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  1. If it has stripes on the sleeves then that will be quite smart (the photo makes it look like it does but the mock up doesn't?). I always associate St Mirren with more white than black though (and white shorts) - this kinda looks like a fairly decent Dunfermline kit.
  2. What are the stars for?
  3. I don't know what the standing joke about the Barclay's Premier League is, but it's worth noting that the English Premier League doesn't have a title sponsor any longer and hasn't done since the end of the season before last. I'm also pretty sure that Sportsound refer to the top level of competition as the Ladbrokes Premiership, William Hill Scottish Cup etc.
  4. Quite like them tbf although the two stripes always make kits like Kinross market Adidas knock-offs.
  5. They definitely had that in Italy in the late 1990's - I remember watching a Champions League match on Mediaset where every time there was a corner or goal kick and it looked like there was going to be a slight delay in restarting (due to the ballboy retrieving the ball, a sub getting made, etc) there'd be a short 10-15 second advert.
  6. I was at those Commonwealth Games in Manchester - the temporary stands were like those at the golf but a lot, lot bigger - and I always thought it was smart how they built the stands that way then dug down for the lower tier.
  7. I remember the Charleoi stadium in Belgium had particularly steep and scary looking temporary stands during Euro 2000. Pretty sure it had three tiers or something daft like that.
  8. That any good? Was thinking about giving it a go. Does Putin come across as a nutter?
  9. The Cardiff picture in the middle looks like a plain blue top with the sponsor's logo photoshopped on afterwards. Arsenal don't change much but it's hard to see if they have those daft Puma dots or not. Should we read much into the fact Sanchez and Ozil are in it?
  10. Same feelings as above. The thing is, it's not that difficult to pick a Lions squad to satisfy all 4 unions and still retain a lot of control for yourself (and of course being in the squad doesn't mean you'll play a test anyway). - Pick the 4 captains (unless injured, newly appointed and so have no leadership experience, or have discipline issues). - Get the opinion of players, coaches, journalists and you could even say fans about who the best 5 players for each country at the most recent 6N has been. Ideally you'd want a split of forwards and backs - if for some reason it's all flying wingers and scrum halves you'd have an issue - and more often than not it would be. - You now have 24 players split equally between the 4 nations so everyone will be fairly satisfied. Now you go to your own picks, the guys described as "Test Match Animals who maybe aren't in the best of form but have stood up in the past on the big occasion and can be relied on to bring experience and a willingness to do anything, whether that's play 20 minutes midweek between tests or face up to the best player in the world against you. - You then look at any positions where the squad is a bit thin and add a few who have impressed in the 6N, have potential, might be capable of pushing for a test space or even just are there to help with morale. I'd ideally include one or two "bolters" who have maybe impressed in the leagues, age grade rugby or whatever in the old Lions tradition. Garland seems to have went through his Welsh players first, then plugged any gaps with Irish and English players then added a few token Scots at the end.
  11. Thought the Maori game was usually described as the "unofficial fourth test" due to the quality of their players so to think the Lions 'should' or 'must' be winning seems a bit odd. On call-ups, Wales are already in New Zealand I think so there could be a few more of their boys getting a call. A few non-Scots saying Russell and Grey should be joining up though so who knows.
  12. Typically, having watched the first series and had the series link set, My Sky+ box has decided that it's still looking for the new series of Shades of Blue to start. Stupid thing. I wonder if the missus will be suspicious if I "find" this week's episode somewhere and start recording from now?
  13. The Motherwell away one is really smart although it looks more like an Edinburgh Rugby top tbh. Are Falkirk also going down the one-colour route with blue shorts for their home kit? Not sure if that'll look right. I see they have Puma kits and their strange dots up the sleeve - if they'd been white or red it may have looked better? The away one is nice enough mind you. I taken it Queens haven't got a sponsor on board yet? I hope for their sake they do - the kits look like bargain basement Sports Direct stuff without, even if the away top would be nice enough as a leisure t-shirt. Any news on the other kits yet? Our home one is revealed next week I think. Should be a bespoke one so if it's candy stripes it won't have the solid sleeves like the awful St Johnstone kits.
  14. I didn't think that incident warranted a penalty, let alone a red card - but what was the protocol had the video ref agreed? Drop ball?
  15. They only play each team once though. And some rivalries aren't geographical, like Michigan or Florida v Notre Dame. And while winning a conference is all fine and dandy, nobody nationally really cares unless it's one of the big 5.