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  1. Aye def but that happens all the time
  2. Do I sense some paranoia
  3. Sorry just can’t see it ok he’s scored a couple but honestly his other play is so bad it hurts the defenders take the ball off him so easily,his 1st touch is a pass it’s cringeworthy at best
  4. Probably one of the worst players I’ve seen but a lot of us Brechin lads are easy satisfied it’s like watching a school boy with not a lot of coaching. brought in by one of the coaches paid decent money has to play.MURDER
  5. Ok we did expect to get humped at times but we have been in more games than we have been humped thus leads me to think we could have done so much better. Now that’s where we tend to disagree. We have set up to defend 9 times out of 10, we’re not that good at that. Over the 15 games or so you would think Dods n co would have noticed quite a few of the teams are not that good. That’s why tactics and personnel are vital. We have players deployed in the correct way could have got something out of the games we’ve come away with he haw.confidence is massive Dods has done nothing to to instil that
  6. “The win will come” what one fn win we could have been in a better position now had Dods got the tactics and the players on the park right. 1/2 the season gone and your going on about winning one game. It’s all about expectations and you along with others seem to expect very little.in reality we could have been in a far better position if Mr Dods had done things better. Whether it’s tactics or personnel.
  7. U think? you’re reply is par for the course accept the reality. Happy watching shite
  8. Totally delusional. As I tried to say last week we are not far off anyone in this league (shot down in flames) if we get the right players n right tactics on the park. We fell short again just but short. My point last week was to tick the boxes players doing the right things on and off the park. We are not far away from being mid table. But between bad tactics n bad choice of personnel we r where we are
  9. Ok out of those 3 Jacko is our biggest loss. Mcgeever unproven at this level and watty is being played while he looks like he’s overweight so for the team to be built around them leaves a lot to be desired. Only Jacko has played at a higher level to a good standard. Beggars belief that one
  10. It may well have been but it’s been proven not to work in this league so it has been the tactics and some players not being good enough. Bringing us back to mr Dods
  11. Fair but we have not been far away in a few games where if we had been a bit more positive for 90 then we could have been up the league. We have been lacking a decent striker and a bit frail at the back but still with a bit of self belief and different tactics these close games could have been so different
  12. It’s about giving us fans something to go for especially the younger ones. The older fans are happy with effort and as long as the team does that they’re happy. We need to play a bit of football and believe in ourselves
  13. We set up every week to defend. When we attack we’ve not been far away. the lads have to play the way Dods wants so it’s his doing.im not asking for his head I just wish he would relax a bit with the defensive stuff. It hasn’t worked all season so you would think he would see that. I know a lot of the supporters would like us to have a bit more of an attacking formation