. Second half started with Crossgates appearing to be in the ascendancy. In 58 minutes, from a Crossgates corner, Jed headed the ball off the goal line, but in the ensuing few seconds, the ball then came off the Musselburgh crossbar. With Crossgates still in attack, the next corner, required another clearance to stave off the chance of an equaliser. In 65 minutes, good play by Skip, who eventually passed to Stephen, who crossed ball into penalty box from right hand side. The keeper just got the ball ahead of Mathu King, who was just on as sub. Then in 67 minutes, probably a deserved equaliser came. There was a move up the left hand side, which came towards Andrew Watt, who chipped the ball, from the arc, outside the box, and ball ended up in the net. In the first half, the no. 9 took a wee bit of stick, in good fettle, from the cult group, regarding his liking for a pie or three. Now he was having his own bit of comeback! There were a few other chances from either side, but match ended 1-1. In the Fife and Lothian’s cup match at Haddington, 24 penalties were taken, with Haddington eventually winning 10-9. Today, 10 penalties were taken, but this time, Musselburgh won 4-3, with penalties scored by; Matti, Stephen, Michael and Brad D! Crossgates probably felt they should have taken something from the match, but onwards for Musselburgh, and into the next round of the East of Scotland cup!
  15. East Premierleague 2017/18

    No argument there brycey - result of the day without doubt! Haddington are also very much in the running to push current top two in Premier league foe either automatic promotion or play-off position at least.