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  1. Sounds like fun times at Airdrie. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. 7-0 Rovers
  2. Terrific result again. Some fabulous goals in those highlights. Who was captain? What like was Herron?
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Yours must be too wee. Everyone I've owned has been wider than a standard block of cheese. Never knew it was even called a cheese plane. I've always just called it a slicer.
  4. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    A cheese slicer is what you need if you're cutting cheese for toast or sandwiches.
  5. Tipping

    Not tipping a fast food delivery driver is out of order. They must rely on tips to even get minimum wage. Only other tips I give out are to the barber and friendly bar staff. f**k tipping taxi drivers the only ones I ever seem to get are greasy, fat and ignorant old firm supporters.
  6. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Men against boys
  7. Yes plenty. Could be prescribed drugs , upbringing, anxiety, depression to name a few reasons. If that is a serious question you really are a fucking backward moron. Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease that overrides any rational thought regarding the consequences of the addiction. I can't believe that in this day and age attitudes like this towards addiction still exist.
  8. Benedictus a better defender than Campbell and the 09 Marv imo. And I would take Thomson and McHattie over Wilson and Ferry at full back.
  9. Looking at this I can't help but think we have a far stronger team now than the team that won this league in 08/09.
  10. De Boer Punted

    Disgraceful decision to sack him so soon. Palace actually dominated the match against Burnley yesterday. Hope they go down now.
  11. Sobered up now pal? Still seething though eh? Get It Right Fucking Up You.
  12. Boxing Thread

    Wasn't it supposed to be on itv on demand post fight? I couldn't find it anyway. Also had to watch shitty youtube with foreign commentary. Looked easy enough for Usyk though Huck caught him more than I would have expected. Maybe that was just a case of Usyk not respecting his power. Usyk v Briedis will be a superb fight when it happens.
  13. Fucking hell. and you wonder why people say you seem upset? We weren't the ones calling ourselves 'the champions elect' for the first 4 weeks of the season. GIRFUY.
  14. I am choking to see that cnn dick in Miami get dragged out to sea. It would be no more than he deserved
  15. Yet you were at Stark's watching the Rovers. Greenock too far away for you to go on your own? What a truly pathetic Pars supporter you are. Your team is top of the league playing the best they have for years but you would rather go to Kirkcaldy to watch the Rovers