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  1. I'd rather have Dycey pre injury than M'Voto and Martin. After he came back he didn't do to well but I know he suffered mentally following the injury so he probably wasn't in the best frame of mind. The 4-3 win over St.Mirren was a prime example. We were in complete control but two defensive errors gave Sutton two chances and he scored with them.
  2. Genuinely didn't know Sibbald suffered from alopecia, I just thought he had a really daft hairdo. A pr*ck all the same...
  3. Not making this one on Saturday purely because I plan on watching Mayweather/McGregor live and if I go to the football I'll be drunk and sleeping by about half 10. It's one of the only grounds in Scotland that I've still to tick off the list, so hopefully I'll get through when we play in January.
  4. No ones rattled, the guys just a tube with a gypsy haircut.
  5. Definite cheat right enough. Wee skunk head p***k.
  6. Think we'll win on Saturday. Would normally be concerned going to a place like Dumbarton but we're on form and scoring goals. 1-3 with a McManus double.
  7. Enjoyed the game yesterday, and although I felt we could have easily been 4 up just after HT when Smithy blazed over, we then made it really difficult for ourselves. I'm not going to lie, I absolutely filled my strides when they pulled one back. First half was great and we really do look great going forward, plus we've still got Clark to come back. Falkirk will be there or thereabouts this season. I actually thought for our good attacking play in the 1st half that they moved the ball about well. Thought it was odd that Grant didn't start, always rated him. And Craigen, what's up there? Anyway, good result and on to the next.
  8. Major issues getting into Norrie and NW today due to turnstile issues. Was about 5/600 waiting to come in until after the first goal.
  9. Wee Smithy has to start for me. He was much better than Hopkirk last week and he'll be on a high after getting called up for Scotland this week. Smithy and McManus I'd imagine with Ryan coming off bench. However, it is AJ so we could well see Ryan start following his midweek debut brace with McManus.
  10. A Falkirk fan I work with was telling me that Loy isn't a 100% and hasn't done well since returning. Did he do a full pre-season?
  11. I'm trying not to feel confident for this one, I've seen it all before when we've been expected to win and lose. If we win on Saturday I think it'll be a big indicator on how we'll do this season. No doubt about it, Falkirk are a good team and they'll come good this season, and probably finish higher, but a win against a team like that could be the difference between 4th & 5th come May.
  12. Another accountant. Pars living within their means, reporting profit over last two years. We still had some signings to make, but with cup money from Rangers game we were able to get someone contracted with a team.
  13. I know he scored on Saturday but I'd quite happily see Hoppy move on loan to another team. Apart from his goal I don't think he done much else and in all fairness, if one of the current crop of strikers had to go then Smith offers more than Hoppy. Only difference is Hoppy can play on the wing. If he used that strength a little bit more he could maybe play in the middle.
  14. ICT have always been a bit of a bogey team for us, no matter how well we're playing or how poorly they're playing. After Saturday I feel confident about the possibility of a top 4 finish. Big test for us on Saturday, if we can beat Falkirk and end a bit of a hoodoo then we can go on to do well in the league this season. 3-1 Dunfermline with Smith the 12 year old hot shot getting two.