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  1. According to some we played well, Qos a poor team so it doesn’t take much. We were poor too huff n puff.We will get a win as this league is full of not so good teams.We need people who can score today we couldn’t score in a barrel o fannies
  2. Good job they don’t need them here or there would b no money being awarded [emoji57]
  3. £370,000 for all spfl clubs due to Celtic’s European success??? If true Brechin are minted
  4. Looking forward to this game to see how far we’ve come(if we have or not).Not been much in the games I’ve seen and if I’m being honest I’m looking to take something out of them all.Dont think I’m too optimistic.A wee bit rub of the green and a bit more quality fae the lads and you never know
  5. Nothing up front for me,we don’t have an out. Frustrating though we’re not far behind most of the full time squads
  6. Aye let’s go n do the business this time
  7. K mate, thanks [emoji106]
  8. Stenny in a friendly this week,is that true??
  9. St Mirren V Brechin

    Your right we would either play to suit Jacko or for him to suit wat we're doing now. I still feel we are missing him.playing two up top could possibly help him get back some form
  10. St Mirren V Brechin

    Def missing Jacko,can't hold the ball in final third.we also need to get more balls into the box so need to get down the channels then a wee bit quality to whip in a decent ball. No complaints tho boys are doing ok n hopefully will learn from game to game,a win could make the difference.