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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Surely we're not paying any money for this embarrassment of a player? If so he should be sent back to hearts right now.
  2. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Well done to Ayr. Got to admire the way they try and play. Always looking to attack and play mostly short quick passes. Can't remember the last time we had a team that doesn't just hoof the ball upfield and hope for the best. We've seen some pish players in recent times but Herron, Zanatta and G Smith might top the lot. Barry Smith seems far to loyal to the 5 players he has signed himself. Also it seems Smith is from the Gary Locke school of coaching. 4-4-2 every week, launch high balls to midget strikers and if things aren't going our way just put on more strikers. If form doesn't improve rapidly we should be looking for a new manager. Thomson Mchattie and Barr are still nowhere near good enough even in this league. Thomson looks past it, Barr doesn't give a f**k and Mchattie is just utter dug shite. Fucking sick of them.
  3. Bullshit Sayings

    'what goes around comes around' or any saying involving the word karma is absolute bullshit.
  4. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Praying Lennox is in goal tonight, think it could make a big difference. It's no coincidence that our form has gotten worse the longer Smith has kept goal. Hopefully Ayr still have their clown of a goalkeeper that gifted us a win at Starks? Hope Herron and Spence take a turn on the bench for Court and Mathews though I doubt that will happen. Reckon it will be a high scoring thriller. Vaughan will run riot and score atleast 3.
  5. John Herron has been fucking awful everytime I have seen him play yet now seems to be our first choice midfielder. His passing is horrendous, he doesn't tackle or compete in the air and he seems uninterested at times. hopefully we play Mathews and Robertson in midfield on Tuesday. Osei was woeful today can't see any reason why he is getting game time ahead of Court. Manager obviously doesn't rate Court at all. Shame as he is the only striker we have got that has a decent physical presence.
  6. 5 or 6 with injuries and a few getting rested for Tuesday.
  7. Raith Rovers v East Fife

    Then you are a moron. Even with the injury crisis we have endured in defence we still have the best defensive record in the league by miles. Scott Robertson was the best defender on show on Saturday and he's a midfielder. Wow so bitter. This is what 30 years of hurt does to you? Try not to be to disappointed when we win the league
  8. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Where is the nearest station to Somerset? Looks like I would need to get there for 2145 to be able to get to Glasgow on time for my next train.
  9. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Comparing a journeyman striker who has scored 7 goals in 7 games to the magnificent prospect that is Lewis Vaughan who has scored 18 in 18 from midfield? Away and take yer face for a shite pal.
  10. Boxing Thread

    So did I That was some knockout for Bivol
  11. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Good one 
  12. Boxing Thread

    Scorecards were probably a fair reflection of the fight. The commentators seemed determined to hype up the German. I thought he was awful, in the early rounds he was actually turning his back and running away at times.
  13. Boxing Thread

    I had 7-5 Chisora. A bit like Parker v Fury fight imo