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  1. Girvan

    I believe Paterson was relieved of duty’s last and gallagher told the committee today that he would be leaving for girvan
  2. ADL Season 17/18

    It is there’s no hot water in one of the changing rooms. So unless it is fixed for then we won’t be able to play it don’t want reported again
  3. ADL Season 17/18

    That’s what happens when you pay them extra you could donate some of that ticket money you make to the refs and they will do the same for yous
  4. ADL Season 17/18

    Other than the penalty decision think our keeper had one fantastic save all game as did your keeper so as chances goes it was pretty level. Playing the better football doesn't win games
  5. Game off

    have been told the work will be finished on the 9th so we are banking on this happening
  6. ADL Season 17/18

    Our changing rooms will be fixed for the 10 of may the sjfa have been told this Any midweek will be welcome after that
  7. ADL Season 17/18

    They put pictures of the waterlogged park on Twitter mate
  8. ADL Season 17/18

    A wouldn’t go explaining your self to the ticket boy or anybody else at the mighty Whitletts yes there’s a good few people at the club but others that wouldn’t know what it’s like to try and keep on top of there own ground
  9. ADL Season 17/18

    Any of yous want the proof yous are welcome to come up and inspect them and it was sr that told us we can’t have games without changing area
  10. ADL Season 17/18

    You take time out your busy day and come inspect the changing rooms wasn’t that when the famous dam park wasn’t playable it happens deal with it
  11. ADL Season 17/18

    And still claim your the reason the systems fucked
  12. ADL Season 17/18

    You could put your benefits towards it
  13. ADL Season 17/18

    There’s well over £3000 worth of work needing done. If we got anybody to interfere with there work they may fix the rest
  14. ADL Season 17/18

    It’s a council building out with our control and we are being told it could be may before there fixed unfortunately our council don’t give us everything as and when we want it
  15. ADL Season 17/18

    Sr has been informed 2 or 3 times about them