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  1. Brechin City vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Who was the big centre half "challenging" Clark for the second?
  2. Brechin City vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Didn't make Saturday's game and won't be there tonight. Hoping for a good win, but realistically a 0-1 would do.
  3. Missing this one tomorrow unfortunately. Thought we played as well as we have done for months in the second half on Tuesday and the 1-0 score line flattered ICT, it should've been 3/4. Hoping our blip is over and we can have a positive end to the season. The players seemed pumped after the win so hopefully that carries on to tomorrow. Home win - just.
  4. Never want to see my team do anything other than win, but can't see past a convincing home win tomorrow sadly. We've had a few weeks since our last game, so hopefully the new boys have gelled well, but I think it'll be a poor game for us.
  5. Going through to Livi tomorrow. We've been chronic for weeks.. again so I don't expect much. Hopefully he changes it and brings in Ryan, Armstrong & Vincent. The current starters need a boot up the arse.
  6. Various things, but none of which agreed with homophobic language.
  7. You’re right. However, I was also at the meeting last night and know who Adam is accusing. I know said person isn’t like that, and also doesn’t agree with homophobic chanting. The guy attends the games with his three kids FFS, not “casuals” [emoji23]. What was said last night has been misinterpreted in here, in true sweetie wife fashion.
  8. Who asked you? [emoji23]
  9. Back to the person we were talking about. Do you know he definitely sang a homophobic song?
  10. I see. Perhaps you should have alerted Ross that this man is a problem and asked for him to be banned there and then, whilst we had him in the room.
  11. What’s his name please Adam? This man must be banned. If he’s “pretty well know” can you pass me the details.
  12. Big game for all. If we can play like we did against Falkirk and Utd then we'll give anyone a go, however if we go about it as we did on Saturday then it'll be a convincing away win. Morton weren't great, but they didn't have to be to beat us. I think there will be a reaction from the players, but not enough to win - Desmond 2-2.
  13. I think Chris Kane was at Uni when playing for us, sure he went part-time so he could do both before falling out of favour and leaving.
  14. Felt we were the better side and deserved the three points. Utd don't look the same team that burst us in September. Probably missing Fyvie in the middle of the park.