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  1. Such an inspired decision that plenty of regular P&Bers were calling for it two or three games ago. Same goes for including Armstrong btw.
  2. And I take it 'Cuppy' is a bizarre shortened version of the proper name 'World Cup'? Having said that, we used to play and call it 'Knock-out' and strangely only now and again played 'World Cup' - the main difference being that we all chose a country to be beforehand (Cue arguments about who had shouted "I'll go Brazil" first) - and very rarely, if we had enough players 'Pairs' (which may or not have included the controversial "must pass at least twice" rule).
  3. Morton fans must think we're daft if they think we're going to believe their mind games. Morton will win this, probably by 2 goals. We'll probably not make any subs til the 83rd minute and they'll be like for like. Murdoch will make at least one excellent save. If the Wee Dublin End isn't open, any away fans will come away with deep vein thrombosis. At least two Pars fans will argue with each other.
  4. Michael O'Neill on more than Coleman? I'd have thought Norn Iron would have been a low paying gig given their low capacity ground and relatively poor TV deal?
  5. Scotland scoring? Not sure.
  6. Maybe it's all part of a grand plan to get into Division 4 of the Nations Cup.
  7. It always amazed me that Klos and Weidenfeller (I think that was his name - Dortmund keeper I think at the time) were behind Kahn and especially Lehmann in the German national team. They both seemed more reliable and less prone to mistakes although I get that Kahn had a big personality and was also capable of making great saves.
  8. This will go one of two ways - we'll get a reaction and play really well to win a point, or we won't turn up and Morton will win comfortably without having to play particularly well. 2-0, Forbes to score one and provide an assist for the other.
  9. Is it an illegal steam though? Surely as a broadcast partner they'll have a feed going to their production department to out together the highlight packages? They used to say things like that all the time - someone at the game would comment on an incident and someone in the studio (usually Richard Gordon) would say something like "we've just seen a replay and it looks like a red card" or whatever.
  10. Indeed. Then when we actually make substitutions from a change, the shape stays the same. Even though Ayr had 11 men behind the ball. And Reilly and Hopkirk despite being fresh refused to close down any Ayr players. That was as bad as anything from the Potter era. Clueless, heartless, hopeless.
  11. Seems bizarre that the guy seen as the best ref around (irrespective of whether you think he hogs the limelight or not, he's a great ref) is stuck out on the touch line for what is an almost meaningless fixture. At least we know the touch judge will get involved at scrums near the side line through (which they always should do but it never seems to happen). Who's doing the Ireland v England game?
  12. All this means is that Celtic will offer him a contract which will mean a development fee - we won't pay it but somebody (Hibs? Motherwell?) will. It also could see him miss the game v Morton around then which isn't ideal.
  13. A Falkirk fan said when we signed him that if we had wingers who got to the byline and whipped it back to him, he'd score. We barely ever did that. We fired it long, hope he'd win it and then hope that Clark wad running in the same direction so he might gather it. What actually happened was that more often than not he wouldn't win it, he'd give a foul away or if he did win the header, it would be totally in than he opposite direction Clark was heading. Given AJ's reluctance to make subs he didn't even get too many chances coming on late as a different option. No I'll feelings but didn't think he was great. Having said that, I also thought Gozie Ugwu was rotten.
  14. Sadly not - with Hibs leaving for the Premiership, we need to keep Raith up so we get some away fans through the gates next season. Sadly if we played our under 13's against that shower we'd still win and our ladies team have won their first two games this season. It's getting to the point we might start playing Reilly, but the SPFL would probably fine us for taking the piss. This has 1-1 written all over it it anyway.
  15. Think we will win, maybe 2 or 3-1. Won't be a classic though - the last few games between us have been pretty poor and our pitch is in a bit of a bad way. If we do win and Raith and St Mirren both lose then that should be enough for us to be able to relax and not worry about possibly going on a bad run and going down.