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  1. City Fanzine for the Edinburgh City v Elgin City match. Saturday 25 March at Meadowbank Stadium. Kick-off 3.00pm. The Joke Pages. Best chance to see a home win at Meadowbank this Saturday after Elgin City announce that their star striker - and man of many hat-tricks - Shane Sutherland is out with cruciate ligament damage. C'mon the Lilywhites! Big shout out to Evening News journalsit Ross Pilcher for looking over our shoulder at The Oriam last Sunday during the EOS Qualifying Cup final between Spartans (Boo Hiss) and Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale...... And an even bigger shout out to 'Lordy', 'Henry Hill' and 'Elementary Penguin' who provided some light entertainment in front of the pie stand at Broadwood for us last Saturday. lol
  2. Page 10 and Page 3 for this week's City Fanzine. Edinburgh City v Elgin City Saturday 25 Match at Meadowbank. Thanks go to the Clyde fan from Broadwood for help with the match report on Page 3.
  3. Well, I never felt more like sniffing the glue, when Edinburgh City win and Berwick Rangers lose. Oh, Edinburgh City, you got me sniffing the glue. The Hibs and Hearts play in our town. Civil Service Strollers too, But you know which team we love the best, It's Edinburgh City for me and you, for me and you.... (Tune to Guy Mitchell's 'Singing the Blues')
  4. Moves City up a place on goal difference though. Clyde were higher on more goals scored before tonight's Cowdenbeath 2-0 victory. Surprise result to many, I'd imagine, after Bully Wee fans singing their team's praises on Saturday night after the City game.
  5. I guess the Evening News must be paying bigger wages these days for match reporting. I though he had a big one too when I first glanced at it.
  6. lol. Behind me to the left a little as you look over my shoulder. He'd moved off by then
  7. So are you saying that the referees, in olden days, used to frequent the Golden Gates pub after a match at Meadowbank and share a few beers with the riff raff Brake Club? I'll wager Louis Thow never got an invite to the Trax Bar? (Going by Pastor Milne's AWOL contributions lol) One other solution struck me today while on my way to Glasgow regards finding out which referees were in charge of those first two home games against Stirling Albion and Ayr United. The match reports say that Gordon Smith played for Stirling and Henry Templeton played for Ayr on those dates. All we have to do is contact those guys and ask them if they can remember the refs or if they still have the team sheets. Funnily enough I used to spot Gordon Smith going into the Blythswood Hotel in Glasgow on business when I went there a year or two back. A friend spotted him on the Glasgow subway last week but not close enough to talk to him. Henry Templeton could be a tricky one to find. Is he still working on building sites? I see someone has fixed his Wikipedia page. It used to say: " he works on building sites stealing windows" - instead of sealing windows lol Anyway, I'd like to know who the refs were in those first two matches just for the record. (Where's David Baxter when you need him? Was looking for him at the Oriam on Sunday but was AWOL )
  8. Marc Laird normally wore the Number 5 shirt before he got injured. Josh Walker then wore the Number 5 shirt away at Elgin City in his first game for the club and kept on wearing the Number 5 shirt for the next 5 games v Clyde, Annan, Montrose, Stirling and Cowdenbeath regardless of whether Laird was playing or not. It wasn't until the midweek game at home to Berwick Rangers that Marc Laird got to wear the Number 5 shirt again and Josh Walker was given the Number 7 shirt that night. Skip forward to the next match away to Forfar and Josh Walker has the number 5 shirt again with Mark McConnell in the Number 7 shirt and Marc Laird is on the bench wearing Number 16. Then of course Saturday's latest game at Clyde - which I missed unfortunately - Marc Laird wore Number 5 again and Josh got to wear Number 7. Personal preferences? For me, Josh Walker not only looked better in the Number 5 shirt and shorts but he also played much better too. Quite a few of Josh's passes went astray against Berwick that night in the Number 7 shirt and he was not as commanding in that match as I've seen him play in all the previous games. Especially away at Annan where he took all the corners both on the left and on the right hand side of the field. So, call me superstitious, but I'd like to see Josh wearing the Number 5 permanently. (Shorts do matter sometimes!) I'm sure a lot of players have got a favourite number. What's yours?
  9. And I know just the Junior club who would love him!! Back Page Feature and Front Cover of this week's City Fanzine for Edinburgh City v Elgin City. Saturday 25th March at Meadowbank Stadium.
  10. Took a long time for Edinburgh City to make their way into the Scottish League don't you think?. They are hoping to progress forward to become an established Scottish Professional Football League club which so many of the players and staff at Edinburgh City have worked years to achieve. So I'd say you'd probably get a resounding reply from everyone concerned with the club for the first one, "more enjoyable because you're at a higher level". Hope that helps!
