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  1. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Good posts black and red. I think on the balance of play Musselburgh deserved to win. I don’t think I’ve said anywhere that that Blackburn are a bad team. If anyone looks at the fixtures that Musselburgh has played this season, you would see that, apart from last week’s cup match at Haddington, our most convincing performances have been away from home. Apart from our cup game to Newburgh, and the first league match against Tayport, all our wins at home have been with a one goal margin, including Saturday’s match. In their last two league matches, Blackburn beat Fauldhouse 4-0,away, and drew at home to Haddington. As Haddington has been the best team that Musselburgh have played all season, I was under no illusion that Saturday’s match would be hard. Doesn’t mean that I am wrong to say that we deserved the win on Saturday. Our performances have slipped in the last 3matches, but the pleasing thing is that we have still won 9 out of our 10 league matches this season. That is not being big headed, just a fact. As my buddy at Fauldhouse has said, we still have to met, Fauldhouse, Haddington and Tranent home and away, and the return match away to Blackburn. All will be tough, massive matches, but games like these are part and parcel of the league campaign. I have to be pleased we sit at the top the league after 10 matches, all through playing good football and getting the results that matter; even when our form dips.
  2. East Premierleague 2017/18

    The quotes from Liar Liar went meant to be a bit of fun Burnie, just like the film itself! Other comments are my opinion and said the way I felt about the match. Last year, Musselburgh either lost or drew a number of games, when we were in winning positions, and drawing so many of these matches, was the main reason for being relegated. We have learnt from that this season, and that is the main reason why we are doing so well this year.
  3. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Didn’t comment on your original post Burnie, as I agree that it is all about opinion If we all agree, then posts on P&B would be at a minimal. However, I do feel on the balance of play for the whole 90 minutes, and not just for a 45 minute period, Musselburgh deserved the win. If we were to give points just for how we got on in the first or second half, then points system would get complicated. One of the points I raised was about comments on a Twitter feed and the Blackburn fan on your team’s website. Both mention that Burgh ‘happy’ to run the ball near to the corner area at the end of the game. Tell me in a crucial league/ cup match that Blackburn wouldn’t have done that in the same scenario? Even though I felt we deserved all 3 points, why would I want my team to do something stupid, that perhaps gave the ball away, and Blackburn go up the field and get an equaliser? I come on P&B most weeks to try and promote my team prior to a match, telling who we play. Then after the game, I come back on and give my comments. I think I am fair and give a honest assessment of the match, even when Musselburgh get nothing for a match. I have said before when I thought we hadn’t played well and don’t always give praise to my team/ players.
  4. East Premierleague 2017/18

    “And the truth shall set you free!l” Quote from Liar Liar! Well said that man! I am maybe biased but I can’t see where Blackburn were, either the better side, or should have got something from yesterday’s match. Thought Musselburgh dominated the first half, without being great in the penalty area. Yes Blackburn did hit the bar, but how many other clear chances did they have? Second half was much closer between the two teams, but again, Musselburgh had more chances in front of goals. Before being subbed, Conor Thomson should have had a hat trick and that was before Blackburn scored their penalty to make it 2-1. On a couple of other sites, there are also comments about Musselburgh taking the ball into the corners near the end of the match, Don’t want to break bad news. to the Blackburn faithful, but this isnt a new phenomenon and other teams have been known to do the same!
  5. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Apart from Fauldhouse, we’ve played the next top 4 teams this season, and due to play Tranent away in the league next week. On reflection (so far!) I think that the current top 3, Musselburgh, Fauldhouse and Haddington will remain in the top 3, at the end of the season. Maybe not in the same positions, but hopefully all 3 will be in the Super League next year. Still 2/3rds of season to go, so we’ll see if I am correct or not!
  6. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    So, for avoidance of doubt, my thoughts as a fan, is that Musselburgh deserved the win today against Blackburn. A couple of comments on another site seems to suggest that Blackburn deserved a draw? Based on the first half alone, not a chance! Musselburgh played some great football, and granted that we only went in1-0, I couldn’t see anything other than a victory after 90 minutes. Conor Thomson with 2 goals, and should have got a hat trick in the 2nd half. Blackburn’s consolation goal was a penalty in the 73 minute. Another hard league match next week, with a derby match away to Tranent.
  7. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    so yea ave nae emigratit Brycey! A mis yer posts oan p&b! Hope yea njoyed the match at hiddenton the day!
  8. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Good of you coming on and giving your view after a match Jc! Thats 2 weeks in the row that Haddington has played a top 2 team at home, and not conceded a goal in 90 minutes. Haddington are undefeated in 6 home league matches this season, so no team is going to get an easy match at Millfield. You’ve got to be proud of what Fauldhouse has done this season, so far.
  9. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    League match against 4th place Blackburn on Saturday. Musselburgh last played Blackburn almost 6 months ago in the 1/4 final of the F&L cup, winning 3-0. Hopefully we can put Saturday's cup defeat against Haddington behind us, and collect 3 points, and another step forward towards Super League matches next year. MTB!
