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  1. He'll remember it years from now, gathering his grand children around to tell them about the time The Amber Machine rolled into town
  2. "How's he doing that?" - A child looking on in wonderment at the sheer wizardry of Shaun Bryne's footwork
  3. It came from a very reliable Livingston source only issue seems to be the wage with Airdrie paying in the region of £1,300 a week I wouldn't be too happy if we'd sold our best player for pennies but it comes at the cost of having your club alive for another season or so
  4. To be honest, it's all a bit of banter. Just having a laugh But seriously, if Airdrie are offering us Ryan for 45k they'll be lucky to break 35k
  5. It got us Massone - a dodgy owner. Something you can likely relate to - who sold on our sell on clauses etc.. If we had that money we'd no doubt be further from where we are now
  6. In the same way it was silly for Snodgrass, Griffiths, Dorrans, Scougall, McNulty etc...? We're one of the biggest producers of young talent so please go on
  7. We've been offered him for 45k, you know we'll easily negotiate that down to 30k or less. His agent is the same agent that is friends with Martindale The same agent that was instrumental in bringing Lithgow, Crighton, Cadden and Watt to Livingston we used to be a basket case club but we're on the up with new ownership. We'll at least survive If Mullen or Knox goes we could easily afford Ryan. I doubt Airdrie have more supporters than us to be honest, probably the same amount He'd be playing second fiddle at St Mirren, he could come here and replace Buchanan as first choice essentially
  8. All of them I've already told you guys why he's likely to sign for us though, all lies with the agent
  9. we're getting him m8
  10. Mullen + Ryan > McDonald + Keatings (give it a few weeks ok?)
  11. Hopking strikes again Easy for the Amber Machine, who's next?
  12. we were toying with your youngsters for 70 minutes? It would've been 9 if we hadn't have been fucking around
  13. Even I wouldn't be happy with him signing for Livi The state of this. It's all good though, he'll be ready to be bodied by GHL
  14. Nice to see your predictions based in reality
  15. Mackin is basically Jordan White