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  1. Yes, but I'd imagine only in conjunction with automated gates (or the staff having barcode readers). What clubs have automatic barcode reading gates? Only one I've been to is Hibs, I think.
  2. I'd assume so. The playoff match there last season was ticketed but they were also selling tickets from the portakabin outside the stand before kickoff.
  3. 2017/2018 Season Tickets £230 until 28th April, then £250 (not sure for how long), then £295. Seems good pricing, for the Super Early Bird at least.
  4. True. Their job is to play football and they should know those rules but I suspect the majority of them don't know much about the laws of the game... :-D
  5. Yep, pretty sizeable chunk. Will be interesting to see what happens to them. This is from New Raith Rovers last annual return:
  6. There's a more up-to-date version on the Trust website:
  7. Or the playoffs this year if we're lucky enough not to finish bottom. Then Dougie Hill can score the winner for them.
  8. Two quotes above sum it up for me. As we're still full-time are we just going to have to sign the "best of the rest", that don't get signed by clubs in the top development league and hope that Craig Easton can un-earth / coach a hidden gem that was somehow missed before he turned sixteen?
  9. Let's hope we can get a more imaginative design/font of "" on the home top.
  10. Just taken from the post Dumbarton match RaithTV interview.
  11. According to Matt Elder he's to be second choice after Cuthbert.