  10. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Glad it was a cup match fu, though obviously it would have been better for Musselburgh had we been in the draw for the next round. Super Saturday coming up, with a chance of the top 2 to go further in front of the chasing pack, or the opposite, where Haddington and Blakburn could close the gap at the top to 2 and 4 points respectively. Recent results prove that there is still along way to go this season, but 3 points for Musselburgh against Blackburn could be vital as we move forward.
  11. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    So woke up this morning to my 12 day on the trot feeling p1sh and sorry for myself, with originally having a cold, moving to a sinus infection and asthma which both now require medication to get me better! However, I was hoping some alternative medicine would help in the way of a cracking cup match between Haddington and Musselburgh. Haddington have scored an average of 4 goals per game at Millfield this season, in their 6 matches so far, with Musselburgh also scoring an average of 4 goals away from home, albeit in 5 games played. Around 2 hours before kick off, the sun came out, and with what seemed a good attendance at kick off, what could possibly go wrong?! At end of 90 minutes, the game finished 0-0, and only Musselburgh’s 2nd scoreless draw in 12 matches this season. Musselburgh had the better of the first half, but for some reason, didn’t seem to trouble the keeper that much. The problem with that, was that although playing, the Hihi keeper seemed to be injured, as their first goal kick was taken by a defender. Ally noticed this, yet even though he shouted this to our players, none of them seemed to take any notice, when pressuring him when he had the ball may have yielded some positive results. Haddington were getting annoyed with the amount of times they were being penalised for off side, but instead of taking stock of these decisions, it always seemed to be the linesman’s fault. Second half progressed roughly the same, without as much offside decisions. Musselburgh just about were the best side again, but, and I may have missed some, the only time the Hihi keeper seemed to have to make a good save was in the last minute, diving to put the ball away for a corner. Two players were sent off in the second half, Chris Gray of Musselburgh and Robert Wilson from Haddington. So, it went to penalties, with the first 23 penalties all being on target, and 4 of these were saved, 2 each by the goalkeepers. The 24th penalty hit the post, so Haddington ended up winning 10-9 on penalties! Good luck to the Hihi’s in the next round. Hopefully when we meet up next, perhaps in the league, that it will be a much better spectacle over 90 mins. Three observations from today’s match. 1. We missed Mathu King being on from the start. 2. It would be interesting if our ‘camera man’ wishes to endure watching a repeat of the game, not sure if I would, to see how many times our replacement centre forward passed the ball back instead of trying to tackle a defender heading towards the goal line, and perhaps a shot on target! 3, My old or continuing bug bare arose again today. Coming up to 35 minutes into the first half and we are awarded a free just outside the penalty box, on the left hand side of the field. Connor Thomson takes control of the ball, and Ally, who has travelled down near to the half way line, speaks to Connor saying hit the target, and repeats this, as he crouches down. Connor takes the free kick, and the wall does what it’s meant to do, with one of the Haddington players getting a head to the ball. The result of this is that Haddington make a breakaway down their left hand side, and it is one on one player from each side chasing the ball, with Ally remembering that he should be in his penalty box and starts to run back. A speculative shot is made, that if hitting the target would have made it 1-0 to Haddington, as Ally hadn’t arrived back by that time. Luckily the shot went wide! Hey ho! Next week sees us back in league action playing Blackburn, currently in 4th position. Another though game in prospect. However, should Mathu be back in the starting line up, I am confident the three points will be ours at the final whistle.
  12. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    I wrote the word ‘pay’ instead of ‘play’ in my original post. If that was worth the time for you to post your reply then sorted it for you, Cheers for being in dictionary corner last night!
  13. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Have seen Haddington in pre-season against Bonnyrigg, winning 2-1, and then Kinnoull, winning 6-0. Both matches were at Millfield and both well deserved victories. In these matches, Haddington played quick attacking football, with quick passing, and not frightened at taking the game to the opposition. They were good to watch, particularly in the match against Bonnyrigg, and the 2nd half against Kinnoull, after a slow first half. Most of the Musselburgh fans will remember the centre half, Robert Wilson, who is currently on loan to Haddington from Berwick Rangers. Robert played a big part in the season we last reached the Scottish cup final, so Haddington have a fine player to rely on. Not sure if Jack Gillon, also Berwick is still on loan as well. So, looking forward to a good match,and hopefully Musselburgh’s unbeaten run in league and cup this season will continue. Only a 20 minute drive down to Millfield so hope for a good away support to cheer on the Burgh!
  14. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Naw bother. East coast hospitality at its best! I’ll even supply the paper towels!
  15. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Always look forward to the Scottish and as Darvel are in a similar league to Musselburgh it should be a cracking tie! Should be an abundance of hot water, but should there be an issue, the Firth of Forth is only a 300 yard walk from Olivebank !