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  1. Two pages about this tackle. Shut the f**k up.
  2. Cheers mate! I agree, I had the great pleasure of watching us win the league their in 2010/11. One of my favourite Pars supporting days in my 25 years. Don't think it'll be the same outcome tomorrow but will be there anyway. Looking forward to it.
  3. Going through to this one tomorrow. Looks to be a nice day, will the terrace be open?
  4. Morton were our bogey team for a few years. I'm hoping that after our win earlier in the season we might turn to be their bogey team. Sadly, I'd genuinely fancy our chances more against Hibs at ER than Morton, second in the form table and a superb home record. Undecided if I'll head along but I reckon we'll lose 3-0 and the big red panic button will be out of order by being volleyed several times.
  5. Hopefully that's a wake up call and kick up the arse that we need. Didn't make it along on Saturday but by all accounts it wasn't good enough. Didn't look like Ayr did very much but they put the ball in the net (how the f**k did that ball end up in the net ), one of the borrowers heads the ball on to his own knee, trickles off his leg and at snail pace passes everyone including the man on the post. Ah well, now on to Cappielow to play the second best team in the league who've not lost at home in a calendar year, then the Hibbees at home. GREAT.
  6. What's up with the above? Injured, suspended? I feel we should win and have a good record against Ayr, but hearing that a few of their players may miss out is still a plus.
  7. I think he had been booked but due to injury a certain Mr Wedderburn stepped up. Trying to book him for the stag! Cheers mate!
  8. Cheers CS!
  9. Missing this one as I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow for my stag. Be a tough game as I thought we were utterly shite midweek against Queens, however I think we had a little hangover from Saturday's pumping of Dumbarton. I was concerned that St.Mirren had turned the corner but a poor defeat to Raith last night reminds me that they can be beaten. Think we'll sneak it 1-2. Morris to score a header. COYP!
  10. Glad the QoS fans weren't best pleased with their keeper timewasting. Draw didn't really do anyone any favours. Don't really think either team done enough to win this one although a better pitch and I think we would have seen two better teams play attractive football. Massive game on Saturday. Hopefully we play with the same intensity that we did against Dumbarton.
  11. Phone in your sock obviously.
  12. Morris was solid last night. Didn't put a foot wrong.
  13. Really looking forward to this, can't beat a game underneath the floodlights. Reckon we'll be on a high after Saturday and will get the three points, however it'll be a tougher contest than Dumbarton provided. Pars to win 3-1, Clark brace and Moff.
  14. Harsh. He was doing well before Herron & Wedderburn were both finally fit and playing together. Done well enough when he came on on Saturday. I'd rather have Herron but he's more than capable.
  15. Really looking forward to this one, two decent teams going at in - if anyone can get the three points it'll be huge. Just hopes that the weather isn't too bad and the pitch is okay. Meant to rain from 10pm tonight until about 4 tomorrow afternoon.