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  1. Great start.
  2. Matt Ryan was a bit of a bombscare for Australia earlier. Brighton will be hoping he can improve. Germany vs Chile could be fun. Looking forward to this.
  3. Catching up on Great Canal Journeys from the weekend. Glad to see it back.
  4. Oh my.
  5. I'd imagine so.
  6. Absolute topper from Portugal to get them back in it.
  7. Weetabix for me as well. These used to be good...
  8. Portugal vs Spain tonight. Could be tasty.
  9. Referee uses VAR to overturn the linesman's offside call. 2-0 Chile. Well worth the win either way.
  10. Another decent header. Think Mexico deserve the point.
  11. Another review. Yawn.
  12. Nice header from Hernandez.
  13. Portugal made that look piss easy.
  14. Why isn't the linesman calling that? Clear offside.
  15. Poland 1-0 up after a minute. Great header.