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  1. They'd still lose.
  2. A Falkirk supporting workmate was telling me that Falkirk have some money ready to spend in the close season if they don't go up via playoffs this season. Apparently they've been holding onto it for a couple of years whilst the Hearts, Rangers and Hibs were in the league. With them all gone there's now better reason to spend and get up to the top flight.
  3. I wasn't meaning our own record, just there home form over recent years. I'm sure Hibs, Falkirk and Dundee United have all lost at The Rock this season.
  4. Aye if the shoe was on the other foot I would have been nowhere near TFS.
  5. Missing this game as I'm travelling to Ireland. Reckon it'll be tight but just can't see us winning unfortunately. Not because of current performances but just purely because we can't get a win against Falkirk. Anyone on here know the last time we actually beat the Bains? Surely must be that 3-0 win on the last day of the 2010/11 season when we won the league? I'll go a score draw which in fairness I'd be happy with as it would guarantee Championship football next season.
  6. Great win for us as Dumbarton is a tricky place to get points. I think the Sons will be just fine as they've got that bit grit.
  7. In his defence he was doing well in December, missed the Raith away game at NY due to illness and at that point Herron and Wedderburn found their form. Delighted he's getting a game and performing well. A very capable player.
  8. You can't just start supporting United because Raith are horses*hit.
  9. Just because we haven't converted all chances doesn't mean we can't win tomorrow. Could quite easily put 2 or 3 past Dundee tomorrow if we have our shooting boots on.
  10. We always get a win up at Tannadice in the last few games of the season. It's tradition. I reckon we'll win tomorrow 1-2, however I would take a point if offered to me now. We're due a result against the tangerines this season.
  11. You're supposes to get a steak bridie.
  12. Old stomach butterflies this morning. Obviously I hope we win but whatever happens I hope we both stay up as I throughly enjoy these games.
  13. I'd like to see both involved. I think Herron with a full pre-season with us would be a better player. I agree he's been off the boil the last month maybe but form is only temporary. Geggan was terrible for about 8 weeks and has been one of the star performers in of late. McCabe has done well when given a chance lately and was playing a lot better pre Christmas. Unfortunately at that point Herron and Wedderburn turned up the heat and he couldn't get a look in.
  14. Herron and McCabe have done just fine. Both could improve but no grumbles from me.