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  1. Who's left you guys? I noticed the left back went back down south. Rated him, good player.
  2. Lewis Spence is garbage. I can't wait for you to see this.
  3. Unfortunately you don't get to play the Faissal El Bakhtaoui card though.
  4. I think they both can. Shankland done well with us in his first stint and it just didn't happen for him last season for whatever reason. McManus will have a better team and better players around him this season, therefore I believe he'll have a solid season. No doubt that both have ability.
  5. FEB. I'd lose my sh*t.
  6. Wait, hud the bus. It's cause of Elvis Costello who's real name is Declan McManus.
  7. Is McManus actual nickname not Elvis or something. I don't know why but I'm sure the Morton fans referred to him as that when he played there.
  8. Bilel Mohsni. Absolute dirty bas*ard on the pitch. I remember him punching our keeper at East End and getting away with it in a high tempered game resulting in a 1-1 draw. He got his comeuppance in that Motherwell Vs Rangers playoff which was pretty entertaining. Jamie Adams at Ayr is another. Only really realised who he was in the season before last. He got some sort of hero status for nailing wee Josh Falkingham who is about the size of a borrower. Just a big dirty haddie. Andy Rodgers. p***k of a man. Peterhead lost the plot during a game at East End getting three players sent off in the first half. He blamed Falkingham for getting them sent off although I'm sure he was only involved in two of the incidents and he was absolutely halved with the ball long gone. Rodgers came out on twitter that night having a go at Pars fans calling them mutants etc. We soon realised he was a Falkirk fan. Guys an absolute toerag but it created a bit of interest in the Peterhead games that season.
  9. Was speaking to the GM recently, hopefully next few weeks. Belter!
  10. Nice of the club to show you the books. Do elaborate...
  11. Should start to see more movement since most deals ended yesterday.
  12. Kit announced middle June and for sale middle July I think.
  13. Geggan will do well for Ayr in the middle of the park. I felt he was found out in the middle last season, but done okay at RB. Saying that, I think there are better right backs out there and he's not good enough to play in the middle, therefore I think he'll move on. Great servant though and a real fans favourite.
  14. From his past injuries? Wouldn't be surprised if he has some mental effects of the 2/3 bad injuries he got. What was it, dislocated knee then when he finally made a return he broke his leg in two places? Personally I don't rate him as a defender. I don't recall him ever putting in a decent tackle and winning the ball but he could be an asset further forward.
  15. Can't wait for 12 more weeks of this.