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  1. Massive game no room for errors,so we're in for a tough's to us and wha's like us
  2. Hopefully keep it tight score the 1st then take it from there. Alloa can play a bit so we need to b at our very best
  3. Which was spot on. They don't need to charge us 16 it wud b a fare shout if they charged us less. We will c over the nxt couple of days if the Alloa board can do the decent thing and drop the entry fee
  4. It's a Matter of getting off his back how wud anyone doing a job cope with told ur shite? I will tell u they wouldn't end of.So cut him a bit of slack. Fucking absolute disgrace that some people can degrade a fellow human being publicly and get away with it. So whoever u r shut the f**k up
  5. Pars def looking at M'voto.but prob not after Sat
  6. Ok lads let's all get together now enough mafia and what we don't hav.unless u hav privi info it's all speculation. The club hav kept us where we want to be. However that's been achieved is anyone's guess, but up till now no matter how we got here we're here and for me it's fantastic.we have 2 more games with the chance to go up,every club in the league would want to be where we are. So f**k all the doom n gloom. Mon the City
  7. They all do it then san.Premier,championship pure pish spoken its par for the course
  8. Best 5er ever. edge of the seat stuff.wat ever happens now I will take. We punch above our weight season after season.this for me makes the season worth while.well done the lads. Mon the City!!
  9. Great result at the end of a hard season
  10. Absolutely a fantastic performance fae the lads well worth the result. The hoof ball tactics fae the full time team has got them where they are. That's 2 games I've watched n really not impressed with Raith
  11. Good shout, drag them shouting n kicking if need be
  12. Don't see wat overthehedge1 sees.watt nah Dyer soft. Cant slag Jacko even tho he didn't hav his best game,Lynas doing well Fusco n pabs I expect to do well. Opinions r just that. As a team we done ok no more n no stand outs. Let's go to Fife as a team n hav a real go
  13. The rovers boys seem to b clutching at straws. It's not a pen the ref was shite. Ffs if ur lot had done the biz during the season u wouldn't be in the fucking play offs.
  14. We can play a bit of football but it's not been the way this season. We don't hav any height up top at all but persist to pump high balls. So I think we've suffered for that. I'm looking forward without being over expecting. I was disappointed in the route one tactics by the rovers, not a lot of football from a full time side that's probably been their undoing this season. Hope it's a good game on sat. Mon the City