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  1. Felt we were the better side and deserved the three points. Utd don't look the same team that burst us in September. Probably missing Fyvie in the middle of the park.
  2. Ryan Williamson has been with us for donkeys, surely around the same time as Lewis Martin at least? Murdoch and Cardle over two spells each.
  3. DFC -vs- DAFC

    Not making this one unfortunately due to a family meal. Dumbarton the only team in the top two leagues that I've never been to. Hopefully continue on from Tuesday with a win, but Dumbarton will be difficult to beat.
  4. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    Us to lose 1-2 and AJ to have a P45 waiting for him in the dressing room.
  5. The Buddies v Dunfermline

    We've been garabge for 2 months now. No progress made and any results we've picked up have been through pure luck. We deserved to lose at home to Dumbarton but sneaked a point and we were terrible at Queens Park prior to that. We made one of the poorest teams in the country look decent. I don't bet against my team, but if I did I would be sticking money on the Paisley Panda's. A Falkirk fan at my work said they hope all of their games until January are postponed due to bad weather so the current crop don't have to play any more games. I'd take that as well at the moment if I'm being honest. There's a few you can see are trying but some are miles off where they can be.
  6. Dunfermline v Queens

    Reckon it'll be a tight game with one team winning 2-1. We've been dreadful since the beginning of October and we were fortunate against Queens Park & Dumbarton. The latter should have taken all three points.
  7. I'd pay 6 times the entrance free to watch Willow Flood get punched in the puss. Hoping we're better than our last three games, I'm sure the pre match bevvy will help if we're not.
  8. Going up for this one, enjoy a trip to Dundee for the football but I don't expect much. We were absolutely woeful Vs Queens Park, Morton and Dumbarton. Dumbarton really should have beat us. I'll go for a 3-0 home win.
  9. Dunfermline vs Dumbarton 25/11/17

    Dunfermline was very icy this morning when I left for work. Hopefully we're okay for tomorrow, looking forward to the game.
  10. Quitongo being out for GM is pretty good. He always seems to score against us. Fancy us to continue the good home form and win 3-1. BTTS a stick on!
  11. Queens Park vs Dunfermline

    Looking forward to a wee jaunt through to Hampden. Fancy a heavy win in our favour, hopefully Andy Ryan starts up top with McManus. 0-5.
  12. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    I actually thought he attacked quite well in the game at EEP earlier in the season. Williamson gave him a tough time when he had to defend though. Similar players, both good going forward but not great at defending. Strangely enough Williamson has been called up to U21’s, I like him as a player but I don’t think he’s at that level.
  13. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Is Gallacher the young lad that was linked with Barcelona at one stage, albeit on the BBC Gossip section.