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  1. Lineswoman surely Wullie A good Fifer from Thornton. What a day that was at Hamilton we got the bus to go through the Toon and EEP on the way back
  2. 15 points from 10 games (including the win at Berwick when he watched from the stand). Pld 10 W 4 D 3 L 3 F 12 A 8 Pts 15 Only poor performance he has had was the 2-0 loss to Montrose and the 1st half v Arbroath last week (with Renton missing). Going into next week his away record is Pld 5 W 3 D 1 L 1 F 9 A 3 Pts 10
  3. Hopefully the club will appeal Rutherford's red card, a booking for sure but it looks to me that the Forfar bench jumping onto the pitch went against Shaun making the whole thing worse than it was. Great goal by Robbie and Kyle was unlucky with his shot which came off the bar and a great save at the end from Jamie about the only thing he had to do in the 90 minutes. A good all round team effort everyone gave their all. All to play for next week at Borough Briggs, when Gary Locke took over when we were 7 points adrift few would have expected us to still have a chance going into the last game but him Billy and Zorro have turned things around to their credit. Next week sort of minds me of 2013 when we had to win and Hamilton and hope that Airdrie got a result against the Pars at EEP and both happened. We just have to go out and win next week, our home record is better than our home one, and hope that City and Montrose win the other games. Montrose need a win to keep in the play offs and City still have a chance of finishing sixth and i'm sure captain Dougie Gair will want to end his 13 years with them with a win. On a side note today the SPFL had a sign with League 2 Champions at CP today incase Forfar won the league could be heading into s skip near you soon.
  4. Sorry to spoil your lovefest at Broadwood
  5. Nearly there keep the faith.
  6. I did say on here a while back that Arboath would win the title.
  7. Kelty was the club I was most thinking about when I made my post, when their new stand gets built in the summer I doubt that there will be a non league ground better than NCP.
  8. Getting off topic for a Clyde thread 1320 but it is an artificial barrier between 2 levels which are more or less the same a lot of junior sides are better on and off the park that LL, EOSL and SOSL sides. Down south from where we try to replicate everything everyone is just a football club and eventually find their level in the pyramid.
  9. Have to agree with you Ivo re Eric Tait starting his interviews as you say he clearly has a passion for the club and played in probably their best ever side in the late 70s when they won the league, no so good a manager for them in the mid 80s.
  10. I think Clyde will sneak it tomorrow they can get results at home, away from home is a different matter,
  11. I would agree with that should just be football no name barriers like senior and junior the pyramid may have been a proper one if we didn't have the artificial barrier created over 100 years ago between 2 groups of clubs.
  12. Oops sorry it is the final when the wedding is, a bit of a non story for the paper today.
  13. I'm sure they just vote for who they want as long as its not someone from their own club.
  14. I would agree with that it was Dick who took him up to Farfir so wouldn't me much of a surprise if he moved to Gayfield.
  15. I knew you would have an idea on prices HJ. Re the Buckie managers wedding there was a bit in the Sun today. He is missing his own stag do in Dublin this weekend because of the 1st leg. He gets married next Friday day before the 2nd leg! Someone told me last night that Buckie were only getting 50 tickets (don't know how true that is).