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  1. Russia v Egypt

    He's fucked that one up.
  2. Russia v Egypt

    Ooft! They're fucking rampant now.
  3. Russia v Egypt

    Well worked. Egypt have been rank.
  4. Russia v Egypt

    Oh my.
  5. Tunisia v England

    Tunisian hearts broken.
  6. Tunisia v England

    ''Dummied it''.
  7. Tunisia v England

    Seethe pouring out of Lineker and Shearer. Remarkable.
  8. Tunisia v England

    Well that was a pleasing first half.
  9. Tunisia v England

    Stramash time.
  10. Tunisia v England

    Lovely finish. Aye, ok Gary...
  11. Tunisia v England

  12. Tunisia v England

    Did Keown just say that Tunisia are playing a 1-5-4 formation?
  13. Tunisia v England

    The keeper's fucked already.
  14. Punditwatch 2018

  15. Brazil v Switzerland

    Cracking header. That defence though...