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  1. Heard Penicuik put a bid in for Nelson?!
  2. Hopefully a new keeper to challenge for number 1 spot.
  3. Thought you had retired aswell?
  4. Bonnyrigg signed the goalie from whitehill aswell.
  5. Can I say?
  6. Cheers Jambob
  7. Any truth that you've sold a player to Dalkeith though?
  8. Heard Easthouses have sold a player to Dalkeith? Can't be many in that team worth money.
  9. That's correct, chairman also followed him out the door.
  10. Has Darren Smith been told he can go aswell?
  11. Tranent in free fall? Few boys have the weekend off I'm hearing!!
  12. 3 shots 3 goals. Silly from Turner swearing at the linesman. Here's hoping for a better 2nd half.
  13. Incredible the amount of things I'm reading about this on social media.
  14. Your right, absolute disgrace! Boy was only there 6 weeks. Glad he will be able to enjoy his football again this season now! Doesn't surprise me with Penicuik though after hearing how they shafted Meikle..
  15. How come the game has been cancelled on Saturday?