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  1. Is that the toilets you're meant to use if in the lounge for hospitality?!
  2. And home to them on the last....
  3. The SPFL page has a countdown splash page!
  4. A friend for wee Jock.
  5. Barry Smith said in an interview with FFP that "Jason Thompson will be signing in the next couple of weeks when he's back from holiday". (There was a video on the "Raith Rovers - Fife Free Press" Facebook page).
  6. Would love to hang on to Hardie but there's almost no chance at all. (Scoring twice for Scotland U20s yesterday hasn't helped to try and keep him out of the spotlight). In fact, there's probably more chance of Tazz1903 posting something sensible and coherent by the end of the season than us signing Hardie.
  8. I'm actually a little worried this is true! The "work in progress" should have surely been ongoing as soon as the BoD realised they didn't want Hughes next season, which I'd imagine was a few weeks before the end of the season. So, what, a month of trying to find somebody? Maybe their heads have been turned by Daren Dods since he got Brechin promoted and they're trying to work something out there?
  9. For part of the season we were housing smaller away supports in the corner of the Main Stand If the away fans were to be put in the Main Stand next season (or not have segregation) what would the chances be of making the away end (Key-Tech Stand) of the Railway Stand a home stand (or un-segragated), and have the North Stand closed most of the time? I'd far prefer to sit there, closer to the half way line, than in the South Stand or Main Stand.
  10. Ian Murray is currently assistant manager to Kevin Nicol at Asker in Norway. They're currently second bottom of the second tier after five matches. (Drawn 3, Lost 2).
  11. Staying FT but no news on players yet.
  12. I agree with this ^^ Alan Young made the comment that ideally the new manager would be here for a number of years (4 or 5?) before moving on. Is this realistic? Let's assume it's Darren Young: best case scenario is that we come straight back up and then, the season after, stay up (or reach mid-table, or even the play-offs). He's likely going to be off at the first chance of a job at a bigger club. (E.g. when McKinnon gets punted from Dundee United if they get stuck in the Championship for a few more seasons or St Johnstone when Tommy Wright moves on in a few years). We need somebody working for the club with a strategic vision who can carry it through no matter who the football manager is.
  13. He did say "as far as they understood, within the club, they couldn't recall him". As our CEO is the one who would probably do any recall, and is on the SPFL board, then they don't have much option other than to believe him - even if he's wrong!
  14. I understood that more as "I'll consider my position [and quit when I want. I've already considered it] but now isn't the time". Re. the interview: agreed - I thought he did well. Would liked him to have pushed more on the CEO's part in all the decisions. I thought the Chairman's comments were a bit strange re. "footballing people". He said they'll consult different footballing people as it's a different person we're interested in. Does that mean they just asked Gary Locke's mates if he was any good and they all said "yes". Sounds like he plans on having Vaughan around next season, (although guess won't stand in his way if he wants to leave...). Good that we're planning on keeping the Development Squad ring-fenced. But again, strange comments re. down to the new managed whether or not he wants to utilise them. Also sounds like they'll maybe close the North Stand. Guess don't need segregation for any game other than East Fife!