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  1. http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/sfa-could-benefit-from-ann-budge-influence-robbie-neilson-1-4332054 You need to be out of Scottish football before you can have an opinion!
  2. The SFA, who are they and what do they do? Try phoning the SFA, assuming you can find a number for them, ask for the person you want to speak with and the first question is "who are you, and do they know you"? Then "what is it about"? Even at this stage you have no idea if the person is there or not. Then they will say 'I will see if they are in the office'. Meaning you only get to speak if you are known. They clearly are not available to any old Tom, Dick or Harry. Go to the SFA website to get contact names. Not there. You can find more from the Companies House website than you can get from the SFA site about who is involved. During Gordon Smith;'s time as Chief Exec at least he had a list of employees available. Why no longer? But maybe this is how Football Associations operate? Let's see The Welsh FA.http://www.faw.cymru/en/ Here if you find details of key people, and if you want to see the document for their 2020 strategy it is here http://www.faw.cymru/en/about-faw/governance/fa-wales-strategy/ Population of Wales 3 million. Try this on the SFA site (Henry McLeish's face) and the page isn't available. This would be where the strategy that Malky Mackay is implementing should be, but why can we not see the original? What does the SFA site say about child protection. No statement of policy, just how to sign up for a course. And the Irish FA (Northern Ireland). NI population 1.8 million. Know who runs it http://www.irishfa.com/irish-football-association/about-the-ifa/the-irish-fa-staff with contact details. Their strategic plan http://www.irishfa.com/media/3975/ifa_strategy_-_final_proof_19_nov_2013.pdf Population of Scotland 5.3 million. And before anyone tries the Mickey Mouse argument, it is worth reminding ourselves that in the FIFA world rankings, Wales are 12th, Norther Ireland 32nd, Scotland 67th. What comes first, international success or a well run Football Association?
  3. Football is a funny old business. A mix of passion, emotion and business where it is difficult to get the balance right. There will always be somebody who complains about any decision. But that also applies to companies with loyal customers. Unfortunately the SFA is better at shooting itself in the foot than taking the game forward. Their attempt at inertia over the recent child abuse disclosures in Scotland is typical of the technique deployed over the years on anything that could cause the SFA or its member clubs any embarrassment. Then we had the 'shoo in' of Malky Mackay being the top notch candidate for the Performance Director role. What planet are these guys on? Pie and Bovril is a continual source of irritation to people within the SFA, especially at boardroom level. They see the posters on here as idiots with few brain cells who will moan about anything. I would like to think there are enough sensible and wise people involved in P&B who could contribute to help influence the creation of a better governing body for football. Like any thread on here, it can be difficult to keep the posts ' on message'. So I would appeal to those who just want to be negative or to try to score points against other members of P&B to let rip on other threads so we can concentrate on the openness and transparency we need to start moving the SFA to a better place. Why start this today? At the Scottish Parliament we had representatives of the SFA, the SPFL, Scottish Youth Football Association, Professional Footballers Union, Scottish Schools Football Association giving evidence to the public petitions committee about treatment of youth players. https://goo.gl/muuKjw The SFA and SPLF were so totally unprofessional, and ill prepared it would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic. Holyrood's public petitions committee questioned football chiefs over claims under-16 players had been paid £1 a week, and heard there were no background checks for player agents. SPFL boss Neil Doncaster insisted the current system "strikes the appropriate balance" to protect clubs and players. and then.... Under questioning from Ms Lamont, SFA Director of Football Governance and Regulation Andrew McKinlay admitted that the body could end up registering an "illegal" contract, as it does not look at the terms of each of the thousands submitted. He said there were "no immediate plans to change" the system, with with SPFL chief executive Mr Doncaster adding that "we are not a police force". What the SFA does and how it does it is so clouded in mystery. Today showed why! And why do they need to be challenged? Because they way they are doing things is creating failure at all levels. They are not creating good young players, successful clubs or enough players with the skills and ambition to feed into the national team and make it successful. There are many other measures of success but we can bring them to the fore later. I think the evidence of McKinlay and Doncaster will be on news bulletins on STV and BBC later today. Hopefully they will cringe when they watch it. We will!
  4. Malky Mackay

