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  1. Totally agree a bit like Utd got we would have had a result. Keep in mind this Utd team are going for the league. We matched them in every area.well done to all
  2. Great stuff 2day,just shows tho folks some on our site didn't think young Lynas or Graham were good enough for this league. Abso stand outs well done lads
  3. Not a clue,we argue amongst ourselves putting our personal feelings b4 anything else. This guys pish,great, too young. absolute wash. Good night [emoji867]
  4. Spend more? Brechin have cut wages and we seem to believe we have the right to slag players off.
  5. There you have it,add all these posts and we haven't got a clue
  6. Players need to be brave and want the ball,don't have enuf of them, back to hoof ball, now this is happening from so called experienced players Guaranteed a game no matter what, it happened last season too some seem to accept if they run about and look like they put in a bit of effort that will do,well it won't. individual players are suffering because of this. Cronyism is and has been one of our problems
  7. Wait a minute we can all go through the team with who we think is or is not good enough I'm not a fan of Dale or buzz. What I am sure of Dods has his favourites no matter how they play. Players make players no matter how good an individual may be he needs good players round about him. Do we have that? I don't think so.
  8. Apart from the end of last season we haven't played well consistently. Our win rate is really poor players and coaches need to hold their hands up
  9. The season we need good signings. He won't be moving anywhere. Their tactics etc are strange at times. God knows what they were 2nite. These game can always b a banana skin though.
  10. If we get the ball down n pass we r in the game some r struggling with that. 2day we done ok,we need to improve but I'm sure we have it to do so. Keep the fucking ball
  11. Not a fucking cheap on here wat the fucks happening?? The team were good 2day 2-0 down and come back with 2 well made/taken goals. We jump to criticise but not to praise.cmon lads
  12. U think we miss Watt? Best on the ball too. Must b missing something. Don't see it but hope ur right
  13. Not if they r good enuf they won't football ability is key,the trouble is u need quality round about u. Team work is key to allow players to be at there best.the question now is do we have that
  14. It's the style we play that bothers me most,of course a bit of height up top would help but we need to play football and that's got f/all to do with if we don't have enough ball players to play a bit that's bad recruitment/ability imo.its one game in and hopefully it's an eye opener for all. Let's not look out the sharp knifes yet