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  1. Agree the ref was shit but he did give you a soft penalty. If Fraser get booked a lot for talking back to refs he needs pulled up about it, if I was a manager I would be raging - no point in arguing with the ref even if he is wrong as he will never change his mind.
  2. The chairman said in the last Spartans programme that City had asked for use of Ainslie during the Meadowbank rebuild.
  3. Now were taking that would get an 11 out of 10
  4. He wouldn't have got a pie they were sold out at half time
  5. Forgot to mention the soup I would have given that a 9 or 10 excellent. Just seen your wee cartoon better hope Gary dosn't read this or the fanzine
  6. The mince pie at Montrose yesterday tasted decent but had the usual Links Park failing on having a gallon of grease inside it. Luckily I avoided a near accident by diverting the grease onto the path
  7. The steak pies taste great but you understand why they give you a plate with it once the gravy starts to flow
  8. BJesus never heard from you in a while
  9. I've always thought it was a daft rule Oz but as Muzz says Fraser should have known better, his first was for saying something to the ref at the first red card. An experienced pro who as I say got sent off for two needless bookings.
  10. 2nd yellow for celebrating with their fans.
  11. Don't have the exact count YF but as you say the Berwick one is the only one he's missed and was unlucky coming off the underside of the bar.
  12. Don't know if Brett is the designated penalty taker after his one at Berwick hit the bar Todorov took the next one against Montrose the following week. Today's was the first one since then and with Todorov back at Hearts i've no idea who's meant to take them.
  13. I agree with you about making your own luck and the table dosn't lie, we should have won today but we didn't no sob stories from me 316. Just pointing out that the sending offs in the two games mentioned came too late to make any real difference. There was only a couple of minutes left after Fraser was sent off today and the other one was also in the closing 10 minutes.