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  1. I have a spare programme which I can send you if you want it.
  2. That could have swayed the signing
  3. What ever happened to Tam Nolan?
  4. Tam Steven bought Tam Nolan from City for Cowden then sold him back to them. God that was over 20 years ago
  5. Did you name yourself on here in honor of Tam the bam Nolan. Another blast from the Cowden past.
  6. When did Riordan happen, not seen it anywhere. Remember him as a young boy on loan to Cowden shame he done so well so quickly Hibs took him back after 4 games
  7. What did the Monkey Hanger say?
  8. Interesting stuff playing the final indoors. Any idea if it will be a ticket game.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up thought Murray had left before him.
  10. Aye i'm sure inflatables get in for free don't know about the red carpet we normally reserve that for big Joe.
  11. £12 adults / £6 concessions.
  12. Midweek games pick up the odd neutrals but given the weather we could be lucky to scrape 200 so your probably not too far off.
  13. As long as your pockets are as big as your gob
  14. Problem in that case would be who would take over. Never heard anyone offering to take the club off the current directors hands. We would have been gone in 2010 without them that's for sure and I would hardly call them time wasters.
  15. I thought you were one of the guys but I wasn't sure.