    The clubs don't listen to the SFA because they see an incompetent bloated organisation that is concerned only about serving itself to the detriment of the game. Hiring Malky Mackay to carry someone else's half baked messages around the clubs isn't going to improve that one bit. Sometimes it is best that some organisations fail totally so that what is needed can be rebuilt from the ground up, disposing of all the baggage. The SFA definitely falls into that category.
  5. Malky Mackay

    Gie uz a Performance Director! This is from 6 years ago (November 2010) when Scotland were ranked 37 on the FIFA rankings. Today 67. Reading through it, I keep asking 'have we started yet?' http://renaissance.etellect.co.uk/docs/593//SFA Performance Strategy Executive Summary.pdf and this is just the executive summary, loads more to dig up. Chances are big Malky will be have to start his new post by being locked in his office for 6 months while he goes through it all.
  6. Malky Mackay

    Here is the job advert. I see the Performance Director (PD) is responsible "for implementing the Scottish F.A.’s strategic objectives". And "execution of the performance strategy". Tried to find the full "Performance Strategy" but without success. Some waffle and buzzwords on SFA site from Regan, but detail of the strategy eluded me. Anyone know where it exists? Or is it a secret, in case San Marino or Gibraltar FAs read it and steal the ideas? This job advert is full of words like liaise, in conjunction with, contribute to, oversee, while there being no mention of any budget whatsoever. All the waffle words that ring warning bells and clearly is trying to ensure the noses of existing staff are not put out of joint. For goodness sake, this is a Performance Director.. Any incumbent is guaranteed to fail in trying to implement someone else's strategy without being given the teeth or the authority to rattle existing cages and drive through the change which is required. Shame they put up such an important job advert and couldn't get the spelling right. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Client: Scottish FA Position: Performance Director Location: Oriam National Performance Centre – Edinburgh Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer The Scottish Football Association The Scottish FA exists to promote, foster and develop the game at all levels in this country. Founded in 1873, Scottish football’s governing body has recently undergone the most radical changes in its history, enabling the organisation to lead the game into a new era. A key priority for the SFA is the success of Scotland’s men’s, women’s and age-grade national teams. The SFA wish to appoint a Performance Director (PD) to ensure all aspects of the strategy combine to support players and teams enabling them to achieve their potential. The Role This is a leadership role with responsibility for implementing the Scottish F.A.’s strategic objectives and communicating effectively with a wide range of stakeholders. The Performance Director will be accountable for the delivery of the Scottish FA’s performance strategy and policies to increase the number of world class players within a culture off winning across the association, its teams and member clubs The strategy and football philosophy underpins the performance of the Scottish F.A.’s elite football academies and programmes including the “Scottish style of play” at elite level. Responsibilities Strategic Oversee and lead the execution of the performance strategy, its systems, programmes and infrastructure to create a winning culture with world class players. Lead the development of a world class coaching community encompassing the national team coaches and those working in the Association’s elite academies and performance schools. Contribute to the creation of a “Scottish style of play” to be emulated at all “age levels” of national representation. Responsible, in conjunction with the respective Head Coaches, for all men’s national representative football at all age levels represented including U21, U19 and U17. Oversee through the Women’s National “A” team coach all women’s national representative football at all age levels represented including U19 and U17. In conjunction with the Performance Operations Manager and the Performance Development Manager, oversee the implementation of the appropriate infrastructure, including elite academies, for the long-term development of elite youth football in Scotland thereby building a pipeline for future sustainable success on the pitch. Work with the Performance Development Manager to ensure that the Performance School structure is delivered in line with the overall performance strategy. Leadership Work with the respective Head Coaches on a “coach the coach” basis to ensure that the performance strategy is enshrined at all “age levels” of the game. Lead the professional development of coaches in the coaching community associated with the performance Pathway In conjunction with the respective Head Coaches and, where relevant, the Women’s National “A” team coach, manage and coordinate the men’s and women’s football programmes to enable them to achieve the best possible results in relevant UEFA and FIFA competitions. Oversee the recruitment of all board approved key football personnel, including coaching staff. Assist the Performance Operations Manager in the continuous professional development of all departmental staff. Communication Liaise with the Head Coaches and professional clubs over issues related to release for international competition and the performance strategy of the Scottish FA. Establish excellent relationships with the coaching and support staff of all programmes and with the President, Chief Executive, and Board of the Scottish F.A. Advise the Board on all matters relating to the effective development of elite football at all levels in the long-term interests of Scottish Football. Develop and maintain a successful image and profile for the Scottish F.A. and Scotland teams both in the UK and worldwide and to contribute to communication activity including media briefings and publicity of performance activity within the sport. Carry out any other reasonable duties as requested from time to time. The Individual Experience A proven track record in the development and implementation of performance management in football or other sports. Able to demonstrate with specific examples how strategic and other change initiatives have been successfully implemented in order to deliver the strategy goals. A proven technical football management pedigree, although not essential, would be desirable in order to have the credibility and experience of dealing with top level clubs, their professional footballers, coaching staff and general management,. An experienced manager of successful high performance programmes with a proven track record in supporting team and squad management at an international level, and enabling international sporting success. Experienced in the leadership of coaches and coaching, and an understanding of good practice in coaching and the identification and development of international talent. Experienced in, and with an understanding of modern business practices and the ability to work collaboratively and effectively with the Performance Operations Manager, national coaches and other members of the Perfomance team. Able to demonstrate experience in objective measurement of the various strategic initiatives to chart progress against achievement of the vision e.g. deploying a scorecard of performance measures Experienced in the management of staff to ensure their effective performance, operation, work allocation and discipline. Evidenced experience of using performance analysis, sports science, sports medicine and performance lifestyle services to generate insights crucial to the development of the player. Qualifications & Skills An experienced and effective people manager, with the ability to implement innovative ideas and influence support programmes. UEFA Pro-Licence/Level 5 Coaching qualification or equivalent. Computer literacy and first-class communication and presentation skills are essential in order to build confidence and support for the vision and strategy across all stakeholder groups. It is likely, though not essential, that the individual has had an international career as a player or coach. A willingness to work irregular hours and travel extensively both within the UK and overseas, with overnight stays and weekend work. How to Apply To apply candidates should send the following: Letter of application highlighting relevant experience Up to date curriculum vitae Details of current remuneration Applications should be sent to [email protected] For a confidential discussion about the role, please contact: Alistair Milner [email protected] 0207 092 6966
  7. Malky Mackay

