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  1. All this about McLeish yet no mention of the Palestine/Hamas pish
  2. Yes feel gutted for the fans that came over from the states and further afield.we didn't do ourselves justice.thought Aldred and Bowman were best for us
  3. Well f**k off over to Ireland and watch their league then
  4. Celtic and the Rangers trying to out Beast each other
  5. things you arent so proud of

    I once greenied magee
  6. The Royal Wedding

    Hopefully the Isis crew are planning on showing up
  7. Think one of the players is Craig sibbald of falkirk we have intrest in
  8. 21st Ideas?

    A glory hole
  9. Horrific club photos

    Suzie McGuire? Peter Kay put the weight on again
  10. Travelling people and YouTube “beefs”

    The winner gets a dag
  11. First World Problems

  12. Name Ruth Davidson's child...

  13. Name Ruth Davidson's child...

    The lesbos kid