  11. Meadowbank Thistle 1-2 Ayr United. "Ayr United have taken an early lead at the top of the table. Our successors as Champions of the Second Division, they seem to have forgotten how to lose. Thistle fielded McCormack at left back and promoted Armstrong to left midfield to cover for the suspended Sprott. Logan was suffering from a virus but it was decided to gamble on his fitness. Ayr included the dangerous Templeton after the striker passed a morning fitness test. Meadowbank could have scored a barrowload in the first 30 minutes. Walker hit the post with a header and had a goal disallowed for offside. Armstrong proved too hot for Ayr's right back and provided several telling crosses, one in particular when Logan was perfectly picked out but the number seven sliced his shot into touch. Ayr recovered their composure and gave warning of their intentions when Tierney was forced to scramble a shot off the line. This was followed by Thomas walker going one better in forcing the ball home from inside the area. Just before the interval United had two nasty scares. First when Watson did well to block a point-blank Tierney header and his defenders scrambled the ball clear, then Boyd sent a header against the crossbar with Watson beaten. In 62 minutes the Thistle players claimed a goal when McGachie reckoned he'd forced the ball over the line. The officials disagreed but the referee awarded a penalty for hand ball on the line. Des Walker strode up to take the kick but he blasted it off the stanchion. Ayr broke upfield and scored almost immediately when Henry Templeton outpaced Boyd and McCormack and shot high into the rigging from 16 yards. That killed the game as a contest but Thistle did grab a consolation goal in the final minute when John McGachie sent a glancing header in via the near post". End of report. Pretty comprehensive reporting there by Dave B. and the ref does gets a mention in this game but not by name. And now for the Edinburgh City connection. Ayr's Henry Templeton is the father of David Cooper Templeton who was linked in Gary Jardine's failed bid to bring the ex-Hearts and ex-Rangers player to Edinburgh City in November last year. We featured the story in the City Fanzine in Issue Nine on Page Six.
  12. I have the match reports for those first two home matches of the 188/89 season against Stirling Albion and Ayr United. Unfortunately the author (David Baxter?) doesn't give the refs' names (Shame on you Dave!). Perhaps these reports will jog your memory either way and I'll try to tie it in with Edinburgh City so as it doesn't go too far off topic here. Meadowbank Thistle 2-1 Stirling Albion. "The first half of the Stirling Albion Skol Cup tie contained much good football with the emphasis very much on attack. Perhaps the only criticism would be that the players ran out of energy in the second half, which was something of an anti-climax. Adrian Sprott held centre stage in the early minutes and it was fitting that he and Stevie Logan - Thistle's best players - set up the opening goal in the seventh minute. Walker sent Sprott clear on the left flank. The ex-Accie beat his man and crossed deep to the far post where Logan headed back to Alan Prentice, and the midfielder's 12 yard volley beat Graham with ease. Thistle then squandered three excellent chances - one when Mcgachie rounded the 'keeper only to duff his cross initially and then fail to score with a shot when he got a second bite of the cherry. Brian Kemp punished Thistle by equalising in the 20th minute when he met a cross from the right and hooked the ball home. Ex-Ranger Gordon Smith almost put Albion ahead on the half hour but Thistle had Logan to thank for clearing his lines. Just when it looked like there would be no time for further first half scoring, Neil Irvine shot Thistle ahead with an unbelievable strike. From 20 yards out, he unleashed a tremendous shot into the top left hand corner of the goal. The biggest drama of the second half came two minutes from time when Sprott was sent off for a second booking. Albion tried hard to take advantage of Thistle's misfortune but time was called with Jags still 2-1 ahead. [It was later announced that Meadowbank Thistle supporter and regular follower of the club Thomas Shiels from East Calder, who attended the Stirling match died a few days later]
  13. I think I can help you out there. AWOL #8 states on the back page that it was published on 13th August 1988. That was the date of the first game of the season away at Forfar. So any of the next 3 home games in a row (Stirling, Ayr, [Hearts game played at Brockville - Referee was Mr G Smith of Edinburgh] or Falkirk - Referee was the notorious Mr D.F.T. Syme of Rutherglen ) could have been where you saw the ref reading AWOL in the Golden Gates. If I can find the serving officials data for those first 2 matches then one name should ring a bell with you.
  14. It was Ross Pilcher's Day Off (That'll be the title of my match report in the City Fanzine next week). But he was on a busman's holiday sitting right behind me. (Ross scampered after the final whistle and didn't stay around for the presentation of the Cup)
  15. Well, if you spotted the guy that is seated in the stand in this picture wearing the yellow Edinburgh City away top, the amber and black bobbly hat and the Meadowbank Thistle scarf round his neck then that was me for sure. Good job you can't see my face as I had my camera in pole position.