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  1. Training started on Tuesday
  2. Well the 1st 4 games a proper test. We will need to be at our very best to get anything out of them. Consistency is going to be key,What a challenge.Hope we can get in a few decent players to bolster the squad
  3. Don't want to b out of line but why r we signing a guy that cudnae get a game 2 leagues below where we r now. Never seen him play so I'm going wi stats. Sorry folks it's a strange one for me
  4. Time for us to relax. We hav nothing to prove to anyone bar ourselves and hopefully most of us are realistic enuf to realise that. We wanted wat we've achieved. We punch above our weight in league one every season,so this is a fantastic opportunity for us to watch our team in the championship and enjoy the season mon the City
  5. Fantastic opportunity for the lad if true
  6. We won't do much with that style of play.we do have players that can play a bit so I'm hoping we stop the hoof n run tactics
  7. Grapevine but heard young Spence has signed for Dundee. Could be a goer as he worked under McCann at the Pars
  8. Once again the City leading the way in gate prices.
  9. Not looking forward to the crap your going to put on here but
  10. I hope someone has a word then but
  11. Wats with the but ???
  12. Shitehole but ???? Ffs
  13. Poss young spency back.