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  1. Its not their trophy room its a hospitality type room. Funny song though
  2. Guess the ground

    Redheugh Park the old Gateshead ground.
  3. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    It was either 79 or 80 when the roof got put on I believe they used some of the transfer money for Ray Stewart's move to West Ham to pay for it.
  4. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    Could have done with it at AP a fortnight ago to get some heat
  5. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Berwick posters will be gutted
  6. Matchday 16

    I hope if your going tomorrow your not in Aberdonian mode and nipping in to Morrison's to buy a value price tin of beans to get into the game on the cheap
  7. Matchday 16

    Aye Shire take £8 although I suppose both BSC and Shire have rent to pay on their grounds still reasonable value though and you have the added benefit of the 2 best pie huts in the LL
  8. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    I always had the feeling Airdrie could do the Pars that day they had a good record against them despite having a shit season overall, wasn't convinced we could beat the Accies but that 2nd half was something else when the players obviously heard the Pars score and really went for it. Speaking of Lewis it was the Flamingos last game for us. Onto the current day if the bad weather happens it happens nothing you can do about it and most of the other sides will end up in the same boat re postponements if it ends up as bad a predicted.
  9. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    What made it good, apart from the result obviously, was the fact that it was all the diehard regular away fans who were there most of the glory hunters probably didn't give us a chance of staying up.
  10. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    It was a great day all round that Henry
  11. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    Sure Morag is still on the go think I seen her name on the refs list from a few weeks ago.
  12. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    Aye I can remember her doing youth games donkey's years ago, we had her just last week for our Development League game with Forfar. She does a lot of big woman's games and took charge of a game in France in between the Pars v Shippy Fife Cup game and our DL game, from Kelty to Paris then back to Kelty - she leads a glamorous life She's never done a Cowden 1st team game before but has ran the line. Best memory of Lorraine running the line at a Cowden game was the famous last day win at Hamilton when we beat them to send the Pars into the play off. It was Lorraine who flagged when Andy Ryan fouled a Cowden player and he got sent off
  13. Edinburgh City

    Who did he play for in the juniors?
  14. Edinburgh City

    Sure he played for Partick Thistle on loan against us not long before that happened.
  15. Edinburgh City

    Was that the boy who was at Celtic and his photos with a hooker in Amsterdam ended up in the Sun