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  1. Interesting tie with the ex Stranraer players now playing for East Kilbride!
  2. Not very good for you having to play a cup tie in between two massive league games your manager should just stick his reserves out.
  3. To be fair as others have said the boys were getting slated last week credit where credits due they played well last night.
  4. The time its dragging on you feel like Corrigan is going to get it.
  5. Jordan Leslie is a good prospect but only 16 not sure if he would be ready for league two.
  6. Livi scored with 5 to go and had a late flurry trying to get an equaliser but the defence stood firm. Once again no over agers in the line up.
  7. He done well I thought when he came on on Saturday BM looked lively would think he would be involved on Saturday.
  8. Sutherland got the 2nd fine move Muirhead played the ball to Swann who crossed the ball for Scott to shoot home. Both goals were well worked by us and at times we were a joy to watch playing some good stuff on the deck, the passing and high tempo had Livi in a flap at times. Shame we lost a goal near the end as Jamie really deserved a shut out.
  9. If he's served his 2 games you would think he would be ok to play.
  10. They have had different outcomes in the cases above - Spartans and Brechin have both been chucked out in recent times while Dunfermline had to replay probably because they had won 7-1 or something in the first game.
  11. That's what I was meaning it will cost them a fortune and they will be worse off than just getting fined the £4k and chucked out.
  12. Livi fined £4k and made to replay the game next Tuesday. Having the fine and expense of going to NI on a Tuesday night is probably more severe than getting fined and chucked out
  13. Having seen Lothian, Tynie and Leith this season Lothian have looked the better out of the 3. As you say Tynie played well in spells but I thought Lothian were better overall.
  14. Not sure what happened with 8 I was watching number 11 taking his time leaving the touchline. It was the guy next to me who said another one had been sent off I just noticed him at the touchline I thought at first he was a sub going on then seen his number, as you say he could have been subbed then got sent off for saying something. First time i've been to HW for a game since the mid90s its changed a bit my mate said the last time he was there HW were playing on the grass pitch next to the 3G which looked better for spectators. The indoor centre looks smart.
  15. Its good for what it is but not good enough for a cup final.