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  1. Will walk to Dundee and carry him back down if he wanted to re-sign.
  2. He asked to stay on for free when made redundant but he was told this wouldn't be possible by club/administrators (whoever). Some ruling meant he couldn't do this. I think that sticks in a lot of Pars fans minds, he was offering to play for us for bugger all during our darkest hour.
  3. Twitter page says St.Johnstone interested in McManus and Raith looking to bring back M'Voto. Would normally take what I read on twitter with a pinch of salt, but I'd already heard the McManus/StJohnstone thing.
  4. I rate Finn but not sure he's what we need.
  5. You'll be lucky Stella. I was in last week and they had no sizes in the home top above aged 14 kids. Might try and squeeze into one!
  6. I'd marry then shag the bridie. Sex after marriage, not sure of the bridies beliefs.
  7. Oh ya bam, just read that back and it sounds like a blind date question. Contestant number 3 please!
  8. Utd have a decent squad to pick from. I've seen a few Utd fans say about the managers team selection. If you could pick the team tonight what would to go for? Just out of pure nosiness.
  9. Ashcroft's arm isn't raised, it's just that McDonald is a tiny borrower [email protected]
  10. Never a red. Pars unlucky and certainly the better of the chances. Three world class saves from the Utd keeper. Robinson made a couple of good saves and a brilliant clearance off the line by Clark in the 2nd half. Didn't actually see that last night.
  11. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    Visiting in-laws in Ireland from tomorrow night until Monday so no trip to the highlands for me. Was booked when we were going through the extended sh*te patch mid-season. Massive game, both teams doing well. A win for Dumbarton tonight would be excellent.
  12. Pars vs Brechin

    Jesus what a day (and night) that turned out to be. HOOLIT!
  13. Pars vs Brechin

    How on earth do you manage to get Joe Cardle back in the team? The players in the positions now don't deserve to be dropped and he's done nothing to warrant a place in the team.
  14. The confirmation of a cash date was confirmed pretty early this time so most doing that I think. Hopefully around the 5K mark!
  15. Any idea what the home ticket sales have been like? Sounds like there could be a fair crowd tomorrow, hopefully a decent atmosphere and sweary words.