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  1. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Johnny Harvey the obvious one.
  2. East super league

    Johnny Harvey in?? That would be very interesting!!
  3. Dalkeith Thistle 2017/18

    I couldn't tell you about the price situation for parents I was only commenting on the young lads from the academy. I paid £6 last night.
  4. Dalkeith Thistle 2017/18

    Great touch last night letting the young lads from academy play 5 a side games before the match, then lead both teams out as mascots you could see they all enjoyed it, always good to get the community involved.
  5. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    He's shite
  6. Bonnyrigg Rose 2016-17

    Heard Penicuik put a bid in for Nelson?!
  7. Dalkeith Thistle 2017/18

    Hopefully a new keeper to challenge for number 1 spot.
  8. East Region South League 2017/8

    Thought you had retired aswell?
  9. East Region transfers 2017/18

    Bonnyrigg signed the goalie from whitehill aswell.
  10. East Region South League 2017/8

    Can I say?
  11. East Region South League 2017/8

    Cheers Jambob
  12. East Region South League 2017/8

    Any truth that you've sold a player to Dalkeith though?
  13. East Region South League 2017/8

    Heard Easthouses have sold a player to Dalkeith? Can't be many in that team worth money.
  14. Kevin Thomson Has left??

    That's correct, chairman also followed him out the door.
  15. Kevin Thomson Has left??

    Has Darren Smith been told he can go aswell?