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  1. East Fife V Raith

    I was there. GIRUY ya bitter mess.
  2. So you would rather ayr lost so you won your coupon? what a mink of a supporter you are.
  3. facebook is for wee lassies and morons. Did you go out the rovers Facebook page expecting eloquent in depth analysis of the match ? Nice to see you're still seething on Monday afternoon though
  4. Monster munch

    Like them all but roast beef are the best.
  5. Draw maybe a fair result but I felt we were the side pushing for a winner more towards the end. Disgraceful refereeing not sending Adams off for a cynical foul minutes after giving him a final warning. Was surprised at how dirty Ayr were in general. Should have put more pressure on their keeper he looked an accident waiting to happen. If we are going to continue to boot the ball in the air all the time we need to play Court or sign a target man. Another pretty shitty game and abject performance but again a results in our favour so can't complain to much.
  6. Cant believe he has brought herron back in ffs. We were doing well with Vaughan and Robbo in the middle. Surely the boy from celtic or Barr should have started in place of zannata
  7. The Beveridge Park is probably the best place for away fans to park
  8. Yes we play Stranraer a week on Saturday and albion on 6th feb
  9. The amount of people on here who seem to think that pie and bovril thread titles influence the outcome of games is concerning. Thread title seems pretty accurate to me anyway. I predict, champions elect 4 playoff hopefuls 0. We have got to start playing well sooner or later.
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    If it's high tempo and work ethic you are looking for then Jordan Thompson definitely isn't your man. Can't believe another championship team would go near him considering how bad he was for us in that league.
  11. Broadwood and Airdrie are far better venues than the likes of Dumbarton and New Bayview with only one stand.
  12. East Fife V Raith

    Looking forward to us collecting the 3rd installment of our guaranteed 12 points from the minks this season. With Spence and Buchanan in good goalscoring form at last I can see this being another 0-5 or maybe more.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I would say we have a much better chance of landing Connolly rather than Craigen. Wasn't Connolly banished from York's first team way back in September? I'm sure the newspaper article at the time stated the only club that had shown interest in him were Chorley fc. Craigen plays with one of the highest budget teams in the league above us and would probably be on higher wages and in demand more than Connolly who plays in the National league north. Would love to see both of them back at Starks though. Can't believe we tried to sign Sutton when we clearly need other positions covered. Absolute stupidity unless of course they were going to sign a wide midfielder and a fullback as well as Sutton.
  14. Arbroath v Raith Rovers

    I very much enjoyed myself yesterday and if you saw the full time celebrations on the pitch the Rovers players clearly enjoyed themselves. Maybe you should buy a wee tartan blanket and sit in the stand if you found yesterday too cold and wet. Either that or don't support a diddy team who create no excitement or atmosphere while playing in front of sparse crowds yards away from the North Sea.