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  1. It is a key word and I suppose being so close to Glasgow dosn't help. I always felt that it was left too late for the New Town's getting senior football, both Clyde and Meadowbank's moves to Cumbernauld and Livingston probably came too late. If there had been team SFL teams in the New Town's from the start they may have built up a "traditional support" as the towns themselves grew. EK are going well and perhaps if they keep growing the town will get behind them and their support will grow. Looking from the outside they seem like a Spartans type set up with lots of community stuff perhaps some of their young players of today will become regular supporters of the future if they don't make it as players. Good luck to them anyway (apart from 22nd October!)
  2. I thought we had got draw at home?
  3. I would say Kilby have the best potential of all the Lowland League sides to get a decent fan base due to the size of the place, 74,000 population I think. Good that the locals are turning out to see their local side.
  4. I would agree the top league is too big I would make it for the 12 Premiership sides only and put the other 5 clubs into either the east or west group.
  5. 7-0 full time.
  6. 6-0 now.
  7. Now 5
  8. Well its up to the coach to decide who he plays. To be fair we have played 3 games and he has used subs in all of them and we haven't had the same starting line up in all 3 games so don't really know what your on about.
  9. We more than matched them. I know Harvey played the full 90 the day before and Charlie 68 min for Whitehill, don't know about the boys at the juniors sides, which makes the performance against a full time side all the more impressive. I think a lot of the criteria for the top league is about being full time. To be honest the amount of games they play (32) would be far too much for us I think!
  10. How much fans do you reckon Kilby would bring through to the game? A tough tie for us with the form that EK are in at the moment!
  11. I do the reports as mentioned by Blue Oktober as I like to see the young boys get decent coverage on both the website and the programme, sorry for delay as i've been tied up finishing the 1st team programme and will get a report to our webmaster as soon as I can. I had intended to do a pre match preview but had got caught up with the 1st team programme, 1st team preview and going up to Arbroath on Saturday! I did however manage to type up and print a wee programme on the Sunday morning. BO pretty much summed up the game we done well considering the likes of Harvey and Charlie had played for Whitehill the day before in the Scottish Cup (not sure about the other loanees), also 2 of their goals came from penalties which were a bit on the soft side. Edited to add report now on OS.
  12. Seen them twice this season v Spartans and the Shire not as good as they have been in the last few seasons.
  13. I can mind it Raith beat Stenny 9-2 the week before. Wasn't at either just remember the scores in successive weeks and the swing in fortunes for Rovers. Sure it was Thistle's record win.
  14. Ah forgot about the free weeks in the LL. When I 1st seen Clyde were away next week I thought it would be on the Saturday as you say you would think it would have been better for Leith to play on the Saturday.
  15. Can understand CC not wanting to travel to Gala midweek!