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  1. Any time. Wayne Shaw to sign as a third goalie and challenge Mr Blobby to a pie eating contest. Sponsored by Sun Bets.
  2. Ousman See out for another two weeks, Craig Beattie seems to have been carrying injuries for most of the season and is likely to be out, Nico Gibson out with long term injuries, Ross Allum sent to Spartans, Guthrie not exactly setting the heather on fire, new signing Lewis Allan still finding his feet and Ortrega Deniran brought back on amateur terms. That's the bad news on the forward front. The midfield fairs better but only just. Josh Walker has impressed in the 3 games against Elgin, Annan and Montrose making good use of his inch-perfect passing and crossing skills even scoring a goal on Saturday. Marc Laird has been impressive when he came in to the team and has scored as well. Gair, Dunn, McFarland, Cummings and McConnell all get pass marks in supporting roles but there's no one in that 5 who stands out and can take the game by the scruff of the neck. (Sure they all look busy enough and do lots of running down the wings but it's not getting converted into goals) Defence wise. Stobie has been outstanding, Edinburgh City Player of the Year for me but showed uncertainty when faced with the two penalty kicks recently, twice diving the wrong way. Some stunning saves though which have kept the team in the game on several occasions - made better by the fact that some of the strikes were aimed straight at him. Mbu, Porteous, McKee, Dunsmore and Harrison have all been a steadying force at the back and are a great credit to the team's goal difference. Caddow and Donaldson have filled in ably when required to do so. Multiple injuries to players have shown up the weakness in the team and some of the new signings for Edinburgh City earlier on in the season have proved less fruitlful than the impact made by the other teams' new signings in League 2. In summing up, I'd say that there's still a long way to go before the play-off final. Taking points off Stirling Albion, Cowdenbeath and Berwick Rangers in the next 3 games is a must. Following that are 3 very tough games against Forfar, Clyde and Elgin. But the run in with games against Montrose, Cowdenbeath, Arbroath, Annan, Stirling and Berwick Rangers looks promising and with a fully fit squad in the coming weeks, I'd say Edinburgh City can look forward to a second season in League 2 finishing 7th or more likely 8th with no problem. As for the Stirling Albion v Edinburgh City game on Saturday - an outside 1-1 bet.
  3. Predictions for Saturday's game on Stirling's 'non-astoturf' pitch at Forthbank. High wind probability (after beans on toast for brunch at the local Morrisons Supermarket across the road), Snow chance of the game getting called off because of the weather, Mr Blobby refused entry to the ground (on account of his offensive T-Shirt), Security eject Edinburgh City photographer from the away support end ('again', for failing to observe the 'No Riff Raff' sign), Josh Walker and Marc Laird to combine in some wonderful ball play that results in Lewis Allan scoring a hat-trick (dream phase). The Binos fans to sing a song for once ('Cheers up sleepy Jim, oh what can it mean, to an ex-Hearts and Falkirk manager... you know the song.)
  4. Great effort! Could make the City Fanzine next month. Bridgewater Town?
  5. Updated my 'About Me' profile............. Next update will be at the end of the season.

  6. Funny you should say that. He was in a restricted area and had to be moved on by security. lo l.
  7. Apologies to Historical Kits for using their images here but I was intrigued to discover that Edinburgh City had a pink top to their socks at one time. In 1938 to be precise and only for a few months. There was talk at the ground on Saturday, during the design survey for Abertay University, that a third kit for the Citizens was being considered (Hypothetically of course). I think pink socks with the yellow away top would go down really well with some sections of the City support. Coincidentally, for reasons that no doubt we'll be told about later, Edinburgh City ran out in an all white strip in the game against Montrose. (Apart from the seat-belt across the shoulders and the black tops to the socks). Perhaps ditching the black shorts was just a trial, but most fans, I was told, didn't like the new look.
  8. I expect Edinburgh City fans will be segregated for the Stirling Albion match again. Here's our corner.
  9. History lesson. "Stirling Albion were the first Scottish club to have a plastic pitch - it was in place at their old Annfield ground between 1987 and 1992. The first match was a 1-1 draw against Ayr United in September 1987. George Peebles took charge of the team and would be the first Scottish manager to manage a team who played on Astroturf. One of the requirements of the new turf was that clubs could decide not to play on the surface in cup matches and so for the next 5 years all of Stirling Albion's home cup games were played away. With the supposed advantage of the artificial pitch not working, St Johnstone defeated the Binos by six goals on the artificial surface, Peebles was relieved of his duties and Jim Fleeting was appointed". So there you go. Maybe the reason why Stirling Albion didn't go for the astroturf in the new ground at Forthbank was that 6-0 cuffing by St Johnstone all those years ago.
  10. The photographer is doing a series of pictorial studies of Edinburgh City's expedition into the Scottish League 2 for the BBC. His next stop is Stirling on Saturday. Hope he gets a nice photo of the grass pitch. I hear The Binos's groundsman cuts a different design every week. (Watching the Dundee v Rangers game however, not too keen on the Bermuda triangle edged into the Dens Park pitch or as our co-editor says it looks like the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter to her. Whatever, it seems to have cast a spell on the Gers).
  11. HaHa. Compliments to the groundsman then. It looked like plastic to me at the time but then again going by the way the grass is cut in one of my snaps from last year, it couldn't be anything else.
  12. Another fine display by Josh Walker in his third match for the club. Man of the Match for me. Walker is the featured player in next month's Edinburgh City Fanzine. Looking for a good performance at Stirling Albion next Saturday. City play well on the artificial turf so this one should be right up their street. Question is; Will Mr Blobby be allowed into the Forthbank ground this time around after being banned by the Chief Health and Safety Officer in the first game? Watch this space!
  13. Haha. I wondered who he was. Ortega's name seemed to disappear from the squad list, even The Citizen programme didn't name him on the back page.
  14. So, the way I saw it, (and no team sheets on sale for the punters today - tut tut, second time this season) Stobie in goal with a back 5 of (left to right) Gair, McKee, Harrison, Caddow and Dunsmore. A Midfield trio of Dunn, Walker and Laird. The two up front were Allan and Guthrie. Substitutes McConnell, McFarland and Cummings came on in the second half. Ouzy See and Craig Beattie were in the stadium but were out injured (as was Joe Mbu) and mingled with the fans. City must be really struggling for fit players now because Ortega Deniran was named as No. 17 on the press's team sheet (that I glanced at longingly on the media desk). Ortega has been so conspicuous by his absence this season that I thought he'd left the club altogether a long time ago. Donaldson and Antell made up the numbers. Performance-wise, Stobie made a terrific save again. He's worth a goal a game to City. Josh Walker? I gave up counting the amount of times Josh's passes went to another City player. Maybe only two of his passes went astray to a Montrose player and only one was passed too far behind the intended target. So top marks to Josh Walker - Man of the Match, I think Harrison did OK (Solid as a rock - The new Joe Mbu perhaps). Didn't see a lot of the sweeping runs into the box from the wing backs that has been happening of late at the away games. A couple of players got into the kind of argy bargy with each other that you may expect to see week-in week-out in the Edinburgh and Lothian Sunday Afternoon Amateur League at Dalkeith Campus but apart from that a draw was a fair result. Ouzy See is expected to be out for a couple of more weeks with a bruised foot sustained in training a couple of weeks ago. Had a chat with him in the foyer today.
  15. Mr Blobby wasn't to be outdone by the Citizens' kit change and tried out a new number himself as well.