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  1. Season in One Game

    Absolutely this game for us Ran United off the park and just tired them out. To go one up and then concede two was shocking. To bring it back just sums up the spirit we have in the team. PotY awards last night was definitely a sight to behold
  2. Not a chance, we're one of the fittest teams in Scotland
  3. You're an hour ahead so let me know how it's going so I can get a bet on
  4. We did it first. The originals. The rest are just pretenders
  5. Good to see Liam Kelly and Ryan Hardie going through to the Iron Horse with the fans - you don't get many days like these supporting a wee club
  6. Was always going to happen even if we went up? Don't think there's any pressure on us at all, it's all on Partick to stay up
  7. Someone is going to peak pre-game and crash out in the pub
  8. 18/19 kits thread

    Good old sexy Amber Machine material
  9. Can we start the party now? This isn't a promotion party, this is a "how did we get here party?"
  10. Another season of flying slowly under the radar
  11. Genuine question, is there a playoff trophy?
  12. Usual east stand I'm sure. We brought about 3.5-4k last game against Utd so possibly an increase on that. We'll sell out the main stand and some behind the south I'm assuming
  13. Thistle to crumble under the pressure filled high tempo game. Thistle fans then to come on and cry about how we're too physical, should've had three reds and have not got enough fans to go up