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  1. Whitehill Welfare Manager

    Smelling a bit jealousy in fact it reeks of the stuff you no get an interview or what
  2. Players for Transfer

    Don't disagree with what you said about each of the players tbf i was simply making the point that allot had left
  3. Players for Transfer

    Yeah he did and if you read my comment im prity sure it says i agreed with him regards expectation All i did was point out allot of players had left the club recently which is prity clear to see John hall no other evidence than what I've seen but the eyes don't lie unless he is on holiday he would be at games especially the recent fixtures Regardless of what you think im enthusiastic about the way the new manager looks to be trying to do squad wise So wind your neck in[emoji27] [emoji27] [emoji27] [emoji12] [emoji12]
  4. Players for Transfer

    Onwards and upwards Waldo my boy [emoji7]
  5. Players for Transfer

  6. Players for Transfer

    We are in total agreement here so calm down
  7. Players for Transfer

    And he left before the new man took over so not 1 player has left since the new guy took over[emoji3] [emoji3] [emoji3]
  8. Players for Transfer

    Think that was a different manager in november so what's your point now
  9. Players for Transfer

    You and newky a tag team im not knocking anything just pointing out a fact ffs no agenda im interested and hopeful the young laddies do well and get time to adjust to it
  10. Players for Transfer

    Im nae computer expert either apparently[emoji3] i don't really care what any of the players left for i was merely making the point alot had left and i think i implied may be a positive thing so wind your neck in newky lad
  11. Players for Transfer

  12. Players for Transfer

  13. The Pyramid system - How it should be

    Agree good effort send it edinbear
  14. Spartans

    I'm thinking francksauzee is maybe part of that wonderful innovative group lol
  15. Whitehill Welfare 4 University of Stirling 2

    Agree great second half ozzy was.outstanding on Saturday