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  1. Just as well your not bothered about it Simon
  2. He had a bit of a bombscare spell at QOS a few seasons back.
  3. Aye it was a bit tasty at times for a dead rubber game. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  4. Neither Liam or Josh set the heather alight last night.
  5. Sods law Ron, agents get their clients to sign short term deals at clubs like us so they can move on. To be fair I doubt that Kane would have signed for us on a longer deal and we probably done well to get someone of his quality in the 1st place. Could be worse could be Barnsley who got him for nothing then freed him and now see him return to England for a reputed £400k fee.
  6. Don't see what the big deal about having to buy a ticket is. Sure I stood in a wee que at the ticket office last night but was probably served in 5 minutes, you can stand longer at a "pay" turnstile while waiting for folk in front of you getting their change. I would imagine that you can buy your ticket from DAFC though the week leading up to the match rather than just on the day its self?
  7. Out of interest what was their average "home" crowd last season at their various grounds. They were always going to get poor crowds at Forfar a wee bit of a treck in midweek I take it none of their HL landlords were willing to rent their grounds out for the cup ties? I'm sure Dundee used to use Station Park for their under 20 games in the past, I suppose folk who watch their home DL games would make the trip its not that far away after all.
  8. Probably just as well it was Montrose that Cove were playing I would imagine most of the crowd were Mo fans with the odd Forfar fan with nothing better to do on a Wednesday night.
  9. Good performance for us I thought and like the look of the new boy he likes a shot at goal. CJ loves a goal against the Smokies Good penalty save from McGurn as well.
  10. Aye it was just something that someone mentioned. Good to know that he is still involved with the Shire.
  11. Heard Tadek the secretary is away is that true?
  12. Our under 20s beat them 6-1 on Sunday with one of our coaches playing for us.
  13. Big guy ended up with a bandage on his head after taking a knock.
  14. As you say with various changes on both sides tonight's game won't give define what either side will do in League 2.
  15. Rutherford was suspended on Saturday after being booked in the opening 2 games never heard anyone apart from the Minertaur saying he was injured. Tempted to head up to see our new number 9.