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  1. West Region fixtures "to March"

    You’ve been informed wrongly.
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Hope he gets a decent lawyer, if shes that much of a nugget then get an actual schedule of access etc so that she can’t make changes and be a cnut.
  3. Yoker news today

    Dry yer eyes Yoker had every right to request a home game.
  4. Walking out of a film

    Walked out of midnight in Paris a few years ago, utter pish.
  5. Social Justice Warrior

    Ok before you go, youre a real c**t.
  6. I get that teenagers think stuff like that is ‘uncool’ or whatever the term for it is these days, I useda be hip, but then that changed what hip was and now im not. But anyway, the disney cruises are actually meant to be pretty good. What about mexico or something instead or dubai? Bit of heat and still get away.
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Bendy bananas and blue passports and racism.
  8. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    I can’t speak for the club but can’t see why they wouldn’t? I’d prefer to join the east as there is far less travel involved but can’t see why we would be told we can’t join the EOSL as East Kilbride, Cumberbauld, BSC etc are all members of the East and the travel links between Edinburgh etc and Clydebank are excellent.
  9. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    The work wouldn’t take a few seasons, we’ll have lights and 4g surface for next season starting (if work goes as scheduled) and the rest of the work, changing rooms/ new roof on shed wouldn’t take as long as years.
  10. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    Crowds are around 30-40% lower than when we were at Duntocher in our first few seasons, this has happened gradually i’d say over the last 4-5 years. The redevelopment will happen in stages but will consist in the first stage of 4g surface, floodlights and perimeter fencing, going senior means we could apply for funding for ground improvements following this which is vastly limited for junior clubs.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    The real shock today is just how small his hands looked making the speech.
  12. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    You may be doubtful, but so long as the work goes with the timetable set it will be fine. We already meet the conditions for EOS with the exception of floodlights. No these aren’t just chinese whispers, its very much being discussed currently.
  13. The DUP to stand candidates in Scotland

    I hear they are going to put a candidate on the moon.
  14. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    Holm Park. look i get that you appear to be massively hostile to anyone daring to not like junior football but if you’re going to be a smart arse at least try and get the smart bit right. You’ll also excuse me for not being too bothered about the thoughts of someone who believes homophobic language is acceptable in football.
  15. The Big New York Thread

    Wicked and school of rock are both pretty good. Would love to catch a show in Radio City, if you’ve got time before id recommend the nbc tour.