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  1. ???????????
  2. Not blaming any single person.there is a professional club to run.that in it's self is a huge job,whatever it takes for that to happen then that should be done to make the game happen in the most professional manner we can.Hard pitches r as good as plastic. They don't produce a decent playing surface and can also cause injuries. Why do u put up excuses when there shouldn't be any.
  3. Not enough then
  4. I was referring to the club not getting a hose one
  5. Pitch was very dry,don't quite understand why and probably didn't help either team but we played the wrong game again. Mb can't play any other way.makes a hard watch
  6. We train on plastic nonsense by the way week in week out
  7. Plastic nonsense is a reality,let's get on wi that one
  8. Each game players make mistakes yesterday hill faffing in the wrong area cost us a goal. no? Buzz fannying about wasting time we didn't have over a ball boy I'm not saying they hav let us down all season these guy r well paid and seasoned pro's I just expect more from them in every game that's my take on it. As for Lynas no I'm not he and certainly don't think he's a better choice than Dyer I thought the way they dropped him was wrong. by all means get ur best players back but the young guy has done well leaving him out will have done nothing for his confidence
  9. Love,Dale,Hill Buzz. In no way I'm comparing Dyer n Lynas I'm sure the lad could have started then subbed if that's what the coaches wanted,to leave him out totally is not for me the way to do was Airdrie we were playing not Celtic.I'm sure Lynas cud hav done a job
  10. Again the so called experienced players let us down with school boy errors fannying about in the don't fanny about areas. The young boy Lynas dropped to let in Dire(he was today) that's bad management for me.the lad has done well played out of position to at least start. Disappointed yes surprised no
  11. How true ma baw ur baw,boom pick it out
  12. Jacko, Dougie hill for me
  13. Sick of wat ?? I haven't said the young guys have a right to play I'm referring to the so called experienced players. yes we r third at the mo. Which is down to the squad. Which of our young lads are running about like a dog with a ball ?? That's probably the worst thing I've read for a long time,
  14. Ware u been like boyo?