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  1. Pars v Livi

    If we score first we'll win. AJ needs to change things up formation wise though. At the moment he's just going with the same thing every week hoping it'll change. I definitely think we're poorer without Cardle. Odd, as he got injured early against St.Mirren and we went on to hump them 3-0, then we defeated Brechin away but we've been absolutely pisen going forward since then. Very poor against Dundee Utd, Falkirk and now QoS.
  2. Queens vs Pars

    Not making this one. I think it'll be a very tough game and I don't feel confident after the United and Falkirk horror shows. The early buzz from the opening handful of games has faded slightly for me. I think this one will be a score draw, 2-2. Smith and McManus both scoring and another statement from the chairman.
  3. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Well done mate, proud of you. x
  4. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    No Dunfermline fan has ever put AJ and tactical genius in the same sentence. He's the complete opposite. Unless we take the lead we're goosed.
  5. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Or maybe I’m not a total cock.
  6. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Did you count them all up on one hand?
  7. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Fcuk appealing the red card, it was a red card.
  8. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    No surprise that the uneducated think this is alright. I’ve been involved in sport my whole life, football for 20 years and never would I consider something like that, neither have I came across it.
  9. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Kevin O’Hara seems like a nice man.
  10. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United

    We took apart St. Mirren and Brechin without Cardle. St. Mirren beat Utd quite convincingly. I don't see it being an issue. It'll be our toughest test this season no doubt.
  11. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United

    That's the usual menu but always do a hospitality day each year.
  12. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United

    In hospitality for this one. Definitely the toughest game of the season but looking forward to it. 3-2 Pars!
  13. Not making it up to The Hedge this weekend. Certainly one of my favourite away days, good pubs, nice friendly people and a proper old school football ground. This we'll be on a high after last weekend and win 0-4. But it'll be tough, always is.
  14. Pars vs St Mirren

    St.Mirren are on a decent run of form but I think we'll carry on our own good home form with a 3-1 win. Cardle will score as he always does and a double from Nicky Clark. It's inevitable that Reilly will score against us.