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  1. Not being televised live even in China? WTAF is the point then?
  2. I thought I'd missed something (the Sky box seemed to have missed the "previously on..." so I assumed it happened at the end of the last series or something) so I was totally lost and even downloaded the episode later to make sure I wasn't imagining things.
  3. Press previews seem to have been mostly positive apart from the predictable outcry aboit adverts on a commercial channel*. Hopefully it's decent and folk don't take it too seriously. *yes, I know C4 is also partly publicly funded.
  4. "Stephen's fish was quite nice, Vic Reeves fried up corned beef out a can. Who can go further in this competition, John?" All good harmless fun though.
  5. Been an interesting watch even with Sky controlling things. Estaban Chaves looks well strong. Not convinced by the Yeates boys at the moment but give it a couple of years. Didn't know de la Cruz was moving to Sky next year. He's going to be a big help to Froome you'd imagine.
  6. Our pitch looks absolutely glorious at the moment but in the past we've had all sorts of issues with drainage and the undersoil heating which has ruined it somewhat. It's been relaid but that cost quite a few quid so it's easy to see why clubs would prefer plastic. As long as they are watered and the bounce is fairly true then there's no issue. Or at least there shouldn't be.
  7. One of the papers is reporting it as a loan deal, the well known wheeze clubs use to get round FFP rules.
  8. Point of order #1 - Raith doesn't have 4 sides, it really only has 2 and a half since the Railway Stand is out of action and the Main Stand doesn't even reach the half way line. Point of order #2 - I don't know where you've got the info about English grounds having 4 sides? As someone who has been to a Oxford United's 3-sided ground I can confirm that's not the case. One stand (or even 2, as Clyde and Stirling used to have) grounds are pretty crap though. All the atmosphere gets sucked out the ground and not being able to see (or often hear) the opposition fans even when they score is just awful.
  9. Sadly nothing would surprise me about this competition. I had only just heard on the radio that the draw is in Beijing at 4.15 a.m. and so anything is possible... (plus I've been up since half three this morning but that's my own fault)
  10. That can't be real?
  11. Well I always use local on-street parking which is readily available but Dumbarton has an on-site car park which does exactly the same job as those at East End, Falkirk, Inverness etc. And of course there is no such thing at Tannadice (or Easter Road for that matter). Which will be reflected in a higher price for hospitality packages, and has no affect on those in the general admission areas. Well they've all got hot pastry products, hot drinks, cold drinks, crisps and sweets... other than the decent chips you get at Palmerston and the bridies you get at East End, most places are much of a muchness. There may be slightly less choice than at some venues but I'm going to the football, not out for lunch. The toilets are almost exactly the same as at every other ground in the country (except arguably East End as we have individual pissoirs rather than a metal trough to pee in and tiles on the wall not just breeze block). Exactly - they have no impact whatsoever on on the fan, so why should that affect the price? The one possible point in your favour. However, I got wet a fortnight ago at Livingston as the other stands did hee-haw to block the wind and rain. And Dumbarton could even argue that they offer a better view than most other places as it's a side on one rather than behind the goals. And compared to Tannadice, the comfort levels are better than in the old Main Stand if we're put in that, and if away fans are in the shed this season, the view there is obstructed so it's still worse. Indeed it's debatable if even the Fair Play Stand has better comfort levels than Dumbarton tbh. The long and short of it is that there is no reason to have a go at Dumbarton in particular about entry prices. I've been fairly consistent in my disappointment at the prices in this league, and didn't go to Tannadice or Easter Road last season as a result. Should it be cheaper? Yes. Should we only have a go at Dumbarton for that? No.
  12. VAR is still shite. Even more so when you can't hear or see what the Video Ref is looking at. Did I hear right that the ref at the Juve game saw the replay on a pitchside monitor (like the Dutch Supercup farce)? Are there essentially 2 systems running at the same time?
  13. £20 is my personal limit so I will probably head along unless told it's a "Cat A" fixture? Not too happy about it thoigh and no change from a purple one means no food or drinks from their snack bar. It's amazing what a psychological barrier not getting change from a twenty is - had Dumbarton charged £18 or even £19 I bet there would be a lot more Pars fans heading along. Fortunately for Dumbarton, our good start will probably mean there's a healthy crowd in the away end anyway.
  14. Couldn't quite remember how good a pass that was by Andy Ryan for the third goal. I know there was acres of space and everything but it was perfectly weighted and let Cardle get on with just getting his finish right. I think he's going to be a tremendous signing once he's had a few weeks "with the group" (© every English Premiership manager.)
  15. Hahaha!!!! If a player is good enough, he's likely to either be playing for his parent club or on loan at a Premiership/Championship club as the likes of Ajer and McMullan were from Celtic last season. How would having them play 2 or 3 games against League 1 and 2 clubs (some of whom didn't even take the competition seriously) make it more likely they'd go on to become internationals than playing 30 odd games at Premiership or Championship level? As for the Barcelona comparison - it's hard to tell if you're being serious or not. Those players would have went on to be great players at a great team irrespective of whether they'd played games in the seconda division or not.