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  1. Surely they won't lose and Raith win by a, what, 9 goal swing? And that assumes St Mirren get something at Easter Road where they'll want to put on a show before getting the trophy. Dumbarton are safe, surely? Surely?
  2. Psych was excellent. "Shawn, the masseuse can't see you" "Dude, I know how being blind works" Will the TV movie see them return to Santa Barbara or stay in San Francisco?
  3. Still looked better than Reilly though.
  4. Said at the time it must have taken a deflection as it moved all over the place and dipped wildly. It's been as flat as you'd expect with not much to play for other than minor placings and money for us and confidence and fitness for Morton. They looked decent enough in the second part of the first half but they look like a team who haven't won in a while. The referee had had a decent enough game too. Not so much the linesman who missed the obvious corner in the first half.
  5. Just realised I missed the Wee Team off my list. Apologies. Raith Rovers - probably Jean M'voto, who mopped up all the pointless long balls we played up in the first two derbies this season. The other two games saw us play Raith during their awful run where none of them looked like they'd played the sport before. They'll be desperate to hang on to the big guy. I don't know @Socks, we've beaten them comfortably twice (should have been three times but for a mini collapse at the end of the 4-3 game) so it's hard to think of anyone from Dumbarton who's done well against us. But Thomson did score the first goal in that opening game and then set up one in the 2-2 game (initially I thought he'D scored but it was the on-loan Thomson who for finished it off) and I thought he was ok in the wind-affected game a few weeks ago. He wasn't brilliant but then none of their players have been against us this season.
  6. I only mean it in that he gives the ball away so often we're as well not having him in the side. Only 10 players available for that. He's still capable of fouling someone though.
  7. For us, Sean Murdoch will hoover up the Player of the Year awards from the other players and supporters clubs for being consistently good while the rest of the contenders (Wedderburn, Higginbotham, Clark) have had several off days in amongst the few good performances that other supporters might see. Young Player would have to be Paul McMullan, who has created a lot of chances, scored a couple of goals and got us up the park when we've been under pressure. He even got an under-21 call-up as a result of his performances. For other teams, I've been most impressed with: Ayr: Greg Fleming for being better than he was at East End and for his mental penalty saving record. Dumbarton: Robert Thomson always plays well against us, and scored against us too. Never seemed to do that for us. Dundee Utd: Willo Flood was their best footballer at East End but Simon Murray always seems to play well against us. Falkirk: Despite the acrobatics, Miles Hippolyte did well against us every time we played them and I'm surprised he's not more of a regular. Greenock Morton: We've somehow beaten them twice and play them tomorrow so it's hard to say. Jai Quitongo looked good before his injury though. Hibernian: Was disappointed with McGinn, but the other midfielders looked the part. Dylan McGeough (sp?) looks a really good prospect. Queen of the South: Has to be Stephen Dobbie. Looked a class apart and is too good to be playing at this level. Derek Lyle still has it though. Great movement. St. Mirren: Hard to tell. 2 wins and 2 boring draws against them this season so nobody stood out. Probably go for Stephen McGinn, as he looked good at Paisley in the 0-0 there.
  8. Not sure @Scosha - it may have been a year with a year's option but I'm not the best person to ask. He's chipped in with a a few goals and assists, and when he's on form he's a proper handful. When he's not on it it's like having a team of 10 though.
  9. Had one this morning. Breakfast of champions. Or at least 5th placed finishes. Nice and peppery. Heading along to this only since I have a season ticket and the summer break is long enough with no international tournament to keep me entertained. Hopefully it'll still be competitive and not just a glorified bounce game. Dont know who'll play for either side but it would be good to see Paton play (maybe drop Higginbotham if he's a booking away from missing the first game or two next season) and I'd keep Hopkirk in the team too. I think Fordyce will play and if he does well enough he could win a new contract on the back of it. He was looking decent enough before Morris came in. Morris, Ashcroft and Fordyce would be decent for next season - 2 starting and one as cover - if we can get Morris signed up.
  10. It's been like that since about Christmas I think? When the teams are put up on MotD the players are often seen walking out from the corner flag. It's the wanky Tunnel Club thing it's there for, aye. Burnley seem to have moved their tunnel a few times too? Are thy finally going to do up that stand with the old wooden style seats behind the goal? I thought there was a cricket ground or something behind it.
  11. Imran needed the chef to do half his job in the pro kitchen (strange having a tasting menu too I thought - less potential for the contestants messing up timing) then made something John described as basic which then turned out not very well at all. At least Shauna made something interesting and showed different skills. Oh well. Lyndsay or Giovanna to win, maybe Alison since she's good and pretty. Seen the Australian version once. First invention test was to make something where brains were the main ingredient. Where's that Clint Eastwood gif when you need it?
  12. I guess it depends on what "significant terrestrial exposure" means - if it's the odd live game and highlights or the rest will it make such a big difference?
  13. Saw you'd won the Development League - how is James Berry coming along? I see there was mention above that Berry might be one who could make the move to the first team daily soon, I take it it's the same guy? Good luck on Saturday btw. Was hoping you'd get something tonight but try and send those black and white pretenders down, would you?
  14. Didn't like the look of it when I saw the trailer, and they didn't seem to explain that it was improv and that the celeb guests didn't know what was happening when it was first aired. But I like Richard Osman so I gave the first one of this series a go. Thought it was funny in parts but not sure if it would be a regular watch for me. Some of it was just a little too silly. Might try again if there's a guest I like though.
  15. Lyndsay and Alison both remind me of people (actresses or presenters or something) but I can't for the life of me remember who. A bit irritating. Thought Tom Kitchin was pretty harsh today which was quite good. Glad that Fumbi is out. He should have left after the failed cheesecake, let alone the "pie". I wasn't that keen on some of the stuff in the professional kitchen tonight. Still interesting to see how they coped though.