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  1. WWE Network

    The new Madusa documentary is well worth a watch.
  2. Celebrity Masterchef

    So it’s Angelica, Dev and Ulrika in the final three. Chef’s Table then the final cook-off on Friday night. I’d like to see Ulrika pull off the shock but Angelica is a bit too polished to properly f**k a dish up.
  3. The Great British Bake Off

    Tom had a howler of a week, unfortunately.
  4. The Great British Bake Off

    Worst collective attempt at the technical challenge ever.
  5. Been catching up on World's Busiest Cities on BBC Two. Love stuff like that.
  6. Welcome to P&B 4.2!

    Kick a man while he's down.
  7. Bobby the Brain Heenan

    Gutted. RIP Bobby [emoji17]
  8. Darts...

    Stephen Fry kens.
  9. Darts...

    Mensur! Absolute scenes.
  10. Darts...

    Anderson hasn't settled yet. Get a grip man!
  11. Darts...

    Finally. Anderson was in danger of making a right c**t of that at one point.
  12. Darts...

    That was a shambles of a leg.
  13. Darts...

    That 160! Mensur's in the final!
  14. Darts...

    Enjoyable session of darts. Taylor and Barney join Anderson and Suljovic in the semis.