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  1. Euro 2020 pairings

    Would have been easily avoided if they hadn't added in the new "qualified hosts will have at least 2 home games" bit though. Can't imagine the nations who aren't hosting will be too happy about that either btw.
  2. Dunfermline v Queens

    Dobbie has looked good although giving the most gifted player in the league time and space to do whatever he wants is crazy. There's his hat trick now too. All too easy. He's put 5 or 6 cracking balls in and Queens could have scored 7 or 8. I'm not exaggerating either. We have been unbelievably pish. I can see Brechin beating us in 2 weeks time.
  3. Dunfermline v Queens

    This is Potter-esque levels of badness from us. Terrible starting XI, terrible defending for both goals, no creativity (related to the first point of course) and then a terrible substitution. This could be a 4 or 5 nil here, especially of we lose the plot slightly and start kicking folk. Although that would assume we can actually catch any of their players. We're making Dobbie look rapid. So slow and ponderous at both ends of the park. Awful.
  4. Dunfermline v Queens

    No Aird? WTactualF?
  5. Premier League 2017-2018

    West Ham v Chelsea is on Sky Sports PL today. And Sky Sports Main Event. And Sky Sports Mix. And Sky One. Wouldn't surprise me of it was also simulcast on Sky News and Sky Living too. Still won't watch it though. Sod that.
  6. I was just repeating what someone had said at a supporters meeting where it had been queried. Most folk I know think it's a farce (We had an "official attendance" or nearly 5,000 for a midweek match v Morton that had around 3,200 actually at the game) but it was said that it was the done thing to get more money in via sponsorship etc. It seems the norm in England too when you see the empty seats at Arsenal, Man City etc.
  7. Dunfermline v Queens

    I'd actually stick with 4-5-1 but I agree I think we'll go back to 4-4-2. Presumably Clark and Shiels will come back in.
  8. Dunfermline v Queens

    Which game was it when we had the undersoil heating on but it was knackered and there was a big patch unplayable? That must have been in the last decade. My favourite (not really) postponement was when a game was called off for fog when there was near perfect visibility. Think it was Bobby Madden who called it off super early? This was despite everyone saying that the fog was going to lift within an hour or so.
  9. Euro 2020 pairings

    If that bit at the top is right then it seems a bit bizarre to have the groups done already like that and not let the draw happen (or at least wait til seedings are announced for the final tournament). It's not as if the venues are close together in all the cases and UEFA don't care about the fans going to a game so it seems a bit rubbish. As is giving the extra games from Brussels (Eurostadium not being built potentially because a local council doesn't want to get rid of a road between 2 car parks at the existing Heysel and Anderlecht no longer want a part of it) to Wembley when they already have both semis and the final. Probably should have been Cardiff or Stockholm or something since it's meant to allow the wee nations a chance to host as well as being to celebrate the anniversary of the first tournament (or whatever bullshit reason they used when they announced it).
  10. Champions League 2017/18

    Surely a derby final would get fewer viewers (with the exception of maybe Real v Barcelona) as while the people in that particular county may be more inclined to watch, it's only one country for which it's a "must see" rather than two? Anyway, agree with the general point. Make it an open draw or at the very least open by nation and group draw for the knock out stages. If they want to continue with seeding in the next round they should do it by their group performance so that teams have an incentive to win every game rather than chucking in the kids once they've qualified meaning teams in the group stages have an advantage when playing an already qualified team last.
  11. Dunfermline v Queens

    Whereas we don't have a set piece threat at all. If we could beat the first man it would help but we seem to be intent on trying to put loads of whip and swerve on it just because it looks good when it comes off on Match of the Day.
  12. Snooker

    Good. Used to hate Thorne commentating. Even when he'd critique someone I'd be sitting there saying "what have you ever won?" When 2 of the greatest players ever to pick up a cue are the ones making comments, I'm more inclined to listen.
  13. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Press box. Quite a few of the Archibald Leich stands had then. White Hart Lane had one. Hampden had one on the stand roof which was then replaced with one that looked like it was going to slide off the sloping roof
  14. Dunfermline v Queens

    Yes. Will it be switched on? Possibly - hospitality is sold out and the prospect of a midweek game in February or whatever isn't that appealing. Our pitch is usually fine although sometimes there's a strip of grass alongside the Main Stand that doesn't get any sunlight so of there are any potential issues it's that area.
  15. The Cricket Thread

    It's not about picking them up - BT wanted exclusive rights and paid the ACB enough to ensure that so they also have highlights. They aren't going to allow a terrestrial broadcaster to show highlights free in prime time which will get much higher viewing figures than they'd get for 8 hours live coverage when most people are sleeping, are they?