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  1. Bounce game on tues at Kelty hearts it's a plastic pitch there so hopefully we don't pick up anymore injuries
  2. Really? It's not ideal, grass is always better but unless u can put in under soil heating and a top quality surface we are where we are and plastic has to remain an option
  3. Hope there's plenty hands. Let's hope we can go on a wee run. Mon the City
  4. Not long enuf time left in the game for that one I'm afraid. We struggled all game to produce in the final third and were not getting the breaks at the mo for that one to work
  5. Didn't make any sense with that change and the position he went to but hey ho who r we
  6. Think they all need a boot up the arse tbh can't seem to draw never mind win. Nothing in these defeats tell me they can't get back to winning ways with 4/5 1st choice out. Couple of harder games coming up,so here's hoping they get their fingers out
  7. Totally unfair to pick out one player we cud all go through the team and pick out who we think should be doing more.we can also criticise the tactics,they too may not suit a player. it's a team game coaches included
  8. Or a different style of play
  9. Poor 2day looked a bit sharper 1st half but 2nd half was really poor
  10. I think the wages range from 150 to 400 with a good win bonus,so if he's rated he might b on 300
  11. We will not b so lucky for weeks yet.i cud b wrong but it's been months for us
  12. Do we not realise how bad the injury thing is the young guy Costello is a goalie who we hav to strip to play outfield. It may well have been shit but a huge reality check required here. Pray tell me another club at this level who could do any better under the circumstances?? Today we had a player who had the flu but turned out. With the 1st choices today and other results could have been different
  13. Reality check required sonny
  14. Naw!!! Goin doon the morn 1215
  15. Ha! very true but the top clubs (money included)have top coaches.