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  1. As far as I can tell, he has a very small shareholding in RRFC Ltd and RR Holdings Ltd, but none in New RR Ltd (i.e. as a fan shareholder, rather than major investor). His place on the board will have been as he was CEO rather than a major shareholder.
  2. The SPFL would have been paying the petrol money for their meetings. Eric Drysdale lost his place on the board when the club got relegated. (As did Leeann Dempster, when Hibs got promoted). The SPFL board is made up of three Premiership representatives, two from the Championship and one for League 1/2 (the Stranraer chairman).
  3. No, although saw them saying a while ago they were preparing a new celebration GIF for twitter so maybe they were testing it? Is it bad...?!
  4. You wait 2282 pages for somebody to say "myopic" and it's used twice within an hour....
  5. No. Pretty crumby defending by him, missed header from their cross.
  6. Doesn't actually say a lot. Although this is relatively interesting: So read into that that Sim won't have us running at a loss, even if that means League 1 part-time football if we don't get back up this season.
  7. Montrose have signed Sean Dillon! Am sure he could have done a decent job for us.
  8. Some signing!!
  9. How many come to the games by train? I manage a handful of home games each season and get the train to Kirkcaldy and Stark's Park is pretty convenient for that, short walk from the station and can stop somewhere for a drink too, if I wish. Any move to the edge of town would likely mean me having to drive or get a much earlier train then try and get a bus. (Assuming they wouldn't put on shuttles...). (One positive of relegation is I have four "away" matches a few miles from me....) Not that there's any money to do it, but I think Stark's Park could be redeveloped to improve the match day experience (with or without an artificial surface) rather than needing to move. Reopen the Railway Stand / close the Main Stand for starters. If we had money, (and a decent architect, who Sim says he's speaking to) I'm sure you could even get some sort of seating in the terracing in front of the Main Stand (or replacing it...). Changing rooms and offices could be put in the North Stand. As for Sim, too early to tell (for me) until we hear more. Comments made saying it's a positive move or a negative move both sound sensible for the reasons given!
  10. Is that the toilets you're meant to use if in the lounge for hospitality?!
  11. And home to them on the last....
  12. The SPFL page has a countdown splash page!
  13. A friend for wee Jock.
  14. Barry Smith said in an interview with FFP that "Jason Thompson will be signing in the next couple of weeks when he's back from holiday". (There was a video on the "Raith Rovers - Fife Free Press" Facebook page).
  15. Would love to hang on to Hardie but there's almost no chance at all. (Scoring twice for Scotland U20s yesterday hasn't helped to try and keep him out of the spotlight). In fact, there's probably more chance of Tazz1903 posting something sensible and coherent by the end of the season than us signing Hardie.