    I am sure Regan and the SFA were thorough and totally professional in their selection process. After all they had the benefit of having Malky's da close at hand. As a director of The National Stadium PLC https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC158083/officers (also director of Queen's Park FC) and a 'good football man. if there were any questions about Malky needing answered I am sure he would have been more than willing to help out. We can all understand that if you are having to make important decisions about the future of Scottish football, the first port of call must always be a 'good football man'. I hope this puts to bed your question about Malky being the 'outstanding candidate'?
  8. Malky Mackay

    All a bit sad about big Malky. Career on the up and up, and then he shows himself up to be a racist, antisemitic and sexist blow hard, happy to repeat the sort of myths repeated by your local low lifes, such as comments about 'dog eating chinkies', 'money grabbing jews' and 'untrustworthy gay boys'. And talking about women who will 'look after your needs'. He makes Donald Trump look like an all round good guy. Then being taken to court for 'dishonesty' by a previous employer. https://goo.gl/TK6Var Of course he is innocent until the court case decides. But it is still a cloud over his head and this is a current and active case. Unfortunately many people will take the 'no smoke without fire' position. Both these mean he is clearly untouchable by any club, and has been for nearly 2 years now. So big jobs no longer an option. So where to now? Any mickey mouse jobs on the go, that might allow him to sneak back in again to the big time? With the SFA Performance Director up for grabs, following the embarrassment of the McClair tenure and his departure they needed someone. And badly. Companies of the size and significance of the SFA will carry out a risk assessment on such appointments. So what happens if Mackay comes out with some unacceptable and possibly illegal term not previously covered in his intensive retraining course? And if he ends up giving evidence in the dishonesty trial which shows him in a poor light, then what does the SFA do? Keep their heads down and say nothing? Or release him with a suitably negotiated large payoff package? Wigan put a clause in his contract saying he could be sacked if the allegations against him were proved. Has the SFA done the same? I wish the mainstream media would not just reprint Regan's words of comfort about Mackay, but would instead challenge some of the hot air and general guff we are getting from the offices located in the National Stadium. https://goo.gl/tPOczT