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  1. Awe ffs. End of last season a hero, the beginning of this one, hey the guys doing great. I'm the 1st to admit we're not at the races. so what do we do money tight, no chance of changing manager so we rip it to bits. Let's get together n give it a go. A run (which isn't impossible,tight league) cud c us doing ok. The club needs us together we are. Mon the city
  2. Consistent decent form is what's req. non of the he/they done well last season.a few seem to get their starting place because they have done well in the past with the hope they will start putting in the performance we all are looking for.lets hope the squad and management are together and start to produce
  3. Ffs it was a game of football at the level we both play no more. All the ifs n buts r opinions. Surely we're all big enuf accept the result without all this tosh
  4. It was a competitive game with some meaty tackles no more than that this league is full of these games. The sending offs were typical of the standard of refereeing. No need for all the shite. We were beaten by the better side on the day.
  5. Nobody interested in 2morrows game. They r all massive for us?
  6. Don't want to sound to negative. The young lads would need to be physically made with a bit of ability to stand any chance of doing anything at this level.although some may not think so there's a massive gulf between amateur and where we are. I'm sure it was a just in case scenario because of our injury situ. On saying that good luck to them it's not easy trying to make your way in football
  7. Opinions,that was mine,doesn't mean shit except to me.this is our forum we all have expectations. I leave for games looking to win everytime as I know you do too.our takes on what we achieve are debatable that's why we participate on here.
  8. Tactics poor as soon as they went down to ten we shud have put another striker on we only used 1 sub?? It's like he was afraid to lose rather than wanting to win
  9. The more through the gate the merrier will always generate a few bob supposing they do get in for he haw
  10. Please do chq. It no one raging about a result on here
  11. Because they're not abiding by the rules??
  12. There are junior clubs with excellent facilities that could take a "bigger " tie so it's ok for them to b entered into the cup even though they might spend on players ??.should Albion rovers be allowed to play at another stadium?.I was at their ground recently and it certainly doesn't look like they spend much on it
  13. Cmon original keep me right
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong there is ment to b a drip feed to the bottom clubs to help allow them to continue but no further than div 2 ???