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  1. Livi v Utd

    Hardie has the potential to go nuclear in this game. 6 goals in 5 starts I'm sure. Almost our top scorer already, the boy is going places. Hopefully the Premier League with us Win this and we are right in the middle of it all, just hoping St Mirren go on a bad run if we do win this
  2. I lost a lot of respect for Mullen after hearing about the circumstances he left in and the reasons for most of his injuries which were absolutely inexcusable. His attitude was absolutely shite too getting booked nearly every week for arguing with the ref and his incessant diving. Still clapped him off though for what he did with us and the sheer number of appearances he made for us, but after hearing how he left I'm glad we let him go. We've done far better out of it anyway bringing Hardie in
  3. So Morgan shat himself out a 50/50?
  4. Good to see Ryan Hardie continuing his development with 5 goals in 4 starts using the loan system.
  5. Guys! I've found the one seething St Mirren fan
  6. If we keep playing this way, it's in free flow to the premier league
  7. Once again, cheers for BSLM, decent overhead kick for us today
  8. There's usually a guy that does all the goals, normally up a few hours after the game
  9. No, no. You don't want him. He's shite. We're underperforming. We're a long ball hammer throwing team You don't want Hopkin, just let us keep him
  10. Today marks the day that The Amber Machine clocked into overdrive, historians look back and note today as the day Livi won the league Fair play to St Mirren fans, a fair chunk of them are taking this well. If we can secure 2nd place it means one less two legged affair for us and another one closer to doing the unthinkable. I'm really getting scared that scouts were watching our players and writing the pre-contracts up at half time, including Hopkin's
  11. St Mirren unveiling a big Jack Ross banner today, at 4-1 down
  12. Who's a better manager, Hopkin or Ross? I'm going Hopkin
  13. I have no words that can describe the feeling Hardie and Miller absolutely immense all day, love the celebration for Hardie as well. Cadden had the beating of the right back all day long, constantly down the wing. Byrne absolutely dominated the midfield. All round class display. Robinson was brilliant for me, really showed what he has and why he should be an option over Thompson. All three at the back had no worries all day apart from the first 5. Didn't really look like giving anything up in the second half and Morgan was completely and utter nullified. Hardie hit the bar and Cadden missed a one on one, could easily have been about 7 for us. Credit to Miller who won everything as well, cracking finish for the goal though 5 goals in 4 starts for Hardie, to think we let Mullen go who looked piss poor today, to pick him up is ridiculous.