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  1. Will this be Spartans year?

    You may very well be right.
  2. Will this be Spartans year?

    Another last minute winner for spartans. Was it as close as it sounds? Or are they grinding out results?
  3. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Why did he leave the shire alan? Always seemed like a stand out for you guys.
  4. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

  5. WWTV Match Highlights 2017-18

    Agree judge. The penalty save is as good a save as you will see. Some stop.
  6. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Ekfc lowland ground was built by east kilbride community trust and new ground will also be funded by the trust. Nothing to do with council.
  7. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    I said those very words about 3 months ago hj. Right back in it.
  8. Matchday 22

    Your right. That was a daft question[emoji6]
  9. Matchday 22

    Not good patches. Hope its not as bad as it sounds.
  10. Matchday 22

    Cheers hj. Bad one?
  11. Matchday 22

    Was edu v bsc off?
  12. Matchday 22

    Some result for welfare. Fair play.
  13. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    East Kilbride sign striker Bryan Prunty from Arbroath http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/east-kilbride-sign-striker-bryan-11876757#ICID=ios_DailyRecordNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  14. Matchday 21 (and next weekend)

    Whitehill and yourselfs alans are defo the form teams just now. I also fancy the uni to get a draw at home to BSC.
  15. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    A mistimed tackle is a mistimed tackle regardless of conditions.