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  1. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    The standard this year is as good as its been in my opinion. Shire fans maybe not enjoying it as much this season due to how the team is doing? Most shire fans seemed to be enjoying the league last year when team was performing better.
  2. Ayrshire Select Squad

    That'll be your opinion then cadlad[emoji23]
  3. Bsc Glasgow

    I think its always best to keep a winning team playing together. Im old school that way. Not into all this squad rotation these days.
  4. Bsc Glasgow

    Did yous have a strongest 11 out jerry?
  5. Bsc Glasgow

    Didnt know it was a cup game. Was looking for shire to take some points and do us a bit of a favour.
  6. Bsc Glasgow

    Hopefully be the ek humping one[emoji106]
  7. Hearts Stadium Development

    ^^^^^ Borat found.
  8. Bsc Glasgow

    Ive been enjoying the run for the last six years. Its a great league. Been ups and downs along the way but year on year its been stronger and that will only continue.
  9. Bsc Glasgow

    I agree. Wee bit of a gap starting to form now. And im only at the wind up with the heads to big coment. Last year it was me sitting in your position. Im just full of the jealous rage now missing being top of the league[emoji51] enjoy it mate.
  10. Bsc Glasgow

    Not at all mate. Was just calling it as how i thought ur post came across. Still tight as im sure u know. Dont want yous getting to big headed. Need to drag yous back to earth every now and again[emoji6]
  11. Bsc Glasgow

    Fair point. Im just glad we got a result. Would have been a long way back for us if we had lost it.
  12. Bsc Glasgow

    You are right. Im always right. Except when im wrong. Which is alot.
  13. Bsc Glasgow

    Are spartans your only threat now then? Seems so if u think ek getting a great three points today against a strong spartans team is no threat. You guys have had a great start but its a marathon not a sprint[emoji6]
  14. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Its a private matter. Urris seems to have a bit of a dislike of the club which is fine. Shouldnt be used in this case tho.
  15. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    What kinda feedback exactly where u looking for from the club?