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  1. Stranraer's games at Peterhead were moved because of Peterhead being in the Challenge Cup semi final then the final. If Peterhead hadn't done so well in the cup the games would have been on the Saturday's. Just a bit of bad luck for Stranraer and not something which happens all the time.
  2. Hibs are championship but I know what you mean. Would have been good to see at team like that playing at a ground like Bonnyriggs with the infamous slope!
  3. Its a shame but no doubt the Police will probably say it has to be moved.
  4. Would have been the nights "shock" result but St Mirren won a game.
  5. Aye and no. I was at a game at the outdoor pitch and had a look in as well as a look when I went to the toilet at half time. So I have seen it but not been in it to watch a game. My mates been there and says its freezing as it has to be the same as out side to stop condensation.
  6. He played for Blyth in a pre season game against us 2 years ago, Ayoze was at the game it was just after he signed for Newcastle. Can't remember what his brother was like but we beat them 4-1. Edit to add He played for Team Northumbria last season after leaving Blyth, he's a student there.
  7. That's what I was meaning.
  8. Aye I was there when he called it off. Fog over the school side was the problem linesman couldn't see across the pitch, when I left about 15 minutes later it seemed to be getting worse so ref got it right I think.
  9. No problem in theory they go Monday-Wdenesday until the tie is played.
  10. I actually though about giving your mob a mention after Saturday but you were better in the 1st game
  11. Down to viewing figures for the TV companies sadly. There was something like 250,000 folk watched our cup game on Sky at Ibrox last season.
  12. It would go to next Monday, then next Wednesday if still off.
  13. I've noticed from watching Shire TV and being at a few games they always create a lot of chances in games, they will always score a few.
  14. From games i've seen so far Shire seem to get around 150. Was at a BSC game on a Friday night and there was 50 or so, also at Stirling Uni v Spartans on a Friday at the start of the season and there was around 100, although I was speaking to someone who was at their game with Cumbernauld on Friday and he counted 29!