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  1. Also hearing that they're young but I wish to f**k someone would say so.
  2. He is utterly dreadful. I don't have BT Sport so don't usually have to put up with his pish.
  3. Jammy deflection.
  4. Well that was a bit of a clusterfuck.
  5. No thanks.
  6. Anyone watching The Trial on Channel 4? It's a bit slow paced so far.
  7. Last time we'll see something like that. The Premier League have banned it as of next season...
  8. 1-0 Stoke.
  9. That's that, then. Guzan fucked up there.
  10. They don't do themselves any favours, eh? Good to see Kane keep banging them in.
  11. Leicester behind already.
  12. NXT

    About halfway through. Bate/Dunn was absolutely sensational. Everything came together. The talent, the commentary and the crowd. Tremendous.
  13. That'll do. Looking forward to going back to Glebe Park.