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  1. I don't swing that way, but for big Jim. Anything.
  2. He was in charge for a few months at that time with a team that included Darren Cole. He's got his own team in now, not Burchill's boys and it's paying off. Tactical mastermind that romped the seaside leagues in a level of total domination the children from Airdrie will tell their great grandchildren about.
  3. What big signing have we made? Lowest paid FT team in Scotland (more than likely). We're just lucky to be blessed with a god tier manager. Tactical mastermind, genius and outright legend. A manager only Grangemouth could dream of...
  4. Hibernian Vs Livi - League Cup Quarter Final

    Bit of a shame that a ref took it away from us in all honesty. Main point to take is that a rotated side from us seemed to boss Hibs around at times, a lot of players staking a claim to start and it's pleasing. Wonder if we'd have actually won had we started our strongest 11 and had Gallagher not been injured. It seems Hopkin and his team are starting to command the respect they deserve given a lot of people had us as favourites to go down, credit to him. He's won over the fans and instilled a togetherness in the team that is giving off brilliant vibes
  5. League Predictions

    Weirdly enough our team is a deep as it's ever been the last few years. We've got a solid bench of players who could all be starting and our 'weaker' rotated side were harsh to lose to Hibs tonight. We've played like Cadden, De Vita, Robinson, Carrick and Brown all fighting for a spot. Not to mention a strong crop of youngsters vying for a spot. Everyone plays to the same philosophy and for each other, for the first team in a good few years there's some togetherness and its funny. We've stuck with Hopkin longer than anyone else for a good time and suddenly we have a bit of stability with new ownership too. It's just a feel good factor for now, but through Hughes, Burchill etc.. Hopkin is one of the only managers to start winning over the fans. I'm not saying we'll be challenging playoffs yet as survival is the goal without a doubt with the smallest FT budget but cups runs all add up, if we got to the playoffs I'd fancy us to shock a few teams as we've done so this season so far. Like you said, we've no stand out stars but a team that are well drilled - we're missing a real goalscorer, someone may come along in January and maybe not. I feel as though how we cope from December-February will shape up our season, it could all fall apart as it tends to with us around then and lose some players in January for a pittance but that's what many teams on a good run fear. I reckon (silently) that if we keep the team together and sign a goalscorer up in January we'd be up with a shout of playoffs but for now we're just missing that danger in the final third
  6. 6-0 Livi - all 6 for the monster that is big Toddy
  7. ICTFC 17/18

    Being full time is hardly anything to shout about in this league, more impactful would be saying you have one of the biggest budgets in the league but invested poorly? One thing I don't get from teams coming down from the Premiership is that they always neglect to sign anyone from the Championship or below. It's always a group of foreign players who know nothing about what is Scotland's most competitive league. We signed Mullin from Albion Rovers, Robinson from East Fife, Halkett from Rangers (), Lithgow and Cadden came from Airdrie along with Byrne coming from Dunfermline. There's a lot of talent that can be put into teams from Championship/League 1 but it's always overlooked and teams end up fighting a relegation battle. We even signed, perhaps our best player the last few seasons, Pittman from the juniors and put him right into the first team I just hope you guys find yourselves a Jack Ross, he did brilliant at St Mirren
  8. Hibernian Vs Livi - League Cup Quarter Final

    We're going to Hampden
  9. ICT v Livi

    100% was thinking this, seem to be hearing only bad things about him
  10. ICT v Livi

    I thought ICT had already brought in quite a few players, all depends on if there's money there
  11. ICT v Livi

    In and out, solid win. Opens up a decent gap between us and those below us
  12. ICTFC 17/18

    We're a team that like to up the tempo of games, play the ball up the pitch and fight in the middle of the park. We've got Mullin down the wing who's going to run at your wingbacks for days and we've got Mullen up front who's going to try and turn away and run at defenders given the chance. I really do hope ICT are lacking fitness as it could make Saturday interesting but I severely doubt it's as bad as you guys think it is. I don't know much about how you guys play at all, if you play down the wings or if you tend to be direct but whenever we've seemed to play someone the strength has came from the middle of the park, making teams look bad. We play three in the middle, likely to play our 352 with two wingers tracking back. Should be an interesting game given you guys were pretty highly regarded at the start of the season, but I see this as the kind of games we should be winning to stay up/challenge play off spots
  13. ICT v Livi

    We're undefeated away from home in 2017, shoe in for